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Put an X on the Floor

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The boys are going to thorpe park for Ray's Birthday. Surely Frank and his new obsession with Gerard's ass in his tight new red jeans will add a little interest..not to mention the Saw Alive Maze.....

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A/n. Okay guys this is only my second story so be nice XD I'll continue with the story if people like it so yeah...Rate and review if you wanna see more :) Loveness to you all

Chapter Uno
                "Urghhhh" I moan, as I pull myself out of the bath, dripping wet, cold, and REALLY pissed off. "How the fuck did I fall asleep in there?!" I glance nervously as the clock and groan again. 8:00am. I'd got up at 6:30 just so I could be fully awake for Ray's birthday today, but apparently my body had disagreed. I sighed and grabbed a horribly fuchsia towel off the radiator, carefully wrapping it around my hair, (which, to be honest, had seen much better days) and trudged into my room, pulling a second towel around my waist. I flopped down on the bed after shoving what looked like a few hundred comic books and CDs onto the floor and stared up at the ceiling, wiggling a little to bury my freezing body in the black velvety sheets.
                I absent-mindedly pressed play on my iPod doc and decided to drown myself in the music for a few minutes, letting the heavy bass line and screamed lyrics flow over me. Today, we were finally, after much planning, visiting Thorpe Park, for Ray’s birthday gift. To be honest, it was kinda Frank’s gift too, that guy loves vomit inducing roller coasters more than I will ever understand. I really hoped I didn’t get ill today, I wanted to have a fucking great time with my best friends and then come home and watch scary movies till I shat myself. I’d already chosen 3 movies: Saw I, Final Destination 5 and Paranormal Activity 2. I’ve seen them all already, and quite frankly, they weren’t that scary, so I made a note to go via HMV after Thorpe Park and buy something else. I closed my eyes for a second. Why am I so fucking tired? I’ve slept more than 5 hours last night so I don’t see the problem…
                After what felt like 5 minutes with my eyes closed I reluctantly decided that I should get ready. I sighed once again and swung my legs violently out my bed, managing to knock over yet another pile of CDs and comics. Standing up slowly, I shuffled towards my dusty old wardrobe and pulled out a pair of black skinnies and a red Anthrax shirt. I opened my draws and slipped on some boxers then grabbed my black eyeliner and a white studded belt. Pulling the jeans half on I hopped over to my mirror and groaned again, there was a big fucking hole right next to the crotch of my favourite jeans. It looked like someone had burned a hole through them with straighte….wait a second….I paused my iPod.
                “MIKEY FUCKING WAY GET YOUR SKINNY ARSE INTO MY ROOM THIS INSTANT YOU MAN-WHORE!” I yelled, hearing a distant squeak of terror emit from my brothers room down the hall. Waiting with my arms folded tightly over my bare chest I listened, amused, as a series of bangs and crashes made their way slowly closer to my door then suddenly into it. A skinny, purple skinny jean-clad figure stumbled into my room. I narrowed my eyes when I realised that he, also, was wearing an Anthrax t-shirt. He smirked slightly when he took in the pink towel on my head but then ducked his head sheepishly then rubbed the back of his neck.
                “Um...Morning Gerard!” He attempted a friendly smile, but just looked kinda mad due to the obvious fear in his features, “What’s um….wrong…?” Like he didn’t fucking know! I frowned and gestured angrily to the whole in my jeans.
                “The fuck is this Mikey?” His eyes widened and started flitting guiltily around my room, looking at anything but me. I almost felt sorry for him. Almost. “You burned a fucking HOLE in my favourite jeans with your…hair…implements?!” I exclaimed, waving my arms around wildly. He looked at me then nodded slowly, stepping back slightly, ready to run off if I tried to attack him, which was quite possible right now.
                “Sorry Gee, I just…uh…well….I came in here yesterday to get my guitar back, and your jeans were on the floor….and I was holding my straightners, and they were...uh...still hot, and i…” I raised my eyebrows, “andtheniaccidentlydroppedthemonyourjeansandtheymadeaholeandimsosorrygeebutivegottagetreadyforthorpepark.” He finished in a rush, and practically sprinted out of my room. I laughed. Oh well…Guess I’ll just have to wear some other….my eyes widened as I rummaged through my draws,
                “Where the fuck are all my skinnies?” I muttered under my breath, letting a flow of colourful cuss words escape my lips when I realised all my black ones were in the wash, and the only ones left were the (ridiculously) tight red ones that Frank had bought me for my birthday. I sighed and tugged the burnt ones off, tossing them under my bed and grabbing a black Green Day shirt this time. I made my way back to the mirror and slipped on the shirt, then struggled for about a minute to get into them, squirming and twisting in all available directions until they were finally over my thighs. Once they were on it wasn’t so bad, I wasn’t worried about my blood supply being cut off and that was enough for me.
                I pressed play on my iPod again and began to carefully apply black around my eyes, smudging here and there, then deciding I might as well match my jeans, and added a bit of red as well. When I was happy I pulled the towel off my hair and frowned. My hair was so big it might have even been a match for the Toro-saurus, but that would soon be changed. I combed quickly through the knots and began drying the raven clumps of hair carefully, making sure every strand was in the right place. When I was finally satisfied I fluffed up the red crown of my hair a little and smirked a little into the mirror. I don’t know why I take so long doing my hair…I don’t have anyone to impress…a name flashed quickly into my head but I shook it away and pretended nothing had happened. Sliding my white belt through the loops, I grabbed my phone and hopped down the stairs, struggling for a second to get it into the pocket of my jeans before it popped in and I strolled into the kitchen.
                The smell of coffee met my nose immediately and I ran over to the machine, where Mikey was standing, not taking my eyes off the two mugs in his hands. He laughs and hands one to me.
                “Sorry about your jeans Gee…”He laughs again, taking in the red obscenities that are currently clinging to my legs, “But looks like you found a uh….similar…alternative.” He flashes me a grin and I role my eyes, deciding to say nothing. After all, he did make me coffee. “So. Breakfast?” He grins again and skips over to the toaster.
                “Mhmm. Toast and jam thanks.” I smile, and he starts cutting up the bread. Why don’t we have sliced bread? I mean…So much effort to cut it when you can just buy it already done for you….Okay Gerard stop thinking about sliced bread. “I’m gonna go to HMV after we get back from the park and buy another movie, all the ones here I’ve already seen, plus. I wanna be scared tonight!” I smile. Mikey nods and hands me my breakfast.
                “Yeah I heard that the new Insidious movie is-“ The doorbell interrupts him and he turns quickly, running out the room. I listen for who it is. “RAYMOND, BOBSTER! HI GUYS! Happy Birthday Ray!” Mikey squeals from down the hall. I laugh at his girlyness and wave when they stroll into the kitchen.
                “Hey guys! Ready to piss yourself at Thorpe Park?” I joke. Bob chuckles, and Ray stares at me for a moment for some reason then smiles too.
                “Yeah right Geefreak! You’re the one with the phobia of heights. I’m thinking we should DEFINETLEY do Detonator.” He winks and pulls me in for a hug. I pat his back and roll my eyes at his comment, though it is partly (completely) true. Mikey drags Bob up to his room to show him the new bass guitar mum bought him last week and I notice Ray staring at me again. I raise my eyebrows in a question when his gaze sweeps over me once again and rests on my scarlet jeans.
                “What you looking at Torosaurus?” I smirk, though I am feeling kinda self conscious in these things….He nods towards my jeans. “Oh.” I frown, “Mikey burned a hole in my black skinnies and all my other ones are in the wash. Its all I have left…” I see him begin to laugh and add “don’t laugh!” to the end of my sentence. He chuckles softly and shrugs,
                “Hey, I don’t care. I just think you should’ve thought it through what with Frankie coming with us…” He hints. I cross my arms and pout and he laughs at me again, turning out of the kitchen to join Mikey and Bob. I sigh and turn around to start washing up my plate.
                You see. Ray has this constant theory that a certain Mohawk-sporting midget has his eye on me. It’s sick. I mean, firstly, we’re both guys, secondly, Frank isn’t flirting with me, he’s just being humorous, and lastly, we’re best friends for Gods sake. But nonetheless, Ray will not shut up about it. I scrub furiously at the dish and think frantically of all the different things I could create when I cut his ‘fro off. A coat, a hat, a scarf, maybe even a cat or a dog? I picture Ray bald and hardly suppress a giggle from leaking out through my lips.  
I jump and let out a (embarrassingly feminine) squeak when suddenly when something warm and soft comes into contact with my ass and a lightening bolt of something oddly like pleasure shoots up my spine and speeds up my heart beat. I realise that this means Frank has arrived while I was daydreaming. I frown and turn to see him standing next to me with a huge smirk on his face, one hand in the pockets of his black skinnies and the other resting on my hip. He gives my ass another tap and then moves both hands to his pockets.
“Heya Gee! I knew you’d wear these eventually! They look great on you!” He exclaimed, obviously referring to my traffic light crimson jeans. I laugh slightly and mutter about the fact I didn’t have a part in my jean choice until he winks at me and tells me to shut up. “You ready to go for a ride Gee?” he says. I throw my hands in the air and jump slightly.
                “Fuck yeah! I can’t wait to throw up!” I exclaim sarcastically. He rolls his eyes and grabs the loops of my jeans pulling me into the lounge and down onto the sofa next to him so that my thighs are…NO Gerard shut up. Dammit. I wish he’d stop touching me. Best friends remember. Friends. Don’t let Ray invade your mind, Frank’s just fooling around. Okay. Yes. Just fooling around. Frank seemed to notice my confused expression and tapped my shoulder. I turn to look at him.
                “Hey, you’re hair looks sexy t’day…” he starts, twiddling a strand in and around his fingers. I snatch his hand away.
                “Hands off fucktard.” I wink at him, though I am deadly serious. I don’t want him playing with my hair. He shrugs and gets up.
                “Just joking with ya Gee.” He smiles and I sigh. Stupid Ray, see? Listen to Frank. NOTHING is going on. Nothing at all. I tell myself as my eyes wander absentmindedly down Frank’s shirt and dip below his hips to rest on his- NOTHING AT ALL. I practically yell at myself. Cringing when Frank wiggles his hips noticing where my eyes are. No were. Oh shit are. I drop my head and fiddle with the hem of my shirt. Then jump up suddenly,
                “Comon guys time to go!” I yell through the house, a hint of urgency in my voice. Frank shrugs and I follow him outside to the bus stop outside my house, finding my disobedient gaze once again resting on his- NO! Dammit Ray I hate you.

So yeah... There it is :) I fucking love Thorpe park so I thought this would be fun :) I'll only update it if I know someone's enjoying it to please tell me. R and r and I'll feel special :) I really hope it's okay...I havnt decided how frerardy it's gonna be yet, so do you want some more possibly alot more, flirting, or should they just have some friendly fun on the rides? :) you tell me, all I know is that when it comes to the saw alive chapter I will deffo get some good frerard in there, who could resist that really :L
Thankyou so much for reading lovelies xxxx
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