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Chapter 2

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"I have to admit to myself. These ridiculously skin tight red skinnies were now my favourite items of clothing. Ever."

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Heya guys! So I am majorly happy people actually enjoyed my first chapter! Thank you so much! I warn you, not all the chapters will be up this quickly, but I just feel so happy cus of the reviews XD I hope you enjoy the chapter :) xxx Abi

Chapter 2

I’m still waiting extremely impatiently for Mikey and Bob to get their asses out here before I have a fucking mental breakdown. Sure, I had known for a while that I was gonna be going to this theme park, but only 10 minutes ago was when I finally realised that meant a whole fucking day of stupidly fast and stupidly tall rides to inflict as much pain on my head and stomach as humanly possible. And I'm here standing at a bus stop in the sun, wearing a pair of lethally tight red skinny jeans against my will. I honestly think I'd have felt more comfortable in a tutu and tights. Or if Frank wasn't next to me wearing equally tight black skinnies and ducking his head, his messy black and red (we dyed it together) Mohawk flipping adorably over his face and brushing just against his full, pink, pierced.....
Woahwoahwoah Gerard! Stop there. Remember, friends. Just friends. You are straight. Ray is an annoying idiot. I peeled my eyes away from Frank and turned to Ray, to find him watching me with what could only be called a smug smile on his face. I scowled at him and checked Frank had his headphones in before speaking to him. I could hear Franks music from here, thank god.
"Ray seriously, I'd you continue to make that face I am going to shave off your 'fro." I hissed. He just shrugged.
"Sorry Geetard. But it's not my fault if you can't keep your eyes off him." I scowled deeper still and stared at my scruffy doc martens. Fucking Ray. "Why don't you just admit it Gee? Everyone else knows and finally today you seem to be realising. Oh! The wonder of overly tight primary coloured skinny jeans hey!?" I kicked my foot against the bus bench and snapped my head up angrily.
"Fuck you Raymond." I growled. He put a hand to his chest and pretended to look hurt.
"It's my birthday! I can say what I wanna say!" he smirks that stupid smug grin again and I groan at him, smacking my head against the bus stop sign. Frank looks absently up to see what I'm doing and chuckles then goes back to doing whatever it is he's doing on his iPod.
Finally Mikey and Bob arrive and we wave at the next bus that approaches the stop. The bashed up red (just to remind me fucking again!) bus pulls up in front of us and we get on, me following Ray and Frank following closely behind me. I try to ignore the tingling that is currently covering the full reverse side of my body and shakily ask the driver for a ticket to Thorpe Park. He sighs and prints me out one, me chucking my money carelessly on the tray. He is, quite frankly, (dammit) a rather scary looking driver, so I hurry to the back of the bus where Ray is sitting as fast as I can.
Well, I would have if Frank hadn't grabbed onto my arm to make me wait for him. As I impatiently tapped my foot and tried to focus my attention places other than my arm, I became aware of a chorus of high pitched giggling coming from behind us. I swivelled around to see a group of about four barbie lookalikes. And two of them were staring right at Frank. I immediately concluded that they were being rude, so scowled at them, a fierce expression in my face. One of them noticed me watching them and went beetroot, giggling and....snorting? my eyebrows gradually travelled up into my hairline. One of them got up to 'talk to the driver' and I saw them slip a piece of paper into Frank's pocket. By now it had pretty much clicked, and I was both surprised, and trying to fight down jealous pangs as I realised that they thought Frank was hot.
Frank finished paying and I continued wondering why girls like that would be interested in Frank. I heard Frank sigh in front of me and smiled in relief when he took the paper out his pocket and threw it on the ground. But seriously? Girls normally went for the popular guys...
After we sat down on the bus I kept looking Frank over when I thought he wasn't looking. I took in his adorable, floppy Mohawk, his full lips, his slim physique, the way his jeans clung to his skinny legs, how his shirt was a little too short, riding up whenever he lifted a hand to smooth his hair down, how his beautiful sparkling eyes burned with emotions, no doubt responding to the music blasting into his ears. I smoothed my hands over my legs nervously when I realised I had been staring for at least 3 minutes. Dropping my gaze I returned to my earlier question. What did they find attractive about him? Well fuck. Pretty much everything you just thought to yourself there Gerard...
I bet they’d be happy to be you though. Look how close you are to him. I look down at my left leg, watching Frank smooth his palms down on his own and brushing my leg with his little finger. Stop it Gerard.
I sighed again, louder, and crossed my legs, leaning forward so I could rest my chin on the seat in front. Frank felt me move next to him and turned to me with his signature smirk, pulling his headphones out. I smiled back and turned slightly to talk to him.
"Barbie girls not for you hey?" I stated rather than asked, winking. Frank laughed and looked over at the front of the bus. He shook his head violently and made gagging actions. I frowned, kinda confused, “You really mean it? I mean…well…they’re popular girls and-“ I shut up as Frank rests his hand on my thigh and take a sharp breath, wiggling back into the dusty bus seat slightly.
“Nah. Really not my type.” He smiles, turning to glance at the girls, “Why? Do you think they’re hot?” He asks and I immediately splutter in indignation.
“Ha! Yeah right! I don’t like girls Frank.” I laugh, then promptly stop when Frank gives me a slow smile, his gaze raking over my jeans for what feels like the millionth time this morning. I blush violently and pull my knees to my chest, “…like that! I meant: girls like that!” I squeaked frantically, ducking my head, and silently flipping Ray off as he chuckles away beside me. Frank shrugs, smirks to himself and holds out a headphone for me. I sigh in relief that Frank just shrugged it off and take the ear bud from him, closing my eyes and humming quietly along to Nirvana. After about 3 songs I dropped my knees from my chest and return to my original sitting position, with my hands splayed over my thighs. I vaguely hear the music change to Black Flag and clench my right fist frantically when I feel Frank rest his hand on my hand, linking his fingers in between mine and causing a small shock to travel up my arm yet again.
Fuck. Gerard why does it matter? He’s holding your hand. Who cares? You’re straight. Apparently not, as you just told Frank otherwise. WHAT? No that was a mistake…I really had meant to say girls like that. I swear. I mean….I think I did anyway. Hmmm…Not so sure. I sighed and then was quickly snapped out of my inner arguments when I felt Frank’s fingers turn my hand over and start to rub small circles on my trembling palms. I cursed whoever did this to me and ran a shaky hand through my hair, trying to focus on the music and not the lovely, warm, tingly feelings that Frank was causing. I mentally slapped myself. Hard. Pull it together Gerard!
Nervously, I began bouncing my leg up and down frantically, staring intently at it and willing myself to stay completely still as I felt his head rest slowly on my shoulder. Apparently not under control of my body anymore, I watched curiously as I pulled my hand out of Franks and began playing with the black tendrils of his cute Mohawk. How on earth could him simply holding my hand turn me into a fucking idiot completely unable to control his movements? Because he’s fucking ho-NO NO NO NO NO! I mentally facepalm and return my gaze to my red skinnies. Frowning, yet again, because, damn. They really are tight. And Frank’s hand it on them.
And fuck my life he just squeezed my leg.
I suppressed another squeak and Frank seemed to notice, smirking up at me and winking. I blushed and pushed his hand away as he started moving it to the inside of my leg. He looked vaguely disappointed for a second, but shook it off and crossed his arms, letting his hair fall over his face again after I detangled my fingers quickly from it.

Frank was watching those girls again with a slightly annoyed expression on his face. One of them had not stopped staring at him the whole journey, and to be honest, I just wanted to get up and pull the bleach blonde extensions right out of her hair and tie them over her eyes.
There of course was no reason for this.
And no, jealousy is not pumping frantically through my body right now.
I turn to look at Frank again and he sighs, looking at me with a knowing smile.
“I wish she’d move her eyes somewhere else don’t you Gee?” He whispered softly. I nodded, trying not to let on just how much I wanted her to stop. “I got an idea to make her stop when we get off the bus, don’t worry. We wouldn’t want her plastic ass following us around all day would we?” I laughed and nodded. Frank looked strangely like he was asking my permission for something…
“Sure Frankie, do what you gotta do to make her piss off.” I smirk. If only I’d have know what I signed up for.

The bus finally ground to a halt outside the entrance to Thorpe Park and people began filing off excitedly. Mikey and Bob had agreed to sprint for the front of the queue so that we wouldn’t be waiting, so me, Ray, Frank, and to my utter disgust: The plastic Barbie doll, stayed on the bus until it was just us four. Ray took one look at my disgusted expression, Franks cheeky smirk (is he hiding something? O_O) and the barbie’s ‘sexy’ smile and scuttled off the bus.
She slowly got up and began approaching us in a way that made me want to run for the hills then throw up. I stared at her, trying to look intimidating, until my view of her was blocked by Frank suddenly springing up and sitting on my lap. My eyes widened as he turned to face me with his legs either side of my own and trailed a finger up my arm. I madly gripped at the seats and turned a deep red when I realised that the blonde was now staring at us with utter horror in her face.
“ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!” She exclaims, making me jump slightly and, shit, nudge my hips into Frank’s. Frank groans so quietly I wasn’t sure if it was my imagination and slides his hot hands up my arms to link around my neck.
“uhhhhhh…” I mumble, not sure what to say due to the fact that Frank is sitting ON MY FUCKING LAP and she’s standing there like….watching. The fuck Gerard? There’s nothing to watch! I let my eyes flick between Frank and the girl for a few seconds before Frank throws a cheeky grin over his shoulder and shrugs at the blonde.
“Sorry hunny. Seems you’re not my type.” He laughs, pulling my hands from the seats and placing them on his hips. She scowls angrily and stomps off the bus. Frank smirks, “See Gee? We scared her away.” A devastating grin spreads across his features and I feel my heart stutter in my rapidly rising and falling chest. “Should we go find the others?” Frank whispered, his hands resting on the tops of my thighs. I coughed shakily,
“Uh…yeah…” I reply, my voice hoarse. I see laughter twinkle in his eyes and he climbs off of me slowly, his hand rubbing over the tightest part of my jeans in a way that made me wonder if it was really an accident. Those damn hands. Still extremely flustered and rosy cheeked I shot up from the seat and stood over Frank for a few seconds, staring down at him. He smiles a slow, sexy smile and licks his lips, making my breath hitch it my throat.
“I really do like these jeans Gee…” he starts, whispering, hooking his fingers through the belt loops for the second time this morning. I simply stare down at him, completely frozen. “They make you look fucking hot you know.” He states matter-of-factly, dragging his gaze up from my crotch and over my torso in a way that makes me want to attach my mouth to his and never let go. I blush redder still (I cant believe that’s still possible) and lick my dry lips slowly, trying not to draw attention to my face. But of course Frank notices. He smiles devilishly, “want me to soften them up for you Gee?” He whispers seductively. I gasp and shake my head frantically, knowing that I will soon collapse if I don’t get rid of this stupid, hormonal new brain that seems to have invaded my head and taken away all judgement of the fact that this is my BEST FRIEND and that he’s a guy, and I don’t think of him that way. At all.
Stop lying to yourself Gerard. I frown and try to slide past Frank, banishing all thoughts from my head. But Frank is holding onto my hips and he pulls me back, closer than before.
“Well, if you change your mind you only gotta ask Gee. I’ll be happy to help you out…” He nudges his nose against mine softly and the thoughts return with flying colours. Fuck he’s so god damn sexy.
Frank drops his gaze to my mouth and smirks. My heart skips yet another beat and I’m now seriously starting to doubt my sanity. He leans in closer and slowly licks over my dry lips. I part my own and hardly suppress a groan, feeling a disturbing pulling in my lower stomach, wanting more. But before anything else can happen, he draws his tongue back in, licks his own lips, then removes his hands from me and skips down the bus and out the door, leaving me standing there on my own with a small problem, a frantic heart beat and a pissed off looking bus driver.

Did that just happen or am I going mad?
Yes it did.
And…did I…enjoy…it?
Fuck yes.

I sighed and closed my gaping mouth.
Maybe there was something going on here…and I have to admit to myself:

These ridiculously skin tight red skinnies were now my favourite items of clothing. Ever.

I promise there will be more frerard guys, but probably not too much in the next chapter. ;D Patience my lovelies xxxxx Poor old Gee's all confused XD THANKYOU SO MUCH!!! R and R
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