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Just an update :) sorry if you thought it was another chapter. I'm a naughty girl -tuttuttut-

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I just wanted to say I'm sorry if this isn't updated until around next week cus I have an English gcse next week.
But i will try my best to get the next chapter up as soon as possible.
The story may be being changed a bit, because I think my original layout might be a but long winded and boring. With my new plan hopefully you guys will like it more and there will be more frerard sooner plus saw alive!!! I'm really exited to write that bit.
And I will be choosing the 2 extra characters for the story soon, they will come into the story a bit later on, and in afraid they're not huge parts, I just needed descriptions. If you wanna audition, just go to ma profile XD

Thank you sooooo much anyone who's reading this or has auditioned I love you to pieces, feel free to make requests with the storyline cus I'm flexible ;D
Xxx Abi
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