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Chapter 3

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HEYAAAAA GUISSSEEE! This isn't a very long update sorry, but I thought it got to a good place to stop the chapter at. Thank You SO MUCH for the amazing reviews I've had on my other chapters, they make me feel like I'm not that terrible XD On with tha storeh :) xxx Abi xxx

Chapter Three

Okay. It is safe to say now that I have completely lost my mind. For the last 5 minutes of queuing all I can think about is the way Frank’s tongue felt against my chapped lips, the way his cute fluffy Mohawk flops over his face, the way he bites his lip when he’s nervous or trying to hold in laughter, how fucking tight his skinny jeans are, how hot his tattoos are, and how every time I look at him I just want to trace my fingers over them, how he’s so amazing at guitar, how I’m staring at him right now, as I have been for at least 10 minutes now, how he….
How he’s noticed that I’m staring at him with a possibly slightly creepy intensity that would freak out Jigsaw.
But of course, this is Frank, so he just smirks at me and smoothes a callused hand through his hair. I smile uncertainly and move my gaze from him to watch Mikey, who is currently throwing a tantrum because he wants to get onto the ride. He throws his hands dramatically up in the air and stamps his foot.
“WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG!?” He moans, “I wanna get on colossus DAMMIT!” Bob laughs at him and replies with what is most likely a sarcastic comment. I can’t really hear him due to the screams gradually getting louder then quieter as the rollercoaster car shoots over our heads. Mikey slaps Bob round the head and turns to Ray, “Can’t we just skip the line?” He wines. Ray shakes his head,
“You can Mikes, but I don’t wanna get chucked out on my birthday so you’re on your own.” Ray must have reminded us that it’s his birthday at least 20 times this morning. It’s starting to become mildly annoying….
I flinch again as another rollercoaster car flies past, the frame of the coaster shaking and rattling, wondering why the fuck I agreed to come to a theme park. I rubbed my sweaty palms on my jeans and took in a small shaky breath, jumping when Bob slung his arm over my shoulder.
“You okay Gerard? You look kinda tense.” He winks and I sigh. Damn my friends for being so unsupportive. I refuse to answer and scowl at him, “Awwwww common Gee, it won’t be that bad. You’ll have fun I swear!” He smiles. I’m still not convinced. Crossing my arms tightly I frown harder.
“No Bob. I’m going to die. I mean….speed, and loop-the-loops, and corkscrews and HEIGHTS. None of them are on my list of ‘fun things to do’. I just wanna get all these rides over with and get to Saw Alive!” Bob laughs at me again and shrugs. Ray jumps onto my back suddenly and I almost topple over, but manage to keep my balance as he joins in the conversation.
“Well that’ll be your reward. Here’s the deal.” He states. Oh no. Not deals. “You gotta do at least three roller coasters, then we’ll go straight to Saw Alive. What’ya say?” I swallow slowly and contemplate how much my stomach will be able to take.
“One?” I try, already knowing the response.
“No you pussy, three.”
“Two?” Bob frowns and Ray and him exchange a glance.
“Fine, two. But you’ve gotta pay for lunch.” I sighed in relief.
Frank grabs my hand and grins up at me, making my heart flutter. “I’ll hold you hand Gee Baby, don’t worry” He whispers, nuzzling slightly into my neck, I abruptly stumble backwards and blush bright red, listening to all four of my friends dissolve into fits of laughter at my flustered state. “I don’t have to if you don’t want me to…” He teases, and I shake my head and punch his arm softly,
“Shuup you guys.” I mumble.

Two hours later and boy was I glad Frank kept his promise to hold my hand. I think that if I hadn’t have had his fingers to grip onto I would have had at least four breakdowns by now. But I’ve done the rides I am required to do, and I’m now sitting in the on site burger king with a coffee and some chips. The only problem is that Frank has also agreed to come and keep me company while the other guys went and shook their brains around on the rides. And he’s sitting right next to me. And I’m staring at the table. And he’s staring at my jeans.
And I am going to die.
Multiple times.
I take a nervous sip of my coffee and force myself to swallow. I can still feel Frank’s gaze boring into the side of my head as I hide behind my raven black hair. Oh god this is so awkward. He’s my best fucking friend and I can’t even talk to him normally anymore. I clear my throat.
“So…How has guitar class been?” I ask. Wow, so obvious you’re not nervous Gerard…I drop my head even more.
“Yeah great thanks! I just started learning ‘Dig Up Her Bones’, it’s awesome.” I can hear the smile in his voice.
“Woah that’s great! You should play it to me some time.” I reply, glad we’re finally communicating. And after a few more minutes of mindless chatter I feel comfortable enough to stop hiding behind my hair. Big mistake there. When I look up I immediately find myself staring into Frank’s big brown eyes. And I just can’t look away. Why does he have to be so damn beautiful. He smiles and I continue to watch his mouth move as he replies to my earlier statement. What was it again? Something about llamas? Probably. Either that or coffee.
Mmmmmm. Coffee. I take a quick sip of coffee and almost slop it down my front when Frank hooks his feet around my chair legs and turns me so that our knees are touching and I’m facing him. I hurriedly put my coffee on the table and try a smile, knowing that I probably look like a retarded hamster. Frank leans forward slightly and brushes my hair out my eyes.
“You’re real distracted today, you okay Gee?” He asks. He sounds concerned, but I swear I can detect a slight smugness underneath his act. He totally knows it’s his fault I’m acting like this.
Life isn’t fair.
“Uh. Yeah I’m fine….just, got someon-something on my mind. I mean…I uh…really. Really don’t like rollercoasters….” He smiles slightly when I correct myself hurriedly.
“You wanna…talk about it?” He smiles wider and leans forward further, resting his chin on his left hand and using the other to carefully draw ‘s’ shapes on my leg. I tense up immediately and stare at his hand for about 3 seconds before I find myself roughly putting my hand on top of his to stop the movement before I actually spontaneously combust and/or start ravish his face with my tongue. He smiles apologetically and pulls my chair closer with his converse clad feet, so that I am now sitting directly between his legs. “I didn’t realise I was bothering you….Do you-“ He removes his hand from his chin and places it on my thigh, rubbing his thumb dangerously close to my crotch. “-Do you want me to stop?” He asks quietly, licking his lips slowly, my eyes following his every movement. I shiver when his thumb finally brushes my crotch and let out a slight whimper.
“No… Keep. Going.” I manage to force out, and lean forward to shyly rest my hands on his hips. He smiles the biggest smile I’ve seen today (which means olot) and rests his forehead against mine, never breaking eye contact, not stopping his thumb from moving in the enchanting way it is and moving his (now free) other hand to rest on the back of my neck, playing with my hair.
“You’re so fucking beautiful Gee. You have no idea how long….” He bumps his nose against mine and shifts closer so that he’s now on my lap, staring intently down at me. “-How fucking long I’ve wanted to tell you how beautiful you are.” I let out a long shaky breath onto his lips and he groans deep and quiet in his throat. My jeans are now feeling a little tighter than before. Who knew it was possible? “And these jeans are so fucking hot. I’m so glad you finally wore them. I was worried you didn’t like them.” Frank drops his gaze to my crotch, where his hand still is, and leans even closer to me, his chest bumping against mine and his lips grazing my own chapped, slightly parted ones. I gasp suddenly but force myself to speak, my voice breathy and unused,
“I l-love th-them F-F-Frankie, I jjust…ne-ever thought anyone else w-would.” He laughs and strokes my crotch again. I let out another gasp and my cheeks flush pink. He apparently sees that as an invitation, and closes the tiny distance between us, sucking slowly on my bottom lip. I groan and grip his hips tighter, opening my mouth and ducking my head to attach my mouth properly to his. Immediately he succumbs, and starts to sloppily mesh his lips with mine, flicking his tongue against them. Moaning again I push my tongue against his lips and beg him to open up for me, furiously clutching his hips as he grabs at my hair and moves his hand so that his whole fucking hand is now rubbing down on my crotch.
I’ll tell you one thing…heaven sure looks a lot like burger king.
Frank opens his mouth to let me in, and his tongue lightly touches mine, sending sparks all the way through my body.
I could have come right then and there.
But fate is a cruel truth, and before I knew it, I was being pulled away from Frank by a pair of fingerless glove-clad hands.
“Waaah?!” I moan, trying to grab onto Frank, but I’m not being let go. Frank smirks and wipes his sleeve across his mouth, smoothing down his t-shirt and jumping up. I watch as his eyes widen in recognition
“OMG IS THAT REALLY YOU!?” He addresses the person STILL holding onto me with excitement. A sweet feminine voice echoes from behind me and I snap back into reality, jumping out of her grasp and sitting back down, grabbing my coffee and scowling furiously at her. She places her hands confidently on her hips and winks at Frank.

“Hey sugar. It’s been a while hasn’t it?”

DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNN. So yeah. Im really not sure how well this went cus i know there are some people on ficwad that right mind-blowingly amazing frerard kisses, and this probably looks majorly ammature :L But my excuse is that it got cut off half way through XD This mystery girl is going to be one of you guys as you auditioned :) So head over to my profile to see who got this part. There is another character later on, but this is one of them :)
Thankyouu so much :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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