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Chapter 4

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Bring it on.

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So I've written some more :) sorry it took so long, I've been kinda occupied, and ts a little short, but inpromise next chapter will be longer and I have feeling the storyline may be enjoyed XD
Thank you soooo much for all the amazing reviews!!!! Icant believe cosmiczombie actually likes my idea, that makes me flail and squeal a little bit XD
Anyway, enough of my XD enjoy :) r and r and I'll love you forever!!!

Chapter 4

"Oh my god!" Frank exclaimed for about the fifth time in the last hour, "I just can't believe you're really here!" 
I pouted,
"Me either..." I mumble, Frank turns to look at me,
"What was that Gee?" he smiles and I feel a little better. Or I did until he turned back to the girl again, due to my answer being "nothing".
Who the fuck was this girl? I still hadn't been told. We're sitting down together at the burger king table and Frank and HER have been talking happily for ages, completely ignoring me. That bitch ruined my first fucking kiss with Frankie!!! Right now all she deserves is a face full of llama spit, which, may I add, it absolutely impossible to wash off properly...
I take in her appearance with angry eyes; She's pretty, annoyingly so. Shoulder length jet black hair with a full fringe brushing just above her bright green eyes. She's wearing a plain black band t-shirt with tight black skinnies and combat boots, and has her black Green Day hoodie rolled up at the sleeves to expose her ivory skin.
Basically she's better looking, more outgoing and by the looks of things, more awesome than I am.
And Frank's talking to her like they're best friends.
I hate my life.
Or I do now anyway...
About ten minutes ago it was amazing.
Dammit why can't I be kissing Frank right now? Life's a bitch sometimes. 
Or more specifically, that girl's a bitch. I notice the two of them staring at me and pull myself out of my own head quickly. Work things out now, think later Gerard.
"So Gerard, you got a thing for Frankie-boy here I see?" I stare at her with wide eyes, how the fuck does she know my name? 
"Uhh. Sorry, I didn't mean to...sorry." I stutter, utterly terrified that this girl is Frank's long lost girlfriend and that she's going to castrate me for possibly, okay definitely sticking my tongue in Frank's mouth. But then again. He started it. I looked down at my lap in shame and fear but was taken completely by surprise when Frank giggled at me, joined by the girl's amused smirk. Frank grabs my hand and links his fingers with mine,
"What? No Gerard, this is Alexia, she's my cousins friend. We used to know each other at my old school." I look up at him, my heart almost stopping out of relief and let out a breath I didn't know i was holding in. 
"Oh!? Really? Oops. Sorry..." I mumble in Alexia's direction, still not particularly fond of her because, cmon, she stilled ruined my kiss with Frank!
"No problem sugar! Get your eyes up dude, the top of your head isnt particularly interesting, although I'm sure Frank disagrees with me." I look up reluctantly to see Frank smirking at me with that sexy smile and smile back hesitantly, not sure what to say.
"Nothing about Gee bores me, he's one of the most fucking interesting guys I know." Frank compliments, tucking my hair behind my ear and squeezing my hand again. I blush and giggle-
Fuck I just giggled! 
Not good.
"Well how 'bout you come to Saw Alive with us Alexia?" Frank asks. No no no. I don't want her to come with us! I want to feel Franks Tongue on mine again, it's not fair to give me a taster like that and then act like nothing happened.
Alexia shrugs and grabs my finished coffee, throwing the cup away; "sure if you don't mind Gerard?" she asks.
I mumble what is supposed to sound like a yes and we get up and start walking toward the maze. Frank skips up next to me and pulls my hips next to his with his hand round my waist.
"So Gee...does this mean I can kiss you in front of the guys now?" he asks, staring up at me with puppy dog eyes and pouting slightly. I frown,
"I dunno Frank....I'm not sure that's a good idea..." I think of how annoying Ray will be and swallow slowly. Frank pouts more and stops abruptly, pulling me with him and then motioning Alexia to continue walking. She shrugs again, smirking, and strolls away. Frank pulls me to face him so that our chests are touching and his hands are resting on my ass. I suddenly feel a lot hotter and my brain converts back to the bumbling idiotic puddle of nothingness it seems to enjoy being so much at the moment. Frank squeezes my ass gently and looks pleadingly at me again,
"Please Gee, baby. I've been patient haven't I? I waited aages to finally kiss you, don't make me hold back now." He continues to rub his hands over the small of my back and the tight denim of my jeans as he talks, so I'm really not paying attention at all to what he's saying.
"Mhm sure, whatever you want." I reply breathily, trying desperately not to get turned on in the middle of Thorpe park. It's not working so well...
Frank squeaks in joy and presses his lips to mine,
"Thank you!" he smiles against my lips. I just nod and start working my lips against his slowly, letting myself drown in him. He responds perfectly to every twist and turn my lips make, mirroring me, fitting together like a puzzle, and fuck is it amazing. 
Frank moans loudly against my lips as I push my hands under the waistline of his jeans on a crazy whim and I feel a shiver shudder down my spine to rest and buzz in my lower stomach. I shove my tongue into his now open mouth and start desperately tangling my tongue win his. He roughly slides his teeth over my Tongue and I shiver again, pushing my Tongue further into his mouth and suddenly feeling very very hard.
Oh fuck.
I pull back abruptly with a delicious slurping noise and duck my head.
"We shouldn't do this in Public..." I mumble. Frank shrugs, 
"Fine, if you don't want to. But you're so fucking sexy I'd do that with you in an old people's home if you wanted me to." he winks at me and I blush crimson, smiling a little.
With that he spins around and skips off in the direction of the sign showing 'Saw Alive: Live Horror Maze'.
Old people's home or maybe even a scary live maze in the pitch black with an excuse to cling onto each other for dear life?
Bring it on.

Thar we go :) things in the next chapter will probably be hotting up a bit cus their off to the maze XD but if you think ongoing too fast please tell me cus I don't wanna rush this :)
Thank you sooo much for reading! Lobe you guys
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