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Chapter 1.

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Finally, it was midnight. The last of the doors were locked and the windows were still boarded. My parents were well on their way through their shifts by now. I shook anxiously in my bed; My eighteenth birthday was today.

In this society, this crude world, eighteen is a deadly number. You can be legally sent into the Slave and Marriage Houses, along with the Breeders, once you're of age. I would do anything to escape being a Breeder. They sicken me.

My stomach flipped and turned, heaving blanks. I had to go downstairs. I had to unlock the door. Sitting up, every moment quieter than the last, I opened my nightstand drawer, pulling out the silver key. My feet etched across the dark, carpeted floor, my hands shaking, twirling the key through my fingers. I stood face-to-face with the creamy white door. Fear mocked me, but bravery cheered me on.

My stomach heaved again, shoving me to the ground. "Aagh!" I screamed, wrapping my arms around my small frame. I heard footsteps and shouts from downstairs, then noise up the staircase. I panicked, trying to push my weak body up. I reached my closet just as I heard the first pounds on the door.

"Open up!"

"We know you're in there!"

Two different voices shouted at me, but I kept my hands against my mouth. There were more beats and shouts from the door, but I didn't move at all. I couldn't if I valued my life. and I did.

Then the door was pushed down, the harsh footsteps resting outside the closet. And at the worst possible moment, I blew. They shouted in key, tearing the closet doors right off their hinges. They lifted me up out of my own waste, pinning my arms behind my back. "Let me go!" But they didn't. They only laughed harder.

One blindfolded me, throwing my petite body over their shoulder while the other tied my arms and legs. We walked once I was bound.

It's common for Breeders (and thugs) to speak multiple languages, and that's just what my captors did. They spoke to each other as we moved down the stairs.

I felt cool air soon enough, knowing we were outdoors. They threw me up and I came down crash, slamming my head into something hard. I heard doors shut and an engine roar. I was bounced around in the back of the vehicle, surely bruising my pale skin.

The men laughed and I tried to drown them out as we drove off into the night.   
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