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Chapter One

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She was sitting on the side of the road…

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~A Few Months Earlier~
My brother, Party Poison, and I were driving back to the diner, fresh off of our “grocery shopping”, otherwise known as battling some Dracs and taking their food, if they even had any. Then we saw her, sitting on the side of the road. A little girl, maybe eleven years old - way to young to be out in the zones alone - crying into her hands. She had curly brown hair with a pilots cap on top. Of course, my brother, Poison pulled over to see what was wrong. He got out of the car and walked slowly over to the girl, obviously trying not to scare her. He softly said, “Excuse me,” and the girl nearly jumped out of her skin. “Don’t hurt me!” she cried, throwing her arms up defensively. Poison said in his most gentle voice, "I won't hurt you. I just want to help."
The girl looked up at Poison, her face a mask of despair. "You cent help me," she said in a heartbreaking voice, "They're all dead. My mom, dad, even my sister! They killed them. They're gone." She was crying even harder now, and I got out of the car to help. I quietly approached her and said, "What happened?" "The Dracs came," she said, her voice barely more than a whisper, "It was so fast…they just drove up and started shooting. I hid behind our car, and they didn't see me…but they got the others." I sat next to her in the sand, and hugged her, trying to offer comfort. It must have worked because her sobs slowly subsided into hiccups. 
"What's your name anyway?" Poison asked. "My birth name is Rachel," she said, "But I go by Atomic Detonator." "I'm Kobra Kid," I said, "And this is my brother, Party Poison." "What happens now?" Detonator asked. "Well," I began, "The Zones are not a place someone your age wants to be wandering around in alone, so I say you should come home with us. There's room isn't there, Poison?" My brother nodded in consent, and Detonator smiled weakly. "Thank you," she said, "You're right, I'll probably die out here on my own." "And we wouldn't want that now would we?" Poison said. Detonator laughed softly and stood up, dusting herself off. "Let's get going," I said, "Boy, are the others gonna be surprised."
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