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Chapter Two

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"Ok, I might be mistaken, but I think we have an extra person."

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We drove for about 15 more minutes, during which we found out more about Detonator. She was born in the Zones, and she had always been a Killjoy; it was the only life she knew, and she loved it. Her parents were in the first group of people who had escaped for Battery City, and were high up on the “Most Wanted” list. The last run-in with the Dracs had just been one of many. She loved to listen to the radio, and had heard of us on it before. She also loved our band from before the fires, My Chemical Romance. Her parents had had all of our CDs, and she was raise on them and others like them. In turn, we told her about our life.
As the Fabulous Killjoys, Party Poison, Fun Ghoul, Jet Star, and I were symbols of Killjoys everywhere and were at the very top of the “Most Wanted” list. We had to move around a lot just to stay out of the grasp of Korse, the leader of the Dracs. At the moment, we were staying at the Diner with Dr. Death Defying, who was also the DJ for the only non-BL/Ind radio station, and his sidekick Show Pony. We liked it there, and had managed to be there undetected for almost two months, which was a personal record for us. We had Dr. Death to thank for that since he was always putting out false information about our whereabouts, sending the Dracs on wild goose chases. It was actually quite amusing to mess with them.
When we reached the Diner, everything was silent. That was to be expected since it was still pretty earlier. We all got out of the car and walked in. The first thug we saw was Fun Ghoul sprawled out on the couch snoring loudly. Detonator giggled at the sight, causing Ghoul to stir and grumble slightly. He opened his groggy eyes and said, "You bastards got the food?" "Don't swear," I scolded, "We have young company." "What the hell you mean young company?" he asked, sleepily looking around the room, his eyes finally resting on Detonator. "Hi," she said sheepishly a small smile on her face. Ghoul grinned and exclaimed, "Finally someone shorter than me!" That was when Jet Star trudged into the room, rubbing sleep out of his eyes. 
Jet took in the scene and said, "Ok, I might be mistaken, but I think we have an extra person." Poison spoke up then and explained the situation to the other guys. They both agreed to the plan to take Detonator in as long as Dr. Death was cool with it, which we were sure he would be. He was always taking stray Killjoys in when they had nowhere else to go. That's how he had gotten Show Pony, his partner in crime. 
At some point, Ghoul wandered off to get breakfast and Jet Star went back to bed. Detonator was starting to nod off in the chair she was sitting in, so I decided to show her where she could sleep. She followed me down the short hallway and I took her into the one spare bedroom. "Here ya go," I said, "You're new home." "I've never had my own room before," she said thoughtfully. The a smile broke out on her face and she hugged me fiercely around the waist. "Thanks Kobra," she said quietly and then she climbed into bed. I said, "Sleep tight," and left the room, closing the door behind me. 
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