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Chapter Three

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The next morning, I was up before almost everyone else. The only other person awake was Dr. Death, doing the early morning radio show. I could hear him talking into the mic in the “studio”, which was basically just the room with the record player. Dr. Death had been one of the original Killjoys, escaping from Battery City when he saw what BL/Ind was doing. In the early days, he had been out in the Zones too, fighting Dracs and trying to take down BL/Ind. The he got in a bad accident, paralyzing his legs and sticking him in a wheelchair. He still wanted to be involved in the Killjoy movement, so he set up a radio station with the help of his sidekick, Show Pony. Dr. Death was a happy man, with long black hair going past his shoulders and laugh lines around his eyes. But sometimes, if you catch him when he thinks no one is watching, you can see the look in his eyes that says he’s seen too many people die when they deserved to live. We all have.
I sat in the living room, thinking of all this. I was thinking of my life before the fires, when it seemed like Poison and I were changing the world. His birth name was Gerard Way, and I am Mikey Way. We had been in a band with Ghoul and Jet Star, and it was called My Chemical Romance. We were huge. Everyone knew our name. And we saved lives. But all of that was taken away by the fires, along with everyone we knew and loved. Our wives had been with us at first, but were eventually captured, along with Ghoul’s and Poison’s kids. We would see them again someday, we told ourselves, when this is all over. I would be able to look my Alicia in the eyes again and tell her I loved her.
I sat like that, just thinking, on the couch for what seemed like forever when I heard movement coming from one of the bedrooms. After a few minutes, Atomic Detonator poked her head around the corner tentatively. I smiled at her and said, “G’morning.” She smiled back, and I could see she had been crying, seeing as how her eyes were red and puffy. “How did you sleep last night?” I asked, already knowing the answer. “Not at all,” she sighed, coming into the room and looking around curiously. “Want anything to eat?” I asked, walking towards the kitchen. She nodded eagerly and her stomach growled. I laughed at the sound, and heard her join in with me. I grabbed a can of mystery meat out of the cabinet and quickly opened it. I took a spoon out of the drawer, and handed both to Detonator.
“Sorry,” I said apologetically, “Its not much, but its what we have.” In contrast to my words, she looked up, her eyes shining. “We never got this much for ourselves,” she said shyly, “We were always on the run and couldn’t afford to carry that much food. Only enough to survive on.” I felt bad for this girl who had never known life where food was gotten from going to a store, life where you lived in one place and didn’t have to worry about being killed by Draculoids. I was determined from that moment to protect this little speck of innocence in a world so ridden with evil. I had no idea why I wanted to so badly; maybe it was because she reminded me so much of my niece, Bandit. The niece that had been taken away by BL/Ind.
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