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Waiting for You

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Just a little archive of all the one-shots I've done, first one, Sun Ce/Xiao Qiao!

Category: Dynasty Warriors - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Da Qiao, Lu Xun, Sun Ce, Xiao Qiao - Published: 2005-05-28 - Updated: 2005-05-29 - 1157 words

Waiting for You
*Well, the first oneshot in my little archive
Pairings: Slight Lu Xun/Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao/Sun Ce
Xiao Qiao sighed, (When's he gonna come back?) She thought as she stood on her balcony again, (He said he was gonna come back...he promised...)
(Sis has Xunie...but...I don't have anyone...if he doesn't come back...I never will...)
Xiao Qiao sat alone at a table, poking a piece of cake with a fork. "This is horrible..." She whispered, "I'm happy for my sis and all...but...I loved Xunie...I did...I loved him first...but she was the only one he cared about."
"This seat taken?" She heard a voice say.
"No...go ahead..." she mumbled, not even paying attention to who had sat down next to her
"Bored?" the person asked
"Hmm?" The girl looked up, "Oh, hi Ce..." She said, looking at the Heir of Sun Jian, "It's not that I'm bored...I'm's nothing"
The Little Conqueror looked over at the younger Qiao, "Alright, what's up? You've been acting strange since the wedding ended."
"Nothing...I'm fine..." She looked over at the other table, where Lu Xun and her sister, along with Gan Ning and Lu Meng, sat. She sighed again.
Ce looked to where her eyes were, he then smiled, "Jealousy, eh?" He laughed, "You like Xun, Don't you?"
"Is it that obvious?" She groaned, "But what's the use, it's too late now, He's married."
"I feel the same, I mean...I rescued her...but..."
Xiao giggled, "Looks like were in the same boat."
Ce sighed, "I guess we are..."
"Maybe they were just meant to be." Xiao said, "Sis said that everybody had a soulmate...maybe Sis and Xunie..."
Ce shrugged, "Hey, ya never know." He said, "But if that's true...then...maybe we just haven't found ours yet."
Xiao smiled, "Maybe you're right." She said, "I guess we'll just have to look harder, won't we?"
"I guess we will."
*******(End Flashback)*************
Xiao sighed again "No...Ce's just a friend..." She paused, "But..."
She looked out across the fields again, hoping to see the banners of Wu approaching, hoping to see him back again.
"If he's just a friend..." She paused, "Then why am I worrying so much? Why do I miss him so much?"
The door to her room opened, "Xiao?" she heard a voice say, breaking her out of her thoughts
She turned, "Oh, hey Sis," She smiled, trying to mask her confused emotions, "What is it?"
"Is something wrong?" She asked, "You've been acting depressed since the army left."
"No, nothing's wrong." Xiao said, "I don't know why you're saying I'm depressed."
"You've hardly left your room Xiao, and when you actually have, you've seemed very depressed, or worried."
Xiao quickly glanced behind her, looking out across the fields again, sighing when she still didn't see what she was looking for.
"There's another thing, you've been standing here every day, just looking off in the direction the army left," She paused, "'re worried about somebody who left, aren't you?"
Da smiled, "Who is it?"
"What do you mean?" Xiao looked back again, her sister put a hand on her shoulder.
"Xiao, I can tell these things, you're acting just like I did after I fell for Xun, tell me."
She looked down nervously and mumbled his name under her breath, "Ce..."
She looked up, "Ce..." She said, a slight blush on her cheeks, "I don't know why I'm worried though. I mean...he's just a friend..."
Da smiled, "That's what I told myself too Xiao, I kept telling myself that Xun and I were just friends, but I knew that I was lying to myself. I think the same thing is happening to you."
"You think Sun Ce?"
"I know it. Trust me Xiao, I've been through it, I know." Da said, moving to stand beside her sister, "I'm going through it right now." She looked out over the plains
"Sis?" Xiao asked, looking over to her older sister
Da turned, "Yes?"
"Um...what did it feel like...when you first realized you loved Xunie?"
Da paused, "It felt good, there was this warmth inside of me, when he held me that just felt so natural..." Da shook her head, "It's hard to explain. Maybe it's better if I ask how you feel around Ce."
Xiao turned out to the view spread before them, "I...I feel, I'm comfortable with him. It feels like I don't have to do anything special to get his attention...because I always have it..." she looked back at her older sibling, "That's what you felt, isn't it?"
Da smiled, "Yes, do you realize it now?"
Xiao nodded, "Yeah...all I gotta do tell him when he returns."
Her sister looked out in front of them again, "Get ready then." She said, motioning towards the fields. "They're back."
Xiao looked out again, gasping this time, "Yay!" She smiled, "I'm gonna go meet them."
Before her sister could say anything, Xiao had bolted out the door.
The young girl navigated the halls with ease, running as fast as she could to the main gates.
When she burst out of the gates, the army was just entering. She watched anxiously, (Zhou Tai, Lu Meng, Gan Ning, Xunie...Ooh! Where is he?!)
Finally, he rode in, mounted on his usual white horse, (Finally!) As soon as the Little Conqueror dismounted, she shot into his arms, surprising Sun Ce quite a bit.
"Xiao...why are you..." He started, but the girl cut him off
"I missed you..." She said softly, "I was worried..."
"Hmm? Xiao...why were you so..."
"Because...I..." She paused, "I realized that...I love you..."
Sun Ce pulled the girl close after she said those words, a small smile on his face. The girl looked up at him, blushing slightly. Ce then did what neither of them expected, going by instinct, he kissed the girl deeply.
Xiao was surprised at first, but soon returned the kiss, relishing in the feeling.
The courtyard was empty by then, only the two of them were still there, still locked in the kiss. When they finally broke away, Sun Ce smiled, "I love you too Xiao." He said
The girl moved closer, not wanting this moment to end, "I'm glad..." She whispered.
Meanwhile, on the balcony where the Qiao sisters had been talking just a few minutes earlier, another couple stood, hands clasped together, both smiling as they watched the two.
"She found him." Lu Xun said, looking over at his wife
Da Qiao nodded, "Yes, she found her soulmate."
-Well, there ya go, I hope it's actually good, it's my first try at this for DW. I apologize for the shortness, but I kinda ran dry for ideas. Anyhoo, please, REVIEW! Don't be too harsh though...
See ya
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