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Wu Valentine

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Number two in my archive, a Valentines Day fic feturing multiple pairs

Category: Dynasty Warriors - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor, Romance - Characters: Da Qiao, Gan Ning, Lu Meng, Lu Xun, Sun Shang Xiang, Xiao Qiao - Published: 2005-05-28 - Updated: 2005-05-29 - 1530 words

Wu Valentine's Day
*Number 2 in my archive! Enjoy!
Pairings: Lu Xun/Da Qiao, Lu Meng/SSX, Gan Ning/Xiao Qiao
Lu Xun sighed, pacing back and forth in his room in Jian Ye, "Gods help me..." He said to himself, "I can come up with expert strategies, great ploys, and even command entire armies!" He sighed "Why the hell is this so hard?!"
"Damn, Council..." He heard a voice say, he looked over to the door, Gan Ning stood there, arms crossed in front of him, "Why the hell are ya stressin' out so much? It's Valentine's Day, you should be somewhere with Da!" He walked in and sat in Xun's desk chair, "So why aren't ya?"
Xun shook his head and looked at his best friend, "I don't know what I'm going to do Ning." He said, sitting on the bed, "I don't know what I'm going to do for her, I don't have a gift, or anything."
Ning shook his head, "Gods Council, Yer just hopeless, aren't ya?" The Ex-pirate smiled, "Don't worry though, I've got an idea."
Xun shook his head, (Gods help me...) He thought as Ning started explaining his 'plan'
Xiao Qiao smiled, bouncing happily on her sister's bed, "I can't wait until tonight Sis!" She said in her usual hyper tone, "Ningie says he's gonna do something really special for me!" She looked at her sister, who was finishing fixing her long pigtails. "What's Xunie gonna do?"
Da turned to her sister, "I don't know Xiao." She said, "But...really it doesn't matter, as long as we're together..."
Xiao smiled, "I'm sure he'll do something special for you, Sis. Xunie really loves you."
Da smiled and nodded, "I'm sure he will." She said
Lu Meng stood on the balcony of his room, "I hope the smiths are done..." he said
Sun Shang Xiang walked in and embraced Lu Meng from behind, "So, what are you doing for me today?" she asked
Lu Meng smiled, "You'll have to wait until the party tonight, I'm not going to spoil it."
The girl laughed, "Aw, can't you tell me?" she said with a mock pout
Meng pulled away and turned around, "Sorry, not yet."
"Do WHAT?!" Lu Xun said, staring at the pirate, "I am NOT going to do that!"
Gan Ning shrugged, "It was just an idea, Council, geez..."
Lu Xun shook his head, "I'll figure it out Ning, you go and prepare your gift for Xiao."
Gan Ning nodded, "Alright Council, do whatcha want." He said, he got up and walked out.
Lu Xun shook his head, "Damn..." He said, "I've gotta come up with a gift by the time the party starts..." He paused, "Of course!" Another pause, "But...can I get what I need in time?
Gan Ning smiled, walking into Da's room, Xiao saw him and shot up, "Hi Ningie!" She said happily, "Have you got my gift yet?"
Gan Ning shook his head, "No, not yet Xiao." He said, "But I will."
Da Qiao laughed, "Ning, have you seen Boyan?" She asked, "I haven't seen him all day."
Gan Ning laughed, "Council's still tryin' ta find a gift fer ya."
Da smiled, "He always tries so hard..." She said, "It really doesn't matter what he gets long as we can be together."
Ning laughed again, "Hah, try tellin' that ta him..." The Ex-Pirate kissed Xiao's forehead, "I'm gonna get yer gift now." He said, walking out
Xiao smiled and jumped back onto her sister's bed, lying back with her legs hanging off the edge, "I wonder what he'll get me..."
Da sighed, "I wonder too..."
Lu Xun walked through the town, the young strategist looked around, his golden eyes searching for a certain merchant, the one who peddled rare stones, he saw the man after a little while, and walked over to him. "Excuse me," Xun said, "I need a certain stone..."
Lu Meng walked into the town, he saw his apprentice talking to a merchant, but ignored him for the present, he had to get to the weaponsmith.
The red armored general walked into the smith's shop, he looked at the man behind the counter, "Excuse me, I'm here to pick up an order." He said
The weapon shop man smiled, "Ah, Lord Lu Meng, you came at just the right time," he picked up a wide flat box from behind the counter, "Here." He said, handing it to Meng
Lu Meng looked inside, "Perfect," he handed the man a small bag of gold. "Thank you."
Lu Xun pocketed the ruby he had gotten from the peddler, (Now...) He thought, (I just need enough gold to finish it...) He smiled and walked to another stand.
Sun Shang Xiang walked into Da Qiao's room, "So," She said, looking at the sisters, "You two excited?"
Xiao nodded enthusiastically, Da nodded as well, just calmer.
Shang Xiang smiled, "So either of you know what you're getting?" She sat down on Da's bed beside Xiao
Xiao shook her head, "No...Ningie won't tell me..." She said
Shang Xiang laughed, "Meng isn't telling either, it looks like they both want it to be a surprise." She looked up, "What about you Da?"
The older Qiao shrugged, "I really don't care." She said, "All that matters to me is that we're together." She smiled
Shang Xiang laughed, "You know he's probably gonna get you something really fancy."
Da shrugged again, "If he does, then that's fine, if he doesn't...well...that's fine too."
Lu Xun smiled, he had all the materials, now all he needed was to get them forged. With a gold chain and the ruby in his pocket, he set off to the smith.
Gan Ning pocketed his gift for Xiao, he was sure his wife would like it, even though she had many of them already, he started walking back to the palace, the party would be starting soon...
"It will take some time to craft, young man." The smith said, "We're the only smith in we have a lot of business, wait over there, we'll tell you when it's done."
Lu Xun nodded and sat down in the chair he hoped it wouldn't take too much longer, it was almost time for the party...
************(The party)**********
Da Qiao sighed, sitting down at a table by herself, (He's not here yet...) She thought, (Why hasn't Boyan gotten here yet?) Tears started to well in her eyes...
Xiao was dancing with Gan Ning, happy with the new hairclip he had gotten her, and Lu Meng and Sun Shang Xiang were sitting at another table, talking, the opened weapon box sitting on the floor, and the new chakrams it had once contained sat beside Shang Xiang's chair. Da sighed, everyone was so happy...
************(Three hours later...)*******
Lu Xun twitched a bit as the smith shook him, "Young man, your item is ready." The old smith said.
Xun's eyes opened, "Wha?" He saw the smith holding a small, but ornate wooden box.
"Here." The smith said, handing it to him, "My best work."
Lu Xun opened it and smiled, "Thank you." He said, handing the old man a small bag of gold, Xun closed the box and stood to leave as he was walking to the door, he looked out the window, it was already dark. "Damn! I need to get back to the palace!" With that, he bolted out the door
**********(Wu Palace)************
Da sat in her chair, crying heavily now, "He's still not here..." She mumbled, Xiao Qiao, who had moved to sit beside her older sister, patted Da's shoulder
"Don't worry Sis..." She said, "Xunie will be here soon..."
At that point, the door opened and Lu Xun walked in, panting, "Sorry, I'm a little late..." He said
Da's head shot up at the sound of her love's voice and stood up, rushing over to the young strategist and embracing him, hiding her face in his chest. "Where were you?" She asked, "I was so worried..."
Lu Xun pulled away from the girl enough to kiss her on the forehead, "Getting your gift, of course" He pulled away from the girl, breaking the embrace, and wiped her eyes, "No more tears." He said
Da looked at him, "What was it that you had to worry me so much about?"
Xun smiled and looked at the older Qiao, "Da, we've been together for three years now, and...well...I love you a lot...and..." He got down on one knee, pulling out the box and opening it, revealing the ruby necklace, "Will you marry me?"
Da's eyes went wide, "Xun...I..." She took his hand and pulled him up, "Of course I will." She said, kissing him tenderly
********(One hour later)***********
The six sat around a table, talking, eating and drinking. Lu Xun looked at Gan Ning, "Where's the sex toy?" He asked
Gan Ning smiled, "I never said I was getting' one fer Xiao, that was just a suggestion..."
Lu Xun kicked Gan Ning in the shin
*Well, there ya go, it sucks, yeah, but whatever, this is my first non-angsty one-shot, hope it meets standard!
See ya
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