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The third fic in my archive, Lu Xun/Da Qiao

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*Here's another One-Shot for ya!
Pairings: Lu Xun/Da Qiao
Da Qiao sat awake in her bed (Four months...) She thought, (Has it really been four months since it happened? Has it really been four months since his death?) She shook her head, no matter how much she tried to deny it, it was all true, he was dead and he wasn't coming back. She sniffled; it was so hard without him...and she was sometimes surprised that she was still living, that she hadn't killed herself, or died of grief.
Lu Xun had been a great help to her though, he had always been there for her, ever since Sun Ce died, he had been there and supported her, comforted her. For some reason, she felt warm and fuzzy around him, like she had with Sun Ce...
She shook her head again, it was late, and she didn't want to think of such things before going to bed. She laid back and let sleep overtake her...
Darkness, all she saw was darkness. Darkness, then his face, slowly emerging from the black, the rest of his body next, she ran for him, calling out his name, but no matter how fast she ran, he was always one step ahead of her, always just out of her reach.
No matter how loud her cries, he never came, she could never touch him. No matter how hard she tried, she could never reach him; he just smiled, and soon faded away into the blackness again.
She looked around frantically, where did he go? As she turned, she saw yet another person, not him, not the one who had vanished, but another person, she tried to reach out to him, but she still couldn't reach him, just like the first person that had vanished, she shook her head and cried out, she couldn't lose him as well, he was all she had, she tried to run, but her legs wouldn't move, he faded too, he vanished just like the first one, she had lost both of them...
She shot awake, hot tears streaming down her pretty face, her breathing hard. "I can't forget him..." She whispered, "No matter what I do...I...I can't..." she sat up in bed and looked out the window, it was midnight, the full moon outside shone over the grounds of Jian Ye castle, "Maybe I should take a short walk..." She whispered...
The girl stood up and dressed, pulling on her usual clothing and tying her hair up with her standard flower clips, but not worrying about braiding it, she just let it hang free. The 17 year old girl walked out of her room and ran as silently as possible through the shadow drenched halls, trying her hardest not to wake any of the sleeping generals
The girl silently walked out of the castle and snuck out into the gardens that took up a good part of the grounds. After a bit more walking, the girl reached her destination, a small pond, surrounded by cherry trees. She sat down on the grass on the shoreline, looking out over the water, at the full moon reflected in the calm pool.
The dream had horrified her, she had already lost Ce, she didn't want to lose him too... She hugged her knees to herself, the tears wouldn't stop falling, she was so scared. She looked out across the pond, "I don't want to lose him as well..."
The thought of losing him too got the tears falling again, it was so hard...
Lu Xun sat up in his bed; the earlier footsteps had woken him from his sleep, (Who would be up at this hour?) The golden-eyed strategist stood and walked over to the window in his room, he looked out, the view from his window spanned the gardens of the castle.
As he looked out the window, he couldn't help but notice the small, huddled figure by the garden pond, "Who could that be?" He whispered
The young strategist pulled his long shirt/coat over his head, and walked silently out of his room, (Could that be...Lady Qiao?) He thought as he walked out.
He knew it would be her, even before he made it out there, the girl had been torn up ever since Sun Ce's death, and he was surprised that she still had the will to live...perhaps, though, that was due to his influence, he had comforted the girl numerous times, offering her a shoulder to cry on. He always felt strange around the girl though; a warm, fuzzy feeling would take him over, a feeling he had never felt before. He often wondered what it was.
He quietly pushed open a side door and walked out into the gardens, the cool night air welcomed him and embraced him as he stepped out of the castle. After a short time of walking, he saw her, Lady Da Qiao...
She had no idea Lu Xun was behind her, she was too taken over by her grief, she didn't notice the intruder, until a warm hand rested on her shoulder, "Lady Qiao?" a concerned voice said.
She whirled around and shot into the young strategist's arms, hiding her face in his chest, her tears soaking into his coat
Lu Xun was definitely surprised when the girl did what she did, but he slowly wrapped his arms around the girl and held her comfortingly, the warm, fuzzy feeling came in force, and for some reason, he felt as if he never wanted to let her go, "Lady Da," He asked, "Is something wrong?" She snuggled up against him, surprising him again, "Why are you out here all alone?"
She whimpered, "Boyan..." She whispered, "Don't leave me..."
He looked at her, "Lady Da...why would I..." She cut him off
"Don't leave me like Ce did, don't leave me all alone..."
"Lady Da..." He said softly
"Please...Boyan...I...I already lost the first man I fell in love with..." She looked up at him, her luminous dark eyes sparkling with tears, "And I don't want to lose the second..."
Love? Was that what that was? He knew it immediately, it was true, he was in love with the girl, he smiled softly, "I will not leave you, Lady Da, I could never leave the one I love."
Da's heart lifted at the words, she stretched up a bit and kissed him lovingly, passionately, for that small moment, it seemed like they were in their own little world, with nobody but one another when the kiss broke, she smiled, "Boyan"
"Just call me Da."
Lu Xun smiled and kissed the girl again, "Of course." He smiled and kissed her again, "I love you Da Qiao, I'll never leave you."
She smiled and snuggled up against him, "I love you too...thanks"
The two stayed there in the palace gardens, soon falling asleep in each other's arms.
Okay, there, it's done. Hope you guys like it
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