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Chapter 17

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"I'm Pete. Frankie's ex."

Gerard's Point Of View

Frank had rushed upstairs to the bathroom, leaving me alone in a crowd of already drunk people. I walked around aimlessly while I waited for him to come back. Soon I found myself being offered a beer from some random loser. I could feel myself reaching out for it, ignoring my reasons for why I shouldn't until I remembered Frank. Declining the beer, I headed upstairs. I saw Frank standing in the bathroom doorway talking to some guy. I had seen him watching us when we had first arrived, but I didn't remember ever seeing him before that. He seemed to recognize Frank thugh.

"Frankie!" I called, making my way toward them through the crowd. Once I got there I held onto Frank.

"Pete, this is my boyfriend Gerard. Gee, this is-"

"I'm Pete." the guy cut Frank off. "Frankie's ex." I froze and remembered how Frank had told me about his ex cheating on him.

Pete offered his hand for me to shake. I looked at it for a second or two before shaking it, deciding I would try and be nice.

I felt Frank grab hold of my hand and squeeze, trying to calm me down.

"Well, we should really be going. I've got to go ask Bob something. See you later Pete." Frank said quickly and pulled me along with him downsairs.

"Are you okay?" he asked me quietly.

"What the fuck is he doing here?" I asked, ignoring his question.

"I have no idea. I'm sorry Gee. I had no idea he'd be here. I haven't seen or talked to him since I got him in bed with that girl, I swear." Frank told me quickly.

"It's not your fault baby, I just.. I don't know, I didn't expect that."

"Neither did I."

"Do, did you really have to ask Bob something?" he asked.

"Oh, I actually do. I'll be right back. 'm gonna go find him." Frank gave me a soft kiss before walking off in search of Bob.

"Hey big brother!" Mikey jumped in front of me, grinning goofily. I could smell some alcohol on his breath. My mouth began to water. I really didn't think that staying sober would be this difficult. "Where's Franklin?"

"Looking for Bob." I told him. "Where's Ray?"

"I dunno. Probably with Bob." he grinned and winked. I looked around the room and noticed someone watching me. it was Pete. He smirked at me before walking off. I turned my attention back to Mikey, who was trying to figure out who I was looking at.

"So are you having fun?" I asked.

"I am, I am! Are you?" He took a drink of beer.

"Sure." it wasn't that I was having a bad time necessarily, I was just having a difficult time staying away from alcohol while trying to stay calm after meeting my boyfriend's ex-boyfriend.

"Awesome! See you later." With that, Mikey disappeared back into the crowd again.

Sighing, I walked off in search of Frank. I observed what was going on around me, remembering how I used to be like the rest of the people here, if not worse. I though back on the time where I had almost been the one dancing naked on Bob's table. Thank God Mikey had figured out what I was doing before everyone else did, and he and Ray fauled me away and brought me home.

I noticed two guys kissing against a wall, and I remembered being the one to kiss random guys I thought were somewhat attractive.

I then realized the two guys looked familiar. One had black hair with some blonde on the side and the other had a head of black hair as well. It was Frank. And Pete.

I was about to go separate them when I decided to not even bother. Instead, I angrily stormed off in search of the keg.

Frank's Point Of View

I sighed as I left Gerard to go find Bob. I had promised Ray I'd talk to him tonight. I grabbed a bear and began my search.

I went into a room. It was dark, but I noticed to guys kissing on a bed.

"Sorry." I mumbled before realizing who it was. Bob and Ray sat up and looked at me wide-eyed.

"Oh. Hey Frank." Ray grinned at me.

"Hey. Sorry! I'll leave you two alone." I heard them laugh softly as I shut the door.

"Frankie. Hey!" I turned around, hoping to see Gerard, but mentally pouting when all I saw was Pete.

"What do you want?" I asked, unable to cover up the annoyance in my voice.

"I miss you."

Those three words made me snap. How dare he come here after all this time, meet my boyfriend, and the proceed to tell me he misses me. How fucking fare he. Especially considering he was the one that cheated on my with some whore from school.

"Don't fucking say that! You're not allowed to miss me." I spat angrily.

"C'mon Frank. Don't be like that. I made a mistake. I'm not fucking perfect." When I said nothing, he asked, "didn't you miss me at all?"

"I'm still mad at you though. And no! I have Gerard. I'm in love with him!"

"But I love you.." he whispered. I was about to say sorry and walk away, but I found myself pressed up against a wall, with Pete's mouth on my own.

For a second, I was frozen. I was in shock and stood there, letting him kiss me. I cam back to reality after a couple of seconds, though, and began trying to push him off of me.

"hey, I almost forgot! Happy Birthday Frankie." he smiled at me before kissing me again. Unfortunately, Pete was strong. He kissed me longer against my will before I raised my fist up and let it collide with his jaw.

"Fuck!" he cried out, stumbling a few stps backwards.

"Don't ever fucking kiss me again. Do you understand me?" I yelled at him. He nodded, his eyes wide with surprise. "I have a boyfriend Pete. I love him. And you're the one that cheated on me. You have no right to come here and ruin my relationship now. I'm sorry." I then left, heading to go find Gerard.

The house seemed to be getting more and more crowded. People were getting more and more wasted. I decided to get myself another drank before searching for Gerard. I wandered off towards the kitchen.

"Hey! What the fuck do you think you're doing Frank?" I heard someone slur from behind me as I took a large drink of beer. I turned around to see Gerard. "You're only 18, silly. You can't drink that."

"I don't give a fuck." I mumbled, taking another drink.

"Where's Pete?" Gerard sneered. He took a step closer and took a drink from the cup in his hand.

"I don't care! Why does it ma- wait! Gerard, is that beer?" It made sense. Gerard was slurring a bit, he didn't seem all that focused, and he was starting to reek of alcohol.


"What the fuck! Gerard! I though you were done drinking.."

"I was. But ya see Frank, I realized that it doesn't matter anymore."

"What the hell are you talking about? Of course it matters. Why are you drinking? What happened?" I took a step closer to him.

"Do you still love him?" he sounded hurt.


"Who do you think? Pete!"

"What! Of course not! Why would you even-"

"Don't like to my Frank! I saw you kissing him." he shouted.

"Gee, I didn't! He kissed me! I pushed him off of me!"

"It looked to me like you were pretty into it." I could hear the venom on his voice.

"No! Gerard, I love you. I don't want Pete. I want you!"

Gerard stayed silent, glaring at me. I realized that right now, I wouldn't be able to make him belive me. I would have to talk to him once he got sobered up again.

By then we had a small audience. I saw Mikey trying to get through the crowd to pull us away.

"Bullshit." Gerard slurred finally.

"Fuck you." I retorted angrily. I was getting frustrated.

I didn't know it happened until I heard some gasps and the awkward atmosphere was suddenly there. Then I felt the sting on my cheek, and Gerard looked rather shocked. That's when I realized what happened. Gerard Way, the man I love, had just hit me.

"Gerard!: Mikey screamed, finally getting to us. He seemed to have missed what had happened. I stared at Gerard for a minute before shoving my way through thr crowd and out of the house.

I walked down the street angrily. How could he accuse me of cheating? I love him. Not Pete. And him hitting me made me even more upset. Why the fuck wouldn't he just listen to me?

"Frank!" someone shouted. I didn't turn around. I just continued walking further away. "Frank! Come back!" It sounded like Ray. When I heard footsteps running towards me, I finally turned around. Ray's 'fro was the first things I noticed.

"I'm not going back there." I said once he was close and had stopped running.

"What happened?"

"How much do you know?"

"Nothing. I came downstairs and found Mikey trying to get a drunk Gerard out of the house. He told me that you ran off and that I need to bring you back.

"That;s it?" I asked. Ray nodded and I sighed.

"My ex boyfriend Pete was here. And after I walked in on you and Bob, Pete came up to me and kissed me, and Gerard apparently saw. What he didn't see though, was when I punched Pete in the face because I couldn't push him away. Anyways, I went to find Gerard, but stopped to get a beer so I could calm down, and Gerard was in there, already drunk. He accused me of cheating basically, and then he.. He hit me." I explained. I felt the sting still on my cheek and my eyes began to water.

"What the fuck? He hit you!"

"Yeah.." I said quietly as I tried to hold myself together.

"Fuck man. I'm so sorry Frank."

"it's not your fault. But I'm not going back there."

"Well where are you going?"

"I don't know. I'll find a place to crash for awhile."

"What? You're not coming home at all?"

"I'm not so sure that I can.. I don't want to see him right now." I looked down at my feet.

"So that's it then? You two are over?"

"I don't know. I'm sorry Ray, I just.. I can't do it right now. I love him so much. I always will, but he's not going to listen to me right now anyways."

"I get it man. But seriously, we are going to see you again, right?"

"Of course! I'll come back tomorrow to see how everything is and decide what I'm going to do. Good luck with Gee. Sorry. I really am. Goodbye." I hugged him and headed off.

Mikey's Point Of View

I hadn't seen what happened, leaving me confused as I tried to haul a very drunk Gerard out of the house. Frank had run off and Gerard was extremely upset. He looked like he was about to start crying at any second. Of course, I knew Gerard had done something awful to Frank, but he didn't seem to want to tell me what happened.

"Mikey! What's going on?" I heard Ray call. I looked up and saw him and Bob coming downstairs.

"Ray, you need to go find Frank. He ran off. Bring him back here."

"Why? What happened?"

"I don't know. Nothing good. Just go get him!" Ray didn't ask anything else, he just ran out of the house.

"Mikes!" Gerard slurred.

"Yeah, Gee?" I was extremely thankful that I was only slightly drunk and still able to function properyl.

"I think Frankie's cheating on me."

"What! With who?"

"Pete." he sneered.

"Who the fuck is Pete?"

"Frankie's ex."

I sighed. I had a feeling Gerard was mistaken. It just didn't seem right. Frank had said his ex heated on him and he seemed to genuinely hate him for it. And Frank really loved Gerard. I could tell by the way he looked at him. They both looked at each other so lovingly. And Frank never went anywhere without Gerard. They were always together and if they weren't, Frank was with me or Ray at the house. It wouldn't have been possible for him to have been off with Pete.

"Mikey, wait!" Gerard yelled, suddenly, pulling away from me. He ran off.

"Fuck!" I shouted to myself. I was just about to run after him when he emerged from the crowd, holding a beer.

"I'm ready now." He said, popping tha cap off and taking a drink.

"Gerard, leave that here."

"No! I want it."

I felt like crying. I could just tell it was going to get back again if Frank didn't talk to him.

"Gee, please leave it." I could feel my eyes begin to water.

"No, no, no. I like it."

"Exactly. That's exactly the problem." I mumbled.

"Huh?" he asked, scrunching up his face.

"Nothing." Ok. Okay. Mikey, I want to go back to the party." He said once we were getting to his car.

" No. You need to sleep." I told him and held my hand out for his keys. He unwillingly handed them to me.

"but I'm not even tired." he mumbled.

"Fuck! Gerard! Stop acting like a little kid and get in the damn car." I shouted. He stared at me blankly for a second, and then proceeded to climb into the backseat. "I'm going to find Ray. Stay here."

I looked down the street. I had no idea which way he or Frank had gone. I was just about to call for them when I saw a guy with a large afro walking towards me. Alone.

"Where' Frank?" I asked when he got closer.

"He won't be coming with us."

"Fuck. Well, did you talk to him? Did he tell you what happened?"


"Care to fill me in? Gerard only said that he think Frank is cheating on him, but I don't really think that's the case here."

"He's not. Frank's ex was here, and Gerard must have seen him kiss Frank but left before he saw Frank hit him to get him away from him. When Frank found Gerard, he was already drunk and they argued and Gerard hit him."

"He hit him? Gerard hit Frank?" I yelled, shocked.

"That's what Frank said. I think they're over Mikey. Frank's not coming with us. He said he'd stop by tomorrow and see if Gerard would talk to him but he seemed pretty upset."

"Shut!" I kicked the tire of Gerard's car. I saw him sit up in the backseat, confused about what the noise was. "Ray, we need to get Frank to talk to Gerard."

"How drunk is he?"

"He started talking like a fucking little kid. And he ran away from me just for another beer. He can barely talk. I'd saw he's pretty wasted."

"Damn.. Well, Frank will hopefully come tomorrow. He's young and he still loves Gerard. He's crazy in love, actually. I mean, they just had sex for the first time. They're used to each other now, and Frank isn't going to be able to stay away from Gerard forever."

"Yeah, you're right. But do you think Frank will be okay? I mean, he just got hit by his boyfriend, and since he won't be at our place tonight, he's kinda on the streets. It's Jersey.. Do you think anything will happen to him?"

"I don't know. Frank's tough. I'm sure he'll be alright." Ray said, but he didn't look so sure.

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