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Swallow Your Pride

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Bob goes to talk to Gerard :)

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Bobs POV
I walk to the tiny little cottage on a mission. Searching desperately for the person Frank was agonising over. He had woken up and come clean to me about it all. The denial, the self hate he felt, the disappointment he thought he would become. Just seeing him open his eyes again was such a relief, i never knew a friend could mean so much to me. But that was the thing, we go down together, that's just the way it happens.

"Hey, erm can i find a Werard Gay here?" I blurt out to an aging man planting flowers in the window boxes outside. "Excuse me?" He asks, looking at me as though i'm a complete and utter idiot. " Oh, fucker. I mean, Gerard Way?" I say stretching my mouth out wide so i can actually pronounce his name this time. "Er.. yeah, he's in the kitchen, go right in." The man gestures to me going back to planting, whistling the tune of sweet caroline as i walk through the work in progress. I hear the addicting sound of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus flooding from the next room and follow the words. "Face down in the dirt, she says this doesn't hurt she says, I've finally had enough."

A lanky, raven haired boy around my age turns around and stand up from his place on the floor. "Hey." He says simply, looking at me with a more than baffled expression. I know instantly it's him, faint bruises on one side of his face after the incident my best friend might go down for. "Hey, I'm Bob, Franks friend." I say awkwardly, feeling nervous about the fallen look on his face and the conversation we're about to have. "Oh." Is Gerards reply. "I'm here to ask you something. Please Gerard, Franks needs you. He needs you so much. And he has to be free okay? Him in jail could kill him off." I stress to the boy who sits down before me looking less than worried or even serious. "You want me to bail him out? You want me to let him go, just like that? You know what Bob, get out." He says rising from his stool and getting angry now. " Please Gerard, just think about it, he's so fragile right now."
"Ermm.... No." He says sassily, pushing me over the edge right then.
"HE TRIED TO KILL HIMSELF!" I scream at the boy.
"What?" He says, face suddenly flooding with pity, sadness and fear. And right at that moment, he reminded me so much of Frank. Desperate, alone and completely in love with someone he could never have.
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