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Franks straight out of hospital and straight into Court :s

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Franks POV
"You just have to be honest Frank." My lawyer pats my shoulder as the car rolls up to the court car park. "You should just admit it Frank, you do know this could save you from doing years and being branded a thug!" My Mother cried out from the front seat. She had been stressing all morning and still accused me of being gay, and now she wanted me to admit this to a whole court of people. I wouldn't do that. Because... that would be a lie, anyways. Dayle drove at his favourite pathetic slow and cautious speed, his black eye faded but still mildly visible.

I had been allowed back into Dayles home after I lost it so bad that day but i would be lying if I said everything between us was peachy or a bed of Roses. Things were still slightly tense between the two of us but he had came along today to support me and back me up, if needs be. "Just tell the truth Frankie, we're all behind you." Dayle chimed in, smiling at me in the rearview mirror. "Ah don't give him your sympathy Dayle. If he tells the truth he'dd only get sent down, he needs to admit what he is. Make them see he's not a homophobe. He wouldn't have be a hypocrite if he was." My Mom confronted Dayle who simply shrugged his shoulders. I wasn't talking to anyone or even acknowledging they were here with me, i just wanted to get into those docks and get sent down for the rest of my useless life. Waste my days away as i would be doing anyways and remember how i shattered all my own hopes and dreams. Not only that, now Gerard wouldn't want to know me anyway. And his family despised me. The positive side of today was that, as far as we had been informed, none of the Ways were going to be in Court. Gerard had recorded his statement and so would not be required to appear there today.

"All rise." The judge announces loudly, me walking out of a secluded corridor into an overbearing court room that smelled of conviction and guilt. Shame and stigma of the mothers. The two police officers escorted me in the dock and i stood there shuffling my feet nervously. "Mr Frank Anthony Iero Junior." The judge announces my name as the jury's disgusted gaze frowns upon my burning pokerface. "It has been reported that you physically assaulted another male, Gerard Arthur Way." That name sends shivers through my spine as i stand dumbfounded, dreading what the outcome of today will fall into. "The nature of this attack has been branded as an act of Homophobia. The victim happens to be homosexual ladies and gentlemen of the Jury." The judges booming voice pierces my eardrums as i hear the shrill hiss of mother followed by Dayles comforting tone. " Come on Frank, tell them."
"Lin, don't push him he isn't ready yet." So Dayle thought it was true too. The walls were closing in.
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