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The Truth Never Stays Uncovered

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Court becomes personal.

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Yum! I have a Double Decker ;)! New Chapter!

[*Franks POV

I lean against the concrete wall, exhaling the blue gray smoke slowly, the rain continuing to flutter down from heaven.Mom slumps down next to me and pulls me into her chest just the way she used to when i was little,before our home crashed down and i had to go with my father. That was the problem we were faced with. I wasn't that innocent, confused and hurt little boy anymore, i had grown up. Physically anyway.Inside i was almost the same. Scared. Terrified of my fate and the possibility that i could face twenty five to life behind those cold iron bars. And this time? My Mother couldn't pull me out of the evil, the latching on hands and ghostily chill of the torture chamber. I had myself to blame. My own fault. My own fault i wasn't just ashamed of me anymore, but ashamed of who it was i had fallen so hard for. Hook, line and sinker.

I stamp out my cigarette as Dayle nods at me solemnly. Time to finally learn my fate this time. Mum hooks her arm through mine and we walk through the regal double doors together, her clutching onto me the day Dad walked out. In the same way she didn't want to let me go, but fate was calling. Fate was pulling me inwards. It was then it hit me like a train off the tracks. I didn't want to leave her. I didn't want to spend my life in a cell. Maybe twenty five to life was an exxageration but either way this would affect me and my quality of life. Mum tearfully planted a kiss upon my forehead as i turned away waiting for the police officers to come back and lead me into the docks once more. I take a deep breath of the fresh, clean air. It may be the last i get for a very long time.

I am lead into the courtroom and am met by the terrified stares of my family and friends. I turn my focus to the judge to keep from crying and he loudly announces. " The Jury have come to a decision." And that's it, i know i'm going down now.

Gerards POV
I race through black clad silhouettes, leaving marks from my Doc Martens on the pastel tiled floors. I find the solid oak door with a "court in session" sign slotted neatly to the door. I yank the door open and am pleased to see him. Frank in the dock, his family and friends turning around to face me, jaws dropping to the floor as I pant and cautiously take a seat. He looks at me, doesn't take a second to blink. He just stares through me. I look right back into those eyes of his, this time like windows into his soul. Showing how vulnerable he is, how scared he looks for his life. "Tell them." I mouth to him, his eyes fluttering wildly look butterfly wings.

"I can't." He whines back.
"Mr Iero?" The judge asks him, as he shakes like a leaf in the autumn.
I hold my breath as Frankie steps forward. I shouldn't still feel for him but i can't seem to help it. I dont care that he punched me, i deserved it. I don't care that it's taken him despair to even begin accepting himself. "I d-didn't punch Gerard because i'm homophobic." He breathes out as he begins to cry softly. "I did it because he tried to help me. I didn't want this to happen to me. I didn't think it could be a chance even. ButI-I punched him b-be-c-cause i'm gay." And he let out a sob he had been holding inside him.

A tall slender woman hands a document to the judge. " Mr Iero, the jury have altered their original decision. You will serve 172 hours of community service." And as sighs of relief come from all over the room i run from there, tears flowing freely. Because i was a fool all along. He would never be mine and i never should have built my hopes up.
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