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Welcome To The Black Parade

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Just a filler :)

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Heylooo! ;) xx Sorry i have majorly failed lately at updating and writing good stuff! I promise to try and be better in future and soon this story will be hotting up and getting into the plot, promise :) xx

Franks POV
"Frank, i'm so proud of you Son. Now there's nothing to be ashamed of you know. Okay? Don't listen to any of those homophobes and just live your life, okay?" She smiled handing me a bottle of Jack Daniels and walking off hand in hand with that boyfriend of hers into Dayle's sitting room. We were having a small celebration as I wasn't jailed. The way I felt? It was shit either way, because either way I couldn't have Gerard. And there was nobody out there for me to blame but myself, again? My fucked up, twisted little teenage self. I made my quiet exit outside and leant against the wall just like i did outside court earlier that day. Perfect time for a cigarette too actually, I was gasping for the bittersweet taste of it, the relief that swept over me. Call it a dirty habit or a dangerous thing to do but either way, It was the only thing that actually calmed me down most days.

"Just getting on with it now hey?" Bob flops down next to me, his own bottle of beer in his hand. "You did good Buddy. And I'm glad you didn't use Georgia, we're still mates, yeah?" He held out his fist, "We are." I replied, my own fist gently colliding with his extended arm. It was quiet for a while after that, a long while actually, Until the familiar piercing cry of "Frankie!" came from inside the house. It was no other than my Mom and she was running out to me. " Look who's here sweetheart!" She said, pink cheeked and bubbling over with excitement. I was waiting for it to be someone shit, then i thought Gerard, could it be? No, it wasn't but it was almost as good. If not Better. " Grandpa Iero!" I screamed enveloping him in a hug. Despite the frostiness between me and my Dad, my Grandpa had never let me down. Ever. I needed him, he was there in a flash. He would always tell me how proud he was of me and how we would always be best of friends, i guess he really meant it. He didn't prefer my Dad and his new wifes creation after all.

"Ah Frankie! You've grown up so much since i last saw you, and look your Mother's got even more beautiful."He said hugging us both. He treated my Mom like his daughter still, i guess it was habit and the fact that they had always got along when my parents were together. We stayed in our own reunited family bubble for a few long moments before Bob cleared his throat. "Ah Grandpa, this is Bob." I say pointing to the blonde and smiling slightly. Grandpa nodded politely as Bob simply smiled. " My friend. My bestfriend." I correct myself, grins covering the faces of Me, Bob and Grandpa.

"You know what? Next time i'm in court i'm going to do what you did." Grandpa Pricolo announces over his seventh bottle of cider. My Mom's father, a big drinker who had been drunk since the afternoon celebrations had begun. "Tell the judge i'm a nancy, get away with it." He laughs, earning a scowl from me. I was getting discrimination already, from my own fucking grandpa. I stood up and stormed off upstairs, Grandpa Iero and Bob following me, leaving behind the shrill cries of my Mom and her sister flinging curse words and obscenities over my dumbstruck Grandfather P. "You know how new this is, how sensitive he is and you go and open your mouth and crush the poor lad!" Mum screams as i eavesdrop, my only distraction when my text message tone sirens the way those police cars did.
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