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jerks, an unexpected friend, and Ray

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Ms. Jones looked around the classroom for an empty seat. I kept my eyes down and I could hear snickering. Ugh not this again when will they stop judging me? I thought to myself.

"Ah yes, Ms. Flores have a seat next to Ms. Torres. Don't talk while I teach please" she said pointing to a girl who was busy putting eyeliner on.

"Yes Ms. Jones. Don't worry I'm a quiet person"

I went to go sit next to the girl. She didn't seem to notice me. I didn't care just as long as she didn't bug me. She turned to me and asked "What's your name?"

I was a litte taken back since most people didn't care but I replied, "Katerina what's yours?"

"Alyssa Torres at your service" She said smiling. I smiled back.

A guy who sat right in front of us turned to look at me. He had blue eyes, tan skin, and blonde hair. He wore a light blue shirt and I could easily tell he worked out

"Don't talk to people like that Alyssa. She's a freak like those other outcasts"

"Don't say that Dallas! That's rude and you know it! There's nothing wrong with being different" She glared at the boy, Dallas, and he did the same to her.

"Whatever she's not worth the fight. She's just a waste of space like the others. Don't see why your wasting your breath talking to her" Dallas said turning back his attention to Ms. Jones.

I was hurt by his words. Maybe I was just a waste of space but why would I be alive if I was? He was just another person trying to bring me down. Dallas' words were a waste of MY time of over thinking them.

"Katerina?" I heard Alyssa calling my name but I ignored her. I didn't want to talk to her. Yeah she defended me but what if she didn't mean any of those words?

All through class I didn't know what we were doing. My mind was elsewhere, in a place that no one could hurt me, a place that no one would judge me.

The bell rung and I collected my stuff. I had next period with Frank. That was something I was looking forward to.

"Katerina? Please talk to me. Dallas is just a jerk who's afraid of change. Don't let his words bring you down ok?" Alyssa said. I looked at her and noticed she had an expression I couldn't read.

"What if he is right Alyssa? What then?"

"Look I've known him all my life and he loves putting people down. I don't know why but he does just don't let him bring you down? I could tell his words affected you just like he wanted but he isn't worth your time and your thoughts. Forget him" she said.

"Your right. Thanks I really needed that" I said truthfully and she smiled


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next Class~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Alyssa walked me to the girls locker room. "This is it. I'll see you later alright?"

"Yeah thanks for walking me here"

"No prob"

The locker room was a little empty since the bell didn't ring to long ago. Luckily Alyssa told me that this school let you bring your own PE clothes. I had brought a black shirt with black shorts.

I saw a medium height women who looked about in her late 40's walk towards me.

"Are you the new student? Katerina Flores?" she asked


"I'll assign you your locker and after your done changing just head out to your PE teacher. Did the office give you a yellow slip?"

"Yes they did ummm my teacher is Mr. Mendoza. Did he tell you to...?"

she let out a laugh and said "To look out for you yes since he can't exactly walk right in here. I'm Ms. Hernandez by the way"

"Nice to meet you"


After getting dressed for PE, I went out to look for Frank. It wasn't to hard when I saw him talking to a tall curly haired man. He laughed at what the curly haired man said and I blushed for unknown reason. Was it because his laugh was adorable? Was i nervous to walk towards him? Both? I didn't have time to think about it when Frank suddenly spotted me.

Frank and the tall curly haired man walked towards to where I was.

"Hi Kat! This is Ray Toro one of my best friends that I told you about"

"Hi Ray" I said shyly. Wow Frank was right he does have awesome hair.

"Hello Kat! It's nice to finally meet you. Frank over here wouldn't shut up about you yesterday" Ray teased and I looked at Frank.

He blushed and said, "Shut up! I barely met her yesterday and this morning was when we finally got to talk"

"See! He won't shut up about you! It seems you have our Frankie here under your spell"

This time I blushed and said, "What spell? I'm nothing special"

"You don't see yourself clearly like I- other guys do" Frank said blushing some more

"What he meant to say is that he thinks your pretty and wants to ask you out" Ray said putting an arm around Frank.

"What? No! I barely met her! Did you not hear a word I said 2 minutes ago and yesterday?!"

I giggled a bit at their silliness and turned to look at Ray. I winked at him and I think he knew what I was going to do.

"You don't think I'm pretty Frank?"

"No wait yes I do but well I....agh! you guys are so mean!" He said and we burst out laughing.

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