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Meeting the boys

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After Mr. Mendoza's intense work out, my legs were starting to hurt. We had to run around the campus which didn't seem like a problem to Ray or Frank. I use to do this back at my old high school but I'd always be the last one. Ray didn't let me take a damn breather. So I had to push my limits and we were the first people to finish two campus runs.

I was breathing heavily and Frank was rubbing my back. Ray seemed to notice my problem and said, "This is just sad Kat! We need to get you in shape!"

My breathing was starting to get back to normal which was good for me!

"Are you calling me fat Ray?" I teased. I honestly wasn't fat I was skinny as hell and I couldn't gain weight due to the fact I had a high metabolism. Well I could but it was hard for me.

"Your anything but fat" He said

I gasped jokingly and said, "People who have extra skin have extra beauty! I don't want to hear you say that ever again Ray!"

Frank laughed and we waited for Mr. Mendoza to come. We saw him walking over to us and we waited for our directions. "Go on ahead to the lockers your done already"

I walked to the girl locker rooms and opened my locker. Luckily all my stuff was there and I started to change.


I walked out of the locker rooms as soon as I was done and I ended up waiting for Ray and Frank to get out of the boys locker rooms.

By the time they got out the bell rung for brunch.

"What took you guys so long? I'm starving" I said.

"I was waiting for Frank to hurry up and change but I guess he thought you'd take long" Ray said.

"I don't take long to change. Unless I'm bothered by something or being lazy"

"Sorry we took long though Kat" Frank said.

"It's fine I don't mind the wait" I turned to look at Ray.

Ray looked like he was thinking about something. I was wondering about what till a voice broke me out of my thoughts.

"Hey Frankie. We didn't see you this morning what happened? You slept in?" I looked to see a guy who had long black hair. It wasn't as long as Franks but he seemed a bit taller than him. He had pale skin and nice hazel eyes.

"Hi Gee! I was umm showing Kat the office and her first period class" Frank said.

The guy looked at me and gave me a friendly smile. I couldn't help but return the smile.

"Hi I'm Gerard Way you must be Kat?"

"Hi Gerard and yes I am. My full name is Katerina Flores"

"Well you met Gerard. It's time for you to meet Mikey and Bob" Ray said and he pushed me towards where they hung out.

We went to a table that was far from all the others. It had shade yet sun as well. There were two guys there. One was a tall bonde with a lip piercing and the other had long light brown hair with glasses. I was guessing the guy with glasses was Mikey because he had the same eyes as Gerard. Frank looked like he was about to introduce me to them when something hit him. It was a sandwhich that could've been eaten.

He had lettuce and bread on his shoulders. "Freaks!" I heard a voice call out and I recognized it. It was Dallas' voice. He was passing by with his group of friends and they seemed to be laughing.

my blood boiled with anger. "Just because you throw a sandwhich at a person you don't seem to like doesn't make you the bigger person Dallas" I yelled. I was done with his damn behavior. Who was he to judge us?

He ignored my words and seemed to go on. I was glad who the hell needed him anyways. We sure didn't.

I picked the pieces of lettuce and bread from Frank and threw them away at a nearby trash can.

"Are you alright Frankie?" I asked quietly.

"Yeah it happens a lot. Dallas doesn't seem to like me. I'm not sure why since I never did anything to him" He explained. I looked at him carefully and nodded.

"So...who is she?" the guy I'm guessing is Mikey asked. Frank looked at him and smiled.

"Her name is Katerina Flores and she's new here. I met her yesterday on my shift at Olive Garden but this morning was when we officiallt met and talked. That's the reason why I was late" Frank said happily. "Kat that's Mikey, Gerards younger brother, and that's Bob Bryar"

"Hi Mikey and Bob it's nice meeting you" I smiled at them. Bob came up to me and hugged me. of course I hugged back.

"Nice meeting you Kat" Bob said simply. He was a simple guy and I could easily tell he was.


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