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My random chappy name has a point...AND FINALLY RAY IS ALMOST HERE

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I woke up, from an abnormal dreamless sleep. I looked over at Frank, his stripped shirt was lifted up a bit, and I saw some of his stomach.
And I cried. There were soft pink scars, and some deep red cuts. 
"No no no," I sobbed getting out of bed. "Why Frank?"
I ran down stairs to Mikey's room, and when I got there, I saw mom.
"Gerard," she said calmly. "We need to talk."
She led me to the living room, grabbed a piece of paper of the coffee table an handed it to me.
"Read it," was all she said before she left for work. 
"Dear Mr. Way," I started. "We would like to invite you and one of your works to our open house on October 30th at the Bellville mall. Please consider this great opportunity to show the town you skills."
Someone took the letter out of my hands an finished it for me.
"From Mr. D, head of art Juilliard!" they said giving me a hug. "I'm so proud of you Gee!"
"Thanks Frank, but...I've never sent in my art."
He pulled my head down and looked at me, "Mikey and your mom did. I ran into your brother on my way down, and he told me."
A quick peck of the lips told him to stop talking, and that I was happy. Frank grabbed my hand an dragged me back to my room. 
"Sit," he said pointing to my bed. I obliged, trying to pull him down with me. He shook his head, grabbing our Target bag. "We have 3 hours before school. So, we're gonna give you a makeover!"
"No no no Frank! Not today!" I laughed as he took off my shirt. "Why cant we do it friday?"
"Cause, I really want to see you with red hair!" 
He pulled out the bleach and started mixing the stuff together. Frank tried his best to get everywhere on my hair, and when finished he check the time.
"15 minutes and we'll rinse," he said grabbing his eyeliner and smearing some around his eyes. 
Remember when we did your hair? Ghoul asked. The first time at least.
We were laying on the roof of the diner, looking at the stars. Talking about our favorite memories, and what made them the best.
Yeah, I chuckled. Right before school.
After the fifteen minutes ended, Frank told me to go blow dry. I walked in the bathroom, and freaked.
"Frank!" I yelled at him. 
"What honey?"
"My hair is fucking YELLOW! We dyed my hair yellow!"
"Thats because," he chuckled. "We cant dye it red until your roots grow."
Great, we're meeting Ray today, and I have yellow hair.
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