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House Keys

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This is slightly more focussed on bing and jay...Buuuuuuuut...THE 'FRO IS IN THE STORY

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I will murder Frank, but ever time someone comments on my hair he runs. He not only made me go to school without a beanie, he made me wear my old blue Hawaiian shirt.
"You look so colourful Gerard!" Jamie yelled across the hall.
"Haha so thats Gerard?" someone asked from behind me. "Thats your brother?!"
I turned and saw Michael walking over to me with some 'fro kid. "Yup his little friend did his hair this morning."
"And is this friend a 4 year old girl?"
I chuckled at that, "More like a 17 year old boy. But he is 4 feet!"
Someone jumped on my back, knocking me forward a slight bit. "Im 4 foot 9 you whore!"
Mikey shook his head at our adorableness. "Thats Gee's little friend Frank."
Ray outstretched his hands out to us, and we shook them. "Well," he said. "I'll see you little Frankie and Yellow Haired Gerard!"
"See ya Ray!" I called, and after he left I turned towards Mikey. "If you don't make your move soon, you'll loose him. Girls like guys with good hair."
Frank chuckled as we headed to the music room where he said Hana would be waiting. Mikey was calling after us, wondering what I meant.
"Hey Gee," he asked jumping off me. "Do you want to come out to the school?"
I mused this over for a minute or two, "Next week."
He nodded as we pushed open the door, and boy we were shocked.

'/We're damned after all
Through fortune and flame we fall
And if you can stay then I'll show you the way
To return from the ashes you crawl
We all carry on
(We all carry on)
When our brothers in arms are gone
(When our brothers in arms are gone)
So raise your glass high for tomorrow we die
And return from the ashes you crawl/,' we heard Bingham singing. Followed by a mess of black hair tackling him. 
"Baaaaaaby! I thought you only knew how to play bass like Uncle Chris!" Jamie squealed. We hid behind some chairs, watching the scene unfold before us. Bingham blushed after every compliment Jamie gave him, and eventually... THEY KISSED!
"Looks like we arent the only inside the closet couple," I said revealing myself from our hiding spot. Bing jumped out of Jay's arms and ran out the door. I turned to his boyfriend. "Whats his deal?"
"He's... Shy about us," Jamie responded shaking his head. 
"Why?" Frank asked snaking his arms around me. "No one would hate you. Would they?"
Jamie chuckled shaking his head, "Not when you're the captain ofthe football team. Well at least what you Americans call football."
"What?" I said looking at him. "I've been here for three years, and you weren't the captain last year."
He chuckled again, "Bing and I moved here this year. I took the spot easily, looking back at my rugby past that is."
So until Hana showed up the three of us just chatted about life, and love. Bingham and his story was really cute, they even have a special tree back home.
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