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New beginnings require something else to end first

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“Well this is it, Bandit.”

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“Bandit, Hozzie, you girls should probably be leaving now if you want to get to school on time.” I groan loudly, not caring if anyone heard me. What loser actually wanted to arrive at school on time? Certainly not me.
“Bandit, did you hear me?” the bright red, almost obnoxious haired man narrows his eyes at me, raising one dark, perfectly sculpted eyebrow.
“Yeah, yeah,” I mutter, only just resisting the urge to roll my eyes. “Time to go to shitty, boring as fuck school.” I smile sweetly and grab my favourite black eye pencil from my bag and hastily reapply the Kohl around my eyes, going over the lines I had made earlier.
Hollie or Hozzie as she preferred to be called smiles shyly up at me from behind her perfectly straight fringe, swinging her school bag over one shoulder with ease.
“Bye Mom.” She kisses the blonde haired, unfairly beautiful, youthful woman on the cheek, something which I never did to my own mother. “Bye Dad.”
I feel sick to the stomach as I watched younger girl hug the tall, man, who was still dressed in his pyjamas. Something which may or may not have been jealously filled me, making me gag. I quickly shrug away the strange, unwanted feelings, that man was nothing to me. So what did I care if he had moved on and replaced me with another, happier, prettier, all in all better daughter? I didn`t care, it didn`t bother me. Not one little bit.
“Have a good day at school girls!” the two young looking adults that I hated with every fibre of my body bid us goodbye cheerily, fake looking, cheesy grins plastered on their faces.
Hollie leads me out of the garden, her black, knee high boots making a soft sounds as they hit repeatedly against the dirty, litter strewn, badly cracked pavement. I unwilling follow along behind the blue eyes, cherry haired girl, regretting every step my converse clad feet took. We walk silently, her a little way ahead, glancing back every so often to check I was still there. As we near the street corner I turn up the volume on my ever faithful IPod again, not really bothering which song I was listening to.
“Are you nervous?” Hollie asks casting me a shaky but genuine smile, ducking behind her neat fringe. She must have mistaken my unwillingness to start a conversation as nerves or shyness. “I was too on my first day here, but it wasn`t as bad as I thought.” She admits, chewing anxiously on her bottom lip. “I`m sure you`ll make loads of friends.”
“No.” I snap at her, instantly regretting it when I see her small, uneasy smile drop from her pretty face. “I`m not nervous, not at all. I`ve been to six schools in under two years.” Her blue eyes widen at this honest statement. “And anyway,” I add in with an eerily calm voice, that had undertones of anger and hated. “I don`t want to make friends, I don`t really see the point to be honest. It will be the end of the school year soon and I`ll be damned if I stay at this shithole any longer than that.”
“Oh…” I smile happily; she had finally understood that I preferred the silence, empty and cold as it may be.
We walk a little while longer in a stony silence, Hollie still nibbling her unpainted lips nervously. It seems to take hours, but it can`t have been more than ten minutes since we had left the house when Belleville High School suddenly looms into view, reminding me very much of an old fashioned prison. What with its high, pointed iron gates and its tiny, dismal looking yard it could easily have been the setting for some historic prison drama.
“Well this is it, Bandit.” I nod, feeling a large, dry lump form in my equally bone dry throat.
Joining a new class in a new school, miles and miles away from home was never easy, despite what I had told Hollie. It took major guts to waltz lazily into a new, badly decorated classroom with your head held high, pretending that you couldn`t care less. People knew that you would have a story and they were eager to weasel it out of you, and the juicer your tragic tale was, the better. A broken home, a family ripped apart beyond repair? Cool. Kicked out of your last school for starting a riot? Awesome. Weirdo, freak, crazy? Tell me about it.
After being through the whole thing as many enjoyable times as I had, you began to get used to it. You had to be calm, play it right. You had to make an unforgettable, jaw dropping entrance. Oy my first day of Greenwood I entered my classroom a whole half hour late, wearing the wildest clothes I could find via the open window.
Everyone stops what they were doing as I stroll casually into the grey, tiny yard behind Hollie, my heart thumping erratically in my hilariously puny chest. Other teens swarm over to get a closer look at the newest freak, chatting loudly amongst themselves, not caring that I heard there crude remarks. I smile widely, and wave animatedly at them, even blowing a few of the better looking kids a playful kiss, before flipping them of happily and turning away.
After a while, they begin to loose interest and the bell goes a shrieking, high pitched noise that hurts my ears, both of which had been pierced several times. Apple is Bees friend “Hey Hozzie!” two teenagers, a girl and a boy, roughly the same age Hollie rush over, catching us up as we enter the large depressing building.
The girl, who I was told was named Autumn, was dressed in a Green Day shirt and cut offs, her hair was cropped short and dyed a dark purple colour and she wore choker with a gold heart around her neck. Jack, the boy was dressed in blood coloured skinny jeans and a black and red striped hoodie. He had bright blue eyes and short, messy but still cute, dark hair.
“Hi, so your Hozzie`s sister?”
“Half sister.” I bluntly correct the new, violet haired girl, the words sounding strange, almost alien on my pierced tongue.
“So Bandit, we were going to go the mall later, do you want to come?” Hozzie asks, and I see the incredibly pale skinned, jack roll his blue eyes and groan at the thought of shopping.
A small part of me almost wants to take them up on their offer; it had to be better than just moping around in my room, right? I am about to open my mouth to answer, but stop myself just in time. There was no point in getting my hopes up, trying to get on with these people. I would just mess it up like I always did.
The greying haired, caramel eyed teacher thankfully saves me from answering, and begins rambling on about something to do with an upcoming school dance. There was no way I was going to be attending. Dancing, dresses, disgustingly lovesick couples attached at the lips all night? No thank you.
There is a sharp knock at the closed, wooden door and a tall, incredibly skinny pale skinned girl enters the registration room. Her full, slightly parted lips were painted the colour of fresh berries, her sapphire blue eyes were heavily outlined with black and she wore a tight fitting, knee length black and purple corset style dress. As she sees Ms. Madden`s look of severe disapproval her perfectly painted lips curve upwards to form a wide, cheeky grin.
“Sorry I`m late Miss. This cocky bastard in the hall wanted me to suck him off, which I of course refused to do. I`ll get my rents to pay for the damage to the wall.” She smiles sweetly and walks down the middle of the row of chairs, collapsing into the one behind me, kicking her boot clad feet up on the bare wooden desk.
Ms. Madden clears her throat once, choosing to ignore the late black haired girl.
“Right then just before I fill in the register, I thought I should inform you that we have a new addidtion to our school.” I feel all eyes on me. “Miss. Way, will you please stand up and introduce yourself?”
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