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Trapped in a crowded room

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But by then it was too late. I was free.

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I feel the curious eyes of everyone in the badly decorated, far too bright classroom turn to gawp at me, my new classmate`s unblinking, deathly curious stares burning holes in the back of my head.
“Miss. Way?” the grey haired, hooked nose teacher calls again and sighing with frustration, I sharply rise to my converse clad feet, accidently on purpose knocking the bare wooden desk in front of me forward a little with a loud screeching noise.
Ms. Madden looks a little taken aback by my death glare, and I see her frown disgustedly at the gleaming black stud in my nose. The old bag tuts disapprovingly at my electric blue hair and clears her wrinkled throat once.
“Everyone, this is our new student, Bandit Lee Way.”
My heavily outlined hazel eyes narrow icily. “Actually it is just Bandit lee.” I tell her, outrage that that good for nothing prick had enrolled me here as a Way. I wasn`t a Way, I wasn`t even Bandit Lee Ballato. I was just Bandit Lee, plain and simple.
“Oh.” She blinks, shuffling her feet, my confident glare making her a little uncomfortable. It was now my turn to tut and frown with disgust, this old bitch`s taste in footwear was just terrible. Flat black shoes, nurse’s shoes, the kind that my mother always describes as sensible but claimed she would rather have her foot amputated without any anaesthetic than wear.
“Can I sit down now?” I ask her sharply and without any approval I sit back down on the rock solid seat anyway, kicking my feet up on the wooden desk lazily.
Shortly after the bell rings, a high pitched, shrill noise that makes me flinch a little as I get to my feet and pick up my bag.
“We have Art first Bandit.” Hollie informs me pointlessly, before taking a crumpled up timetable from her bag and handing it to me. My name was scrawled hastily at the top left hand corner. Ms. Madden told me to give you this.” She smiles shakily. “You have music in room thirteen which is just down that hall and on the right.” she points with one arm behind me, showing me which way to go.
“Me, Jack and Autumn usually meet up at break in the music room or out in the quad. If you want you can join us?” she asks hesitantly, almost positive I would say no.
I didn`t understand it, but for some strange reason this red haired girl actually seemed to want to be my friend. I had expected a demon half sister, one who would be spoiled and selfish, but instead I had Hollie, a kindly girl who liked the same kind of music I did. I didn`t understand it at all. Didn`t she realise that I was no good? A waste of good clean air?
“Maybe.” I reply almost as shy as Hollie was and begin to make my way to room thirteen with my head held high, ignoring the cold glares and bitter, nasty remarks I received form the other students.
This teacher was younger than Mss. Madden and prettier too. She had long fair hair and ivory skin. “Hell class.” She smiles warmly, tucking a soft strand of hair behind her double pierced ear.
“This is Bandit, out new girl. I am sure that you will all make her feel very welcome.”I have to bite back a laugh. Yeah right. “And Bandit,” Miss. Rose turns to face me, her green eyes twinkling behind her old fashioned glasses. “I am sure that you will make many good friends here at this school and I hope you have a brilliant few years with us.”
I scoff. “Doubt it.” I mutter right, right under my breath and sit down next to the only familiar face, the black haired, deathly pale girl from the registration room.
Unlike the two girls sat behind and in front of me who move their chairs as far away from me as possible, her deep red painted lips curve upwards slightly and her heavily made up jewel like eyes brighten.
“Bandit is a strange name.” She whispers about halfway through the lesson, which so far had been uneventful. Maybe this new school wouldn`t be so bad after all.
I shrug and put a full stop at the end of my hastily scrawled sentence, before flipping the lined page over to continue writing.
“I suppose I can`t really talk either,” She smiles, “Apollonia, it is a bit of a mouthful isn`t it?”
I shrug again, not wanting to start a conversation with this odd girl, not wanting to get to close and be hurt just like last time.
“Don`t you talk at all?”
I shake my head. “Not to people I don`t like.”
Her fox like smile widens into a full blown smirk. “So you like me then?” She laughs but not unkindly. “Well sorry Sugar, your hot and all, but I`m taken.”
“What makes you think I was even interested? Besides, I don`t even like girls.” I lie.
Apollonia narrows her eyes at me. “Sure ya don`t Bee.”
We sit in silence for a few minutes, me doodling absentmindedly on the corner of my paper, her singing a familiar song under her breath.
“It ain`t too shitty here,” She tells me, breaking the silence which was neither pleasant nor uncomfortable. “Most of the guys are dicks and the girls are pretty much all stuck up sluts, but it ain`t so bad if you got some friends to stick it out with.”
“Friends…” I sigh and Apollonia frowns.
“You not got many friends?” she asks, not in a nosy way, in a sad, concerned way.
I shake my head. “I don`t like people.” I sneer bitterly, crunching up my work into a tight ball and aiming it at the waste paper bin. “You think you know someone, then they lie, fuck you over and then they leave you all alone.”
“You have a really bitter, dark view of the world, don`t you Bandit?” she sighs.
“So?” I raise one dark, sculpted eyebrow.
She shrugs. “Nothing, just that one day things will change. You`ll meet someone who turns your life around for the better and makes you think a little bit brighter.”
I shake my head and scoff rudely. “Never going to happen.” I tell her adamantly. “I don`t believe in love and all that shit. Love does nothing but destroy you, make you weak.”
The day drags by uneventfully until lunchtime. No detention, no kids sent home crying with a broken nose because they had successfully managed to get on the wrong side of me. It was by then that I decided I could take no more or the cruel remarks and sneered questions.
“Bandit, where are you going?” Hollie asks me as I jump to me feet, swinging my coffin backpack over my shoulder and begin to walk towards the depressing looking gates which had been opened for the students who went home for lunch. I had suddenly just decided I was going to go home for lunch, and not come back for the rest of the day.
“Bandit, you have to come back!” Hollie yells after me, getting the attention of the Madden bitch, who races after me as fast as her bony legs can carry her, screeching at the top of her withered lungs. But by then it was too late. I was free.
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