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lost and insecure, you found me

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“I`ve been looking for you.”

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The trouble with Bellville, a waste of good land in my humble opinion, is that there was nowhere to run to. The God awful school was just off one of the main roads, near a rundown looking street with a small corner shop with faded hand drawn advertisements hung in the mucky windows. I was starving hungry, seeing as it was lunchtime and I hadn`t eaten anything, but I daren`t enter the store for fear of being caught. So ignoring the low grumbling of protest from my flat, impossibly pale belly, I trail past the dirty looking shop.
I fish out my phone from my pocket and check for any messages. I had three, all from my loving mother. I sigh and hold the small, slightly outdated device out at arm’s length and take a photograph of myself with crossed eyes and my tongue sticking out, silver stud gleaming through the middle of wet pink flesh. Then I write: I can`t stand it here, nobody really wants me and I am only going to mess up again. I`m coming home XB
I continue walking miserably for a long time, kicking up dust grey stones from the cracked, littered pavement. Whenever an adult passes me by I duck my head so that my tangled, windblown electric blue locks shield my childlike face, not wanting to be caught truanting and forced to go back.
After about an hour’s walk with nothing but my own crazy mind for company I come to a slightly nicer end of town, a short street filled with prettier, better kept shops and businesses, including a salon with deep purple window frames. I peer inside, gazing longingly at a steaming cup of coffee one of the women inside was holding, then with a violent shock I realise that the blonde looking woman working on her nails was none other than Tierney, Gerard`s new wife. The blonde haired woman was too busy working on the client to notice me, so I scowl angrily at her through the sparkling clear glass and hurry away, knowing that she could look up at any minute and see me standing there.
I run down the street and keep running until I reach a familiar looking one. Groaning loudly I realise that I had practically came full circle, if I walked another few minutes and turned right, I would be back at the house. And if I turned the other I would be back at that dreadful school. And there was no way I was going there again. No way, not a hope in all of hell. But I couldn`t head back to the house, one I didn`t have a key to get in and two, Gerard might be there. He was an artist, or at least I think he still was, and worked from home on this fairly popular series of comics.
Crossing over onto the other side of the road from the house I briskly walk by it, thankful that there was no car parked in the driveway.
Well now where was I supposed to go? I ask myself, looking around miserably parking my butt on someone’s crumbling down wall, my aching feet thanking me silently after all that walking.
Then I remember something Gerard had said yesterday in the car, something about walking the dog in the woods or something. I get up and begin to carry on walking down the street, not one hundred percent sure where this ideal dog walking place was, but fairly sure that I would find it. I mean a wood, a million trees and all that shit, pretty hard to miss right?
It turns out I was right, after about fifteen minutes of practically dragging my poor feet along the cracked, dirty concrete I saw an overgrown dirt track cut off from the main street, leading to a shadowy green area of woodland. Deciding that I had nowhere better to go I venture down the path and into the woods, being careful not to trip over any tree roots that protruded from the muddy ground.
“Oh thank fuck!” I grin tiredly when I see a rusted bench a few metres away. I sigh blissfully when I collapse down onto it`s cold hard surface and kick my feet up on a nearby piece of fallen tree bark. Nearby a small trickling stream of surprisingly clear water bubbles, helping me to forget the hellish few days and relax.
I could get used to the forest.
I sigh again contentedly and close my eyes, the carefully applied makeup smudged and faded but for once I just didn`t care.
“Enjoying yourself?” I open my eyes in a flash, and find my wide, surprised eyes locking on one of the most stunning girls I had ever seen.
The stranger had short, chin length hair, the most perfect shade of auburn that was curled at the ends. Her eyes were hidden behind black framed glasses and were an intelligent looking blue grey. She was about a head taller than me and dressed in a quirky tee shirt worn under a half done up leather jacket that was adorned with random badges and patches. In her pale left hand was a black strip of leather, a harness of some kind. On closer inspection I identified it as a bridal used for horses.
“I`ve been looking for you,” she tells me with a smug look on her sweet looking face.
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