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You know you`re not alone

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“Do I have to go back to my dad`s?” I ask hopefully and she giggles.

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Of course, a gorgeous, albeit strange girl from the woods could look right into my twisted, blackened soul and turn it inside out. If this was some kind of sickeningly gooey lovey dovey fairytale she wouldn`t need to ask questions and just grab hold of my hand and sweep me away to a happier place full of rainbows and other disgusting cutesy things.
But of course, me being me that doesn`t happen. Instead when she tells me that she had been looking for me I reply with a bitter snarl of, “Oh yeah? Well looks like you found me Einstein!”
The blue eyed girl raises one dark plucked eyebrow at me, an amused expression on her almost angelic face.
“You`re that new girl the one from out of state.” She tells me, fiddling absentmindedly with the bridle in her hands. “Everyone is talking about you, half the neighbourhood is out searching for you.”
I shrug, uncaring. “So?”
Her glasses framed eyes narrow slightly in confusion.
“I ain`t going back there.” I spit and she flinches a little at my angry, hateful words.
“You don`t really mean that.” she says patently while I struggle to bite back a twisted, bitter laugh. “Your family must be so worried about you.”
I shrug once more. “I don`t care, it is no problem of mine.”
The stranger sighs and shakes he head, incredibly soft, touchable auburn locks of hair falling forwards into her pale face.
“You don`t mean that.” She tells me again, in an infuriatingly calm tone of voice. Who was she, this nameless girl who knew nothing about me to come here and stand there looking so proud and happy whilst practically lecturing me on my life?!
“I do mean it. Those fuckers can burn in hell for all I care.” I narrow my once carefully painted eyes. “And you can too, Bitch.” I glare up at her and she giggles, but not cruelly. it was a happily, joy filed sound that had to be one of the most pleasant, heart stopping sound I had ever heard. When was the last time I had laughed like that? Or even smiled without it feeling forced and plastered on?
“I`m Eden, your Bandit, right?”
“Maybe.” I answer carelessly, wanting to turn and walk away but there was just something about this girl, as irritating as she was.
“Hmm….” Eden considers, cocking her head to the side, pursing her perfectly painted lips as she studies me for a moment, taking in my tangled bright blue hair, smudged makeup.
“Let’s see, electric blue locks, a glare that could turn sour milk radioactive and a really adorable button nose….Yep, you`re Bandit .Lee Way”
“Whatever.” I glare, ignoring that she called me Way.
“Do you want a lift back to your dad`s place?” Eden asks, confusing me.
She grins then walks a few metres down the rugged, overgrown woodland path and calls to something or someone out there. Much to my immense shock a tall black horse with feathery white feet comes racing out of a cluster of ancient oak trees, almost like magic.
“This is Nyx.” The massive animal lowers its head and stays stock still while its owner places the lightweight bridal back on.
“Do you want a ride back to your dad`s place or not?” She asks again, before swiftly climbing up onto Nyx`s bare back.
“It`d getting dark you know. And it is supposed to rain really badly later tonight.” She warns me teasingly.
I sigh and give up and nod.
Eden`s grin literally spreads across her whole face. “Excellent.” She helps me up directs my slightly trembling hands to her thin waist. The horse sways dangerously beneath me, and I gulp as I realise that I was a lot higher up than I had first imagined.
“Don`t worry Bee.” Eden says reassuringly, kindly, almost as though she had read my mind, something I really, really wouldn’t recommend. “We`ll go slowly. Relax and it`ll be fine.” she promises and strangely, I believe her.
“Do I have to go back to my dad`s?” I ask hopefully and she giggles.
“Fine.” I huff and slowly close my eyes and begin to lean forward into the other girl, allowing myself to relax slightly.
When I had escaped from school I had planned on running away, to anywhere as long as it wasn`t here. But to tell the truth, I had no idea where I was running to anymore. All of my many problems kept following along behind anyway.
Nyx knows the woodland paths well, picking her way through overgrown bushes and tree roots, never once faltering while low tree branches and leave tickle my untidy hair and pale, makeup smudged face. It was...nice up here on the horses back alongside Eden, I felt the calmest I had done in a long while.
“Your dad`s house is just down the road” the big black, gentle animal stops and its rider points lazily with one pale hand to a dark street with familiar looking houses.
All that walking today and I had just found myself back here.
The auburn haired girl helps me slide off of Nyx`s back and smiles. “Goodnight Bandit.” She briefly hugs me tightly against her slight body, her hair tickling my face.
“See you again soon.”
I nod and return her kindly , shy smile and she turns the horse around and begins to race off into the black night, leaving me on my own once again.
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