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Hurt me once I`ll kill you twice

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Hurting him. Like he hurt me.

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As I trudge up the short, neat path that led to the front door I pause for a split second and tilt my head to one side, listening.
I don`t really know what I had been expecting to hear; Eden was long gone by now. I guess I was just hoping for some kind of confirmation that the events of the past hour or so had really happened and it hadn’t just been my crazy imagination.
I sigh and hesitantly place one trembling, pale hand on the doorknob. Taking a deep, steadying breath I gently push it open and slam it behind me. I am greeted by a worried looking blur, dressed in a band tee and with bright, cherry red hair.
“Hollie?” I frown and shrug off my jacket, slinging the black leather over one arm.
“Bandit!” the younger girl, ignoring my protests, pulls me close to her slight body and hugs me tightly. It was annoying, but not actually as bad as you might think. It was almost kind of nice to be wanted by someone, even if it was an irritating, way to cheerful and excitable teenager. “Thank God you`re alright!”
I say nothing and gently, but forcefully push her off of me, ignoring the look of hurt on her young, pretty face. I felt bad, but I didn`t want her to get the wrong impression or anything. I also didn`t want to get to used to the feeling of being wanted either. It was sure to not last for long.
“Mum and Dad were so worried about you.” I somehow doubted that but I appreciated Hollie`s effort.
“Bandit, is that you?” The red haired man and his stupid, way to perfect new blonde haired wife step out into the hallway. I sigh once more. Time to face the music.
“So I`m going to have a bath and go bed.” I tell them, and try to stroll past them, only to be stopped by a pale hand on my shoulder.
“Don`t touch me!” I scream, shoving the offending body part away from me roughly.
“Bandit, don`t ever run off like that again.” Gerard means for his words to sound stern and commanding, but his high itched voice was shaking so badly that it was a fairly laughable attempt.
“We were so frightened when we got that call from the school saying you hadn`t returned after lunch.” Tierney says in a voice that sounds genuine, but I couldn`t let myself believe that. Why would she, little Miss. Perfect be worried about me? I was nothing to her, just her husband’s daughter from his previous marriage that he had abandoned. Why would she want me hanging around?
Shocking me she smiles warmly at me and briefly hugs me close to her, something that my own mother hadn`t had the time to do for months.
Hollie shots me a “Told you so,” glance from where she stood a few metres away.
“You had better cal Lyn-z, she is worried sick about you as well.”
I scoff rudely. “Worried I`d turn up on her doorstop more like.” I sneer bitterly. “You call her.”
“Don`t Bandit.” Gerard grabs my phone from my hand and dials the number, biting on his lower lip nervously.
“Lyn-z? Yeah, she`s fine.” He tells her. It was amusing to watch him talk to the woman he had deserted all of those years ago, the woman who had hated him for so long.
Tierney pats him on the back then ushers Hollie and me into the large brightly decorated kitchen. “Come on girls, let`s have something to eat while you dad talks to Lyn-z.”
Too tired to disagree I do as I was told for once, my toned stomach grumbling happily know that it was about to be fed.
We eat in silence, Hollie and her mother picking anxiously at their food while I scoff it down like a starving person. From across the small wooden dining table Tierney smiles shyly at me. I just as shyly I lift the corners of my painted lips up ever so slightly into an almost smile. I knew that she was only pretending to be kind, but I was simply too exhausted, mentally and physically to fight back for once.
Gerard enters the room a few minutes later. Tactfully, Hollie and Tierney exit the room, leaving me and the traitor alone together.
“Your mum says goodnight.”
I shrug, uncaring; my walls that had momentarily crumbled ever so slightly back up again. “I don`t give a fuck what that bitch says. I don`t give a shit what you say either.” He winces and I feel a small surge of pleasure shoot up when I see the look of hurt on his youthful face. Because maybe that was what running away today was about. Hurting him.
Like he hurt me.
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