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Chapter 6

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Gerard is having some weird feelings.

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Gerard P.O.V.

I couldn't get the taste of her blood out of my mind. It's driving me crazy! It was so sweet but yet so savoury - just remembering it was making me want more. I groan and jump up from my seat and start pacing.

It was a stupid move drinking her blood when I've not drank from a human in over a year; but I also needed to - for safety. I couldn't have her finding out that she's the only one who can kill me and find her sneaking up on me.

"Way to go, Gerard, make yourself crave the only thing you can't have." I mumble to myself.

"Technically, you're not allowed either of the things you're thinking about." Mikey spoke up from the doorway.

"Keep out of this." I almost growl at him.

"No, I can't keep out of it. You drank human blood! And not just any human blood but Alli's blood!" Now I'd pissed my brother off. Good.

"I don't really care Mikey. I've got to drink her blood to change her." I hate it when this happens.

"I'm not on about that. I'm on about the fact that if she learns how to use her mind to attack someone she won't even need to be in the same room as you to attack you." He told me casually.

"She can't hurt me. I made sure of that." I reminded him.

"She won't be able to hurt you physically. She'll still be able to hurt you through her mind by commanding you to hurt yourself. It also still counts as her killing you." He informed me.

"But you said you have to be in the same room to do mind tricks; but you also just said she'll be able to do it without being in the same room. How?" I was confused now.

"You drank her blood."
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