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Chapter 5

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Alli again.

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Alli P.O.V.

I can't believe he bit me! He bit me on the life line on my left hand so that Max wouldn't notice. Just before he left he said that the bite was for his own protection - something about it has caused a restraint on me; because of this bite I will never be able to harm him - let alone kill him. Asshole. Whis is why I hate vampires.

I feel like crying but I can't as Max would be back soon. Jesus! I feel like such an idiot, why did I let him get so close to me? Why didn't I fight him instead of just trying to pull my hand away? I could have prefented this but I was that idiotic that I didn't and because of it I'll never be able to kill him.

A noise ofa key turning in a lock drifts towards me. Max is home... and I'm still sat on the floor where Gerard left me. I need to think of a reason why.

"All- oh. You're there. What are you doing on the floor? Are you okay?" Max rushes towards me and helps me back up to my feet.

"I just went a little light-headed and I needed to sit down." I lied easily because I could blame it on my injury.

"How long ago was that?" He askes as he leads me back to my room while still holding onto me.

"A couple of minutes at the most, why?" He was confusing me now.

"Because according to your temperature I'd say you've been there more than a couple of minutes." He replied. Oh crap, need a new lie - quickly. "Are you sure you didn't pass out?"

"Oh, I might have done. I don't know, I just remember going light-headed and needing to sit down." I kept my eyes on my feet the whole time. Max will never know how he's just helped me lie to him.

Max helps me into bed and goes and gets me water, food and pain killers. He stays with me until I finish my food and have taken a couple off pain killers.

"You need to get some sleep now. Don't worry about getting up early tomorrow we don't have any business and you can and will stay home tomorrow night. No arguing about it." He told me before leaving my room. I loved Max sometimes, he was a parent, brother and friend in one but sometimes he can be over protective and he can over re-act.

That night my dreams were filled with past horrors and possible new ones.
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