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Chapter 4

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Let's meet the other brother.

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Mikey P.O.V.

I was spread out on my bed with my eyes closed when I felt my brothers presense in the doorway.

"Evening." I greeted him. I didn't trust him going out by himself since what happened with Alli a year agao.

"What's got you thinking so hard?" He asks me and that's when I notice it. The smell that's attached to him. The famillar smell of vanilla, anniseed and lillies all rolled into one to create that hypnotisingg smell that only one person in existance has. Alli.

"How you managed to find Alli." I replied while sitting up. He just smirked at me. "Gerard. What did you doo to her?" Even though she rejected becoming a vampire and therefore rejected our friendship as well I couldn't help but still feel for her.

"Nothing." He replied, "yet." He added in a whisper.

"I'm warning you Gerard, you touch her and I'll make sure you're well and truly damned for eternity." He knew I was serious but he din't let it show.

"I won't touch her; but you know that I have to either change her or kill her in the end." He turned to leave but paused, "she still cares about you. A lot." He disappeared.

She still cares about me. He has to be lying, she ran away from me. He just has t be lying.

But what if he isn't lying...
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