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Horse Shit

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Rated for language mostly

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So the day at the beach had been exactly what we all needed. The shell Andy and I had saved from the water sat, now clean, on the dresser in his room.

The balm, whatever the hell it was, had kept the water and salt out of my tattoo, so it was the same slightly healed skin as it had been before we'd gone into the water. Morgan said the balm was short of a miracle. Supposedly, if you use it every day, it can heal you three times as fast.

Yep. Guess who's getting the miracle cream later. All my powers of amazing girliness will go to getting it.

God, why did I just feel so evil? I shook the feeling as Andy stirred next to me, muttering something about Adele.

He'd heard the whole 21 album, do to Morgan's fanboy party for one. I swear, the boy even has Adele manties. Andy rolled over right onto me, still asleep.

Not that I minded, but he was kinda heavy. I bit my lip on a giggle as he held onto me tightly. He's so cute when he sleeps.

Like, cuter than he is awake.

If that's possible.

Is it?

My mind was having a conversation with itself.

Is that not a sign of insanity?

Shut up. You're just jealous.


Yep. Jealous that I get to be out here with him and you don't.

Ummmm......You realize we're the same person, right?

Nah. We can't be. You're to annoying.

What does that say about you?

Fuck off.

Only if I get to fuck Andy.

My cheeks burned at the thought. I must have made a noise or something, because Andy moved again and woke up on top of me.

He gasped and pushed off of me quickly. "God sorry! Are you okay?" he murmured quickly. I nodded.

Better than okay. "Yeah, I'm fine. It's a good thing Morgan or Steve didn't walk in just then, huh? Neither of us would be okay." I laughed, fighting down my inner voice that just had the urge to make me say the dumbest things I can in front of him.

He chuckled and leaned closer to me. Our lips barely brushed as the door banged open. We jumped in shock, causing me to fall right off the bed.

"Oh shit!" Andy pulled me back up to the warm spot I'd just left. "Are you okay? Again." Thankfully, Steve was juggling a giant pot so he hadn't seen anything.

"Yes. What the hell?" I looked at Steve with a hard gaze.

"Come on. Breakfast is nearly ready!" he turned and walked back out.

"Is that the only thing he wanted to say?" Andy asked, sitting up and looking at the door. I shrugged.

"He's a man of few words.” I shrugged again and stood up. “Come on. It looked like he was making Horse Shit!” I danced to the door and looked back at Andy on the bed, who's face was twisted.

“Horse.....shit?” he murmured, gagging slightly.

“Yeah!” I said brightly. “We usually had it when I would stay the night after work. Best shit I've ever had in the morning.”

“You eat shit?” he looked at me in confusion. I nodded and pulled him to his feet.

“Now come on. You're gonna like eating this shit.” He dug his heels into the carpet slightly, but I was still able to pull him out and into the kitchen. “Sit.”

He made a face and sat at the island as I grabbed bowls and spoons. “Some shit, if you will.” I held the bowls out to Steve, who smiled and dumped a big spoonful of 'shit' into each. “Thank you.” I murmured sharply and stuck a spoon into one of the thick mounds.

I slid it across the island's smooth counter so it would sit in front of Andy. Our eyes met and I lifted a pile into my mouth. The sweet chocolate sent my mouth into a mosh pit, the heat slamming around my cheeks.

“Eat.” Steve said sternly, taking a bite out of his own bowl. Morgan was scooping himself some, but still nodded enthusiastically to Andy.

Under the pressure of our eyes, he sighed and lifted a half empty spoon to his mouth. His lips trembled slightly but parted, allowing the spoon to enter his mouth.

The perfect red lips closed over the spoon and his eyes snapped open. “It's not shit!!!” he shouted, his small laugh making me smile.

In truth, Horse Shit is melted milk chocolate, brownie bits all broken up, broken up double chocolate chip cookies and M&Ms. It was the breakfast of sugar addicts and superheros everywhere.

Just kidding! It's only know in our family, and we never, ever ever ever share it. I bit the inside of my cheek as I stirred the rest of my shit around.

Stella had named it. She used to ride horses and, of course, clean up the stables. The first time Steve had made it, she'd come home and said 'Why the hell is there horse shit in this bowl?!'

The name just stuck. A tear fell from my nose into the thick brown mixture. I wiped my face roughly, the movement causing the skin over my shoulders to tighten and burn in pain slightly.

She would be on my back. Along with Jasmine. Forever.

Andy's hand closed around mine, making me look up. He smiled down at me slightly and kissed my forehead.

“Steve, isn't that mom's car out front?” Morgan asked, his voice cutting the sweet air Andy and I were generating between ourselves to claw at my ears.

“Mom?! Mine or yours?” I jumped up, shoving Andy a little.

“Yours. Wh.....?” Steve's question trailed off as he looked at to Andy. “Oh.....” he looked back out the window. “Yep. We're boned.”

I looked quickly around as a knock sounded from the first floor, followed by the opening of the back door. “Destiny? Steve?”

I blanched as Mom's voice drifted up to us. Morgan, Steve and I pushed our heads together quickly. “How do we explain him?” I whispered quickly.

“He's.....Morgan and my long lost cousin?” Steve murmured, unsure of his plan.

“No! He's your new apprentice. She'll believe that a lot more.”

“But she's never seen him in town! She'll never buy that.” I hissed.

“She might!” Morgan said defensively. Her heels were clicking on the tiles of the floor, coming around to the stairs.

“Shit! There's not time. Okay, apprentice it is!” we broke apart and took our places around the room.

“Up here, Mom!” I shouted quickly. I held my breath as thick, bouncy black hair came into sight.

~sigh~ Had a long night. I've been working on this since last weekend, so you better love me Xp

So................theres this. Enjoy, R+R and all that good Horse Shit.

Oh! Speaking of Horse Shit, I encourage you all to try making it! You can actually use chocolate syrup instead of melting chocolate, but, whatever floats your shit boat........ ~waves hand~

Hugs and Blinds,
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