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23. Gerard Visits Eddie's Ballet Class

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*in just gonna go head a post up chapter 23 since I can't post up chapter 22. But please, email for chapter 22 because it's important :(

I'm sorry if you find mistakes. I didn't have Time to edit it. 
Gerard's POV
I miss Eddie so badly. We haven't had time to hang out because I have to work and she has ballet practice. We only get to hang out in school but it isn't enough. I want to spend as much time as I can with her. 
Today, I'm not working which is good. I'm going to go watch Eddie dance. I just hope things aren't weird with Victoria being there. She said she'll be dancing with the pointe shoes I gave her. Every time I think of them, it reminds me of our anniversary. 
I waited for Eddie outside her 8th period. I saw her walk out with Bob. She had him on head lock. 
"alright Eddie, alright! Let go of me! You're hurting me!" Bob said. 
"okay, hope you learned your lesson. Hi Gee" 
She let go of Bob and came to hug me. 
"hello Lynn, I have a surprise for you" 
"what is it?"
"I'm gonna go watch you dance."
"are you serious?! You have your day off today!?"
"yeah, I Hope there isn't a problem if I go.."
She jumped on me and kissed me. 
"of course there isn't!! Who gives a shit if icky with a V is there. She's full of shit!" she finished her sentence and continued kissing every part of my face. 
I gave her a piggy back ride to my car. 
"I see you brought your car today, whats up with that?"
"oh I don't know, I felt like driving to school today"
"weirdo, hey do you think we can pass by my house quickly to go pick up some shit?"
"yeah no prob"
We drove to her house and 10 minutes later she was back with her dance close. 
"hey look" she said showing me her black pointe shoes I got her. 
I raised an eyebrow and she gave me gave me her sexy smile. She leaned forward and kissed me. 
"I love you" she said sitting back down, comfortably in her seat. 
"I love you too"

We walked in her dance class and everyone was stretching. They seemed to be out of this world because they could do all these crazy things. Stand on their toes, extend their leg behind them at a little over a 90 degree angle, put one leg behind their neck, etc. it was crazy. I even felt intimidated, I can't even even stretch down to reach my toes.
"just sit comfortably, I'm gonna go stretch at the barre" 
"okay, I'll be watching pretty girl."
She smiled and went to stretch at the barre. She even was some sort of snake, she went from her left splits to her middle splits to her right splits. Unbelievable. 
I saw a guy walk up to her. Pretty muscular and had his flirt face on. I dont know the guy but you oocan tell a player from far away. They talked for a while, Eddie nodded a few times. I wonder what they're talking about. They walked to the middle of the dance room, about 20 meters apart, Eddie did some type of, i dont know what but she jumped on him and he caught her. It was beautiful, but I don't quite feel comfortable with this guy around my girl. I watched them dance but then turned around to see who was coming from the door. It was Vicky. 
She looked at me and just smiled, I didn't smile back. How dare she still smile after what she's done. She walked over to the barre Eddie was at and started stretching. 
Eddie walked backed to me and sat down in front of me making a V with her legs. 
"did you watch me?" she had a child's smile on. 
"of course, you looked beautiful"
"thank you. You look hot just sitting there minding your own business."
"I always do"
"prick" she stuck her tongue out at me. 
"I love you too"
"okay well I'll see you in a while, my teachers here." 
She gave me a quick kiss and got up to walk over to her teacher. 
"would you mind introducing us who's that Ms. Lynn?" the teacher said.
"no, not at all. This is my boyfriend Gerard"
Victoria's face went red from anger. Bitch. 
"ooh, how nice. Nice to meet you Gerard. I hope you enjoy watching class today. Okay class, warm up time."
I nodded and smiled at everyone. I heard one of the girls say to Eddie that I was cute. How flattering. 

Through out class, I kept getting mean looks from Victoria and that one guy who's name I learned was Carlos. From what I see, he's into Eddie. What bothers me is that he has to work with Eddie since they both have the main role. I trust Eddie though, i know nothing will happen between them. 

Class was over and the teacher was announcing that Black Swan was coming soon and there couldn't be a better person like Eddie for the part. Out of all of them, she was the most experience to do the Ballet terms. Victoria was 2nd best so she was put as the understudy. Victoria put on a fake smile. Oh how many times I've seen that smile. Eddie slipped on her sweats and tee and walked over to me. 
"ready to go?" she said 
"it's over?" I asked. 
"yeah, let's go"
Eddie helped me up and we were walking to the front door when someone pushed Eddie.
"oh I'm sorry" Vicky said as she left. She had an evil grin on. 
"it's okay. Just watch out where you're going next time." Eddie's voice even scared me. It was stern and with no kind emotion. 
"sure will" Vicky walked pushing the door as hard as she can. 
"what's her problem?" I asked sarcastically 
"you know the usual, being an angry whore"
"what's that kind of language Eddie?" i heard a voice behind us. It was Carlos. He walked up next to Eddie. 
"that's the kind of language you're suppose to use for a whore"
"wow, why do you hate her so much?"
"it's personal."
"it's okay Eddie, don't worry" he held her closer to him by her shoulders giving her a side hug. I held her hand tighter with anger. 
"oh look Carlos, this is my boyfriend Gerard. Gerard this is my dancing partner Carlos" 
She emphasized the word boyfriend. She knew why I gripped her hand.  
"what's up man. You have a beautiful girlfriend. You're a lucky man" he extended his arm towards me to shake his hand. 
"t'sup, thank you" I said and returned the smile and handshake. He doesn't seem so much of a douche bag. I still don't trust him though. 
"okay well Eddie, I have to go so I'll see you tomorrow?" 
"sounds good"
"okay bye beautiful" he said and wrapped her around his arms making her let go of mine.
"bye Carlos" she released the hug and came back to me. 
"nice meeting you dude" he said as he was walking the other way. 
"thanks, you too" I shouted And turned to my girlfriend who was smiling. 
"what are you smiling about?" I said opening the car. We both stepped inside. 
"I'm beautiful and you're a lucky man" she kissed my cheek and we both blushed. 
"thank you and your last name says it all"
"aww thank you. You're awesome!"
"your welcome sugar."
I started the car and drove off to Edith's house.

The ride home was kind of silent. Well between me and Eddie. She was singing along to Avenge Sevenfold that was playing in the CD player. I mumbled a few lyrics here and there but what was concerning me is that, Eddie doesn't have Ballet practice tomorrow. Why is she meeting up with Carlos? I lowered the volume and Eddie turned to look at me. 
"Eddie, can I ask you something?"
"why are you meeting up with Carlos tomorrow? I thought you didn't have ballet practice.."
She puckered up her lips and wrinkled her nose. 
"I wanted to talk to you about that later but since you're asking now, why not.."
I raised eyebrow. She knew exactly how I felt right now. 
"i know you're a bit jealous of Carlos but trust me, he's just a friend and he wants to meet up tomorrow for like, coffee. But it's just friendly okay?"
I took a moment so everything could sink in. 
She said and I was just starring blankly at her. I didn't know what was happening till I heard a car honk at me, telling me the light is on green. I blinked a few times and started to drive again.
"Gee, if you don't want me to go, I won't."
"no, it's cool. I trust you.."
"are you sure you won't be freaking out?"
"I'm sure. Go have fun"
She turned to the window again and I put more volume. Just how it was before this argument. 

Carlos POV
I can't believe Eddie has a boyfriend. Damn it, I was gonna hit on her! I dont know why but, I feel bubbly inside when I'm around her. Oh my god, I think I like her. I've never felt this way before, I mean, I usually want girls for sex and I judge by there looks but, Eddie's...different. She's sweet and very caring and loving. She's also one of the most beautiful girl I've ever met. I don't want her for sex. I feel as if I have to respect her. I feel like she's fragile, like a newborn baby or glass. And her style, punk. It goes great on her. I guess I have to back off though, she has a boyfriend and she seems happy with him. I don't want to ruin that. I sound like such a nice guy. Oh Eddie, what are you doing to me?
"hey Carlos" I heard Victoria come behind me.
"hey" I replied. 
"why so cold?" she said sitting next to me. We were at the sauna that's at the ballet studio. 
"it's nothing" I shrugged 
"are you still up for my plan?" she said walking her fingers on my leg
"what plan?"
"to ruin Eddie remember?" 
"is that the guy you want?"
"yeah, that's Gerard"
"oh I see, well no. I'm out"
"because, Edith is happy with the guy"
"how do you know that? You barely even met him and this is your first time seeing them together."
"yeah but you can tell a happy couple a mile away"
"what?! Carlos is not going after the girl he wants? When did this happen?"
"the day I figured I actually like Eddie. I don't want to go along with your evil plan. You're going to have to find someone else. I want Eddie to be happy" I got up and walked out. The last thing I saw was Vicky's shocked face. 

Victoria's POV
I officially hate Edith with all my heart!! I Can't believe Carlos likes her. This means he never liked me, he just used me for sex. I knew this but, it barely hit me. I should have known, he's never an ass around her. It gets me so pissed off! AND, she has the guy that I want?! How is this even possible!? Her little punk ass has the guys and I, who has a great body and looks doesn't have any?! What the fuck!! I swear Eddie, I will ruin your life. 
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