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24. Gerard is Freaking Out

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Bob's POV
I don't get it, Frank has Emma, who's way out of his league, Ray has Christa, which seems that they are perfect for each other, Edith has Gerard, which there is no doubt that they are soul mates, Mickey has Jade, who I let Mickey have and then there is me...I have no one!!! But then again, there isn't really anyone I like, except this one girl. But I can't tell the guys because they will kill me. She's beautiful, sweet when she's not around her crazy friend, and she is nothing like her either. It's like if Vicky controls her. Rebecca Hazelnut. The girl of my dreams. I've known her since the third grade but started to like her in 7th grade, the day I asked her to the dance. We went together and we were having a good time. I spilled juice all over her shirt and I thought she was gonna explode, but she didn't. She laughed and told me not to worry about it. That's the day I knew she was for me. I just never had the guts to say anything, specially now, that she's friends with Vicky. I'm kind of afraid to tell her how i feel and afraid to tell the guys. This is complicated. I can't even tell Ray, he's always so supportive. He's very mature. Of course, he's the oldest out of all of us. He's the only senior. Gerard would be a senior too but his dumbass repeated the 11th grade. 
"Bob?" a hand moved across my face and it made me flinch. I was spaced out. 
"oh sorry Mickey, I was day dreaming"
"about what?"
"just things.." 
As well as Gerard, Mickey knew how to read people's emotions and gestures. He knew something was bothering me but didn't question it. 
"okay well, we should get back to work unless you want to stay after school"
"of course I don't"

Frank's POV
Valentines day is coming. Emma's birthday is coming. Our anniversary is coming. What do I get her? I need to get her something she'll love! I'm going to need to go shopping with Eddie for that. 
I walked to the restroom and found Emma by her locker. 
"hey gorgeous" I said walking up to her. 
"hey Frankie, why aren't you in class?" she slammed her locker and we continued to walk. 
"ehh, I'm too cool for school. Why aren't you in class huh?"
I poked her stomach which made her giggle. 
"I'm too smart for class" 
"wanna ditch?"
"sure why not"
"where would we go?" we stopped by a water fountain so she can drink water. 
"we could go to...the mall or something"
"okay, how do we get out"
"Through the back door by the gym. it's easy, just follow my orders"
"alright captain" 
We ran to the gym trying not to get caught by Mr. Pickles, the fattest gym teacher I've ever seen. 

Gerard's POV
It's after school already and I'm freaking out. Where is Frank when I need him?! 
I waited impatiently for Eddie at the front gate. I saw her coming towards me with a smile. 
"hey!" she said jumping on me. "Hey.." I replied. 
"what's wrong babe?"
"it's nothing..umm..I just took a test and I'm worried for my grade that's all"
"oh okay well hope this makes you feel better"
She kissed me deeply and she lowered her hand to my zipper. 
"Eddie, not here" I whispered pulling away. 
"haha, you know I'm kidding. I just like to mess with you..."
"yeah I know..."
"well, I have to go. Are you sure you want me to go with Carlos?"
"yes I'm sure, have fun pretty girl"
I kissed her and rested my hand just right above her butt. She bit my lip and I gripped her tighter. 
"I'll see you later Gee"
"bye sugar"
I watched as Eddie took the bus to her destination. I felt a hand grab my shoulder. 
"where is Eddie going?" I heard Ray say. 
"she's going on a friendly date with her dance partner."
"ohh okay. Have you seen Bob?"
"how dare you say it so casually?!" 
"you said it was friendly. Besides, Eddie loves you"
"you have a point. I should calm down." I puckered my lips side ways looking down and nodding.
"oh hey Christa, didn't notice you there." I said. 
"I'm not that petite haha. Hello!"
"So have you seen Bob?" Ray asked again.
"he's right over there talking to some chick" I pointed at Bob. He was talking to Rebecca.
"what in the world.."
Ray said. 
"that's the chocolate girl Ray!"
Christa said squishing Rays arm. 
"why do you guys call her chocolate girl?" I said turning to Christa. 
"her last name is hazelnut that's why." 
"that's a weird last name" I chuckled. Bob hugged Rebecca goodbye and came towards us. 
"t'sup Bob, who's that chick you were talking to?" Ray asked. 
"just a friend, hey have you guys seen Frank?"
"no not at all. Where is that little midget?" I said. We were walking to the schools parking lot. 
"I haven't seen him since 6th period" Bob said, "hey mind giving me a ride Gee?"
"no, let's go. See you later Ray, bye Christa" we all said bye to each other and Bob and I walked to my car. 

We turned the corner to my car when we both saw Vicky leaning on my car. 
"move bitch" Bob said and instantly she moved and looked at me. 
"what do you want Vicky?"
"you know Eddie is on a date right?"
"yeah I know, and its not a date. It's a friendly date. She's not a slut like you"
"look Gerard, call it what you want but I don't see it too friendly."
She handed me a photo that showed Carlos kissing someone that seemed a lot like Eddie. I was freaking out from the inside but I tried to act as casual as I can in front of Vicky. 
I grabbed the photo and ripped it in half. She looked at me in shock. 
"I don't believe you anymore. Now get out of my way bitch"
I got in my car and flicked her off driving away. I watched her from the mirror and saw that she just walked away as if she was hurt. 

"what did she tell you this time?" Bob asked and I handed him the ripped picture. He put them aside each other and through them outside the window.
"Gee, tell me you don't believe her"
"I just want to make sure.." I stepped on the gasoline and headed to the coffee shop Eddie was at. 


Frank's POV 
Emma and I were walking by the food court when I saw two guys acting very suspicious. They were holding newspapers in front of their faces and once in a while they stared at this couple across the food court. I watched them for a while and tried to figure out who they were looking at. Unfortunately I didn't find them but I did find Eddie with Gee. Wait...that's not Gee. 
"hey Emma, that's Eddie right?"
She looked up from her iPod to see who I was talking about. 
"yeah why?"
"that's not Gee right? Or am I just seeing things..."
"you're right, that's not Gee!"
Emma got up and started to walk towards Eddie.
"no Emma!" I grabbed her hand and pulled her right back down. 
I glanced at the two guys that were staring at them. I grabbed Emma's hand and dragged her down with me. 
"Gee!" I whispered kneeling down between Bob and him. I put two and two together and figured that the two suspicious guys were Bob and Gee. 
"Frank!? What are you doing here!?"
"what are you doing here?!"
He looked above his newspaper and then back at me. 
"...none....none of your business!!" he whispered again. 
"dude I'm not dumb"
"fine, but If you're gonna stay you're gonna have to be quite!" 
I sat down criss cross apple sauce on the ground. 
"Emma sit!!" I whispered to her. I dont know what happened but somehow her bag got stuck to Bob's chair and she fell down creating a loud sound and Bob blew his cover. I even saw from here that Eddie was full of embarrassment. She had seen the whole scene. Bob got up and ran with Emma. Gee and Eddie met eyes but soon he got super red and left running after Bob and Emma. I got up and blew a kiss to Eddie 
"I'm sorry" I lip spoke and she just nodded but I can tell she was furious. The guy she was with seemed surprised as well. He had seen the whole thing too. I began to walk towards the door feeling ashamed for all of us. 
I got to the parking lot to where my car was parked. I had to drive home alone because I have no idea where Emma is at. She probably left with Bob and Gerard. I can't believe this just happened. 

Edith's POV 
"I'm sorry Carlos, I'm gonna have to go." I got my bag and was about to walk away when he grabbed my hand. 
"it's okay Eddie, I don't blame him. I would have probably done the same. But alone, I wouldn't bring my friends down with me." he giggled. 
"I'm sorry, I can't believe he did that, I thought he trusted me..." I began to cry and Carlos just held me in his arms.
"do you want me to drive you home?" he said to me pulling away to look at me
"please. And thank you for being so understanding"
"your welcome." 
We walked to the parking lot with his arm around my shoulder. 

Gerard's POV
I watched as Eddie left with Carlos from the 2nd floor. I screwed up big time. She's probably gonna brake up with me and go with this hunka hunka. I can't believe I got caught. I screwed up so bad it's not even funny. I guess I have to walk home now, Bob and Emma took my car and I'm pretty sure Frank left. I began to walk to the front door feeling more ashamed then ever. 
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