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25. Heart Brakes and Bandana's

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Gerard's POV
It was 6pm and it was dark. I was cold and hungry. I decided to walk by Eddie's apartment to see if she was downstairs. I stopped right in front of the front gate but no one was around. I checked my phone to see if she texted me. She didn't. 
"Gerard is that you?" 
I heard a voice behind me. It was Edith's mother. 
"oh hello Ms. Lynn, yeah it's me"
"what are you doing here?"
"oh, I was just...I just wanted to visit Edith but Jade told me she was asleep. I'll just head home."
"ok well, do you want to leave a message?" she walked over to me to open the front door. She stepped inside. 
"no thank you, I'll just see her in school"
"okay then, I'll tell her you came by"
"no it's okay, you don't have to say anything.." 
She had a confused look in her face and she nodded. 
"..because..I think Jade will say something"
I narrowed my eyes and her face seemed to light up. 
"oh alright, I'll see you another time Gerard."
I began to walk away when she called out my name.
"yes?" I replied. 
"I just wanted to thank you for...for loving my daughter so much. She's happier then she has ever been..and she doesn't rebel anymore, well as much as she use to. I just think she's really happy with you and please don't ever leave her. Thank you again Gerard."
I held back tears and took a deep breath. 
"your welcome, and I'll love her till the end. Thank you for bringing such a beautiful girl into this world."
She began to shed a tear and whispered "your welcome" silently. She smiled as she headed back to her house.
I cried the whole way home. This might be the end of me and Eddie. I screwed up. I love Eddie but she's hurt and will she be able to forgive me?

Jade's POV
God I need to use the restroom. 
"Edith? Are you okay?" I knocked on the bathroom door. Edith has been in there for about and hour now. 
"yes, you can come in" she called back out. 
I opened the door and found her lying in the tub with steaming water. She does this when she's mad. 
"what happened to you?" I said whipping the mirror that was foggy. "I'm gonna pee alright?" I added 
"its fine. I'm just so pissed off at Gerard." 
"wow never thought This day would come. What did he do to make you so angry?" I was done with my business and got up and sat Down next to the tub. 
"well remember Carlos?"
"the hottie?"
"yeah whatever, well he's my dance partner and my cool friend. So, as friends, he asked me to go for a cup of coffee with him and so I did and Gerard was supposedly fine with it. I even told him he didn't have to let me go if he didn't want to but he insisted! So I went and next thing you know, Emma, Bob, Frank, and Gerard are there spying on me! Ugh! It gets me so pissed!"
She sunk down and screamed under water. 
"wow, does he know you're mad?"
"can you repeat that?" she said coming up whipping her eyes and catching her breath. 
"I said if he knows that you're mad."
"I dont know actually. Do you want  to find out for me?"
"sure. What are you gonna do though? Are you gonna tell him?"
"I dont know, I need to calm down first."
She sunk down once more and screamed again. 
"Edith! Jade! What's going on in there?!" mom called from outside the bathroom. 
"you know the usual when she's 
mad." I said opening the door and walking out. 
My mom just shrugged it off. Her and I are kinda use to it already. She closed the door and headed back to kitchen.
I walked in my room and texted Mikey. 
"hey beautiful" he replied. 
"by any chance, do you know how's Gerard?" I replied as I was eating a cookie. 
"Not good :O"
"why do you say so?"
"well, he came back home with red puffy eyes and went straight to the roof to smoke. He does that every time he's feeling depressed"
"do you know what happened?"
"can I call you better? It's kind of a long story.."
"sure :)"
"kk :)"
Moments later I got a call from Mikey. 
"hello?" I answered.
"hey Jade's Addiction, okay so Gerard explained to me that Edith is mad at him. Do you know anything about it?"
"yeah she told me.."
"I can't believe Gerard did that!!"
"I know right?! Edith loves him. Does he not trust her?"
"yeah but, you know Gerard.."
"yeah I guess...oh hey! I have a plan.."

Mikey's POV
"aha,aha, oh yeah ok cool. I'll be right over. See you in a while my love. Bye" I clicked and repeated the plan in my head. We were going to lock Gerard and Edith in the same room. Im going to take Gee blind folded all the way to Edith's house and she's going to be blind folded as well. Yeah, this idea might be a little out of hand but I want to see what happens! 
"hey Gerard come down!" I said from the window. I stepped In front of my drawer and took out my bandana. 
he sighed, "what is it Mikey" 
"put this on" 
I handed him the bandana and he raised an eyebrow. 
"Michael James Way, how old do you think I am? I don't feel like playing Find the Chicken."
"oh c'mon it'll be fun. And this time, it's not a chicken." I smiled evilly. He seemed confused. 
"oh just put it on."
He sighed and put it on. I grabbed him by his shoulder and lead him outside the door into the car. 
"Mikey, where are you taking me?"
"just shut up"
"you better not throw me down a cliff."
"no promises..."
Jade's POV
I told mom about the plan and she agreed to it instantly. Of course, I had to tell her what was going on. She loves Gerard and my sister so she doesn't want to see them this way. 
"Edith Edith!!!"
She was changing into her pj's
"put this on, I have a surprise for you.."
"Jade, I don't trust you...MOM!!"
"just put it on honey, it'll be fine.." Mom said from the door. 
"okay..." she put it on and I spun her around 5 times. 
"okay, just sit here and wait. Don't talk or take them off until I knock on the door three times okay?"
"okay.. Please don't throw a bug on me unless you want me to die.."
"I won't. Just wait."
I stepped out of my room and into the living room. 
Mikey and Gerard were here already and it was super quite. 

Mickey's POV
"okay Gerard, you're going to have to be quiet okay? And you'll have take the bandana off and be able to talk when I knock on the door 3 times okay?" Mikey whispered. 
"okay" Gerard whispered back. 
Mikey lead Gerard into my room and sat him down on my bed. Trying to be real quite. 
We closed the door and waited five minutes. Then.. I knocked on the door three times, slowly..
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