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Missle Kid

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IM SORRY for the lateness.

My friend kept smiling at the chapter and was reading other fanfiction on the website and wouldn't lemme on my computer yesterday.


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Frank :

"WHAT?" We all shouted, processing the information. Electyrica began to cry.
"I-i am just off the phone to my friend you guys don't know her but she seen a Draculoid jump out at Jasmine and force her into the van" Electrica said sitting down and putting her face in her hands.
"We should have told her about the Draculoids" Ray said.
"We have to leave" MC said.
"No buts Frank!" Ray said.
"There your ready" Unperfect Disguise walked out with Sw- I mean Sarcastic Innocence.
"Wow" Mikey said taking in her killjoy outfit. She wore a dark violet leather jacket with a black and white zebra print top with black skinnie jeans with rips going horizontal up the left leg and she wore the same shade of purple as her jacket boots that were about 2 inches above the ankle. On the back of her Leather jacket was a panda winking with its tongue sticking out, im guessing that must be her killjoy symbol.
"Like?" Swan said
"Awesome!" We all said.
"Swan" MC said
"Yeah?" Swan asked
"Jasmine has been kidnapped" Electrica said. Swan's face turned to sadness.
"What?" Swan whispered
"You have to help us fight BLI" MC sighed.
"No" Swan panicked
"I know but you have to" I said.
"I dont know anything" Swan said pacing.
"Ray will show you while the rest of us get ready" Electrica said.
"Okay" Swan said.
"Now lets go" Ray said taking Swan away.
"Guys" Dr. Death Defying came in.
"Yeah?" Mikey replied.
"I heard you guys are going to BLI but i need you to take this younger girl with you as Show Pony of course found her out in the dessert, she described a Draculoid after her and i reconized her and Korse wants her due to her combat and fighting skills but luckily she agreed to fight with you guys, don't judge her for her height or age she is a very good fighter as she escaped BLI" Dr. Desath Defying said. A girl with a small afro stepped forward.
"Hi!" MC smiled.
"Hello" The younger girl managed a small smile.
"Whats your name?" Mikey asked
"My name is Grace Jennette" Grace smiled wider.
"Now i only want you guys to tell her your killjoy names" Dr. Death Defying smiled.
"Mine is Missle Kid!" Grace smiled.
"Awesome ! My name is Music Catastrophe" MC smiled
"Coolio!" Grace said
"Im Kobra Kid" Mikey smiled.
"Im Fun Ghoul" I said. She laughed.
"Im just Dark Electric" Electrica smiled.
"Jet Star is training Sarcastic Innocence" Mikey finished
"Party Poison is somewhere" I said
"Well done" Swan clapped sarcastically
"Hi!" Grace smiled at her
"Hey" Swan smiled
"This is Missle Kid" I said
"Is she coming with us?" Swan asked
"Yeah, she is a good combat fighter" Mikey smiled
"She is only allowed to know your killjoy name" Dr. Death Defying said. I don't know why he was so protective of our true names, i think it is just incase Korse does get hold of her and then force her to rat us out. I'm glad that Hozzie does not know that we are killjoys otherwise we would be fucked.
"Oh okay, im Sarcastic Innocence" Swan smiled
"And im Jet Star" Ray said
"She has your mini afro!" Unperfect Disguise smiled.
"Oh sorry im Unperfect Disguise" She smiled.
2You have a good disguise but your unperfect to yourself, but to others you are perfect you just haven't discovered it" Grace smiled warmly at her.
"I just know" Grace smiled.
"FRANK!" Jenny smiled coming into the room with a long sleave sky blue jacket with white stripes scattered everywhere and a black glittery top with dark blue jeans and black boots.
"OH MY GOD!" I smiled at her.
"Dont you look pretty" Unperfect Disguise smiled.
"Killjoy name?" MC smiled
"Cold Imagination" She smiled
"That is awesome!" I smiled picking her up twirling her and setting her down.
"Hi!" Grace smiled at her
"Hello!" Jenny smiled
"Im Missle Kid" SHe smiled
"Im Jen-"
"She is only allowed to know your killjoy name" I cut her off
"Oh" Jenny laughed.
"So i think we should get Party Poison first and then leave because everything is in the car" Show Pony said
"You coming with us?" MC smiled
"No" Show Pony said.
"Awk" Mikey and ray said
"I know, now go and find Party Poison" Show Pony said.
"Come on" Electrica pulled Swan
"We will go" Electrica quickly added
"Alright" I smiled. They then left in the van to find Gerard.
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