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Only Solution

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I was only planning this to be about 10 chapters long...

First fanfiction is turning out well x)


Even though im at the 35 chapter mark, tht does not mean im going to stop ;D

This story will porbably end up having like 80 chapters due to the plot mi have figured out

Ur going to have to guess what i have instore for Hozzie, Bria and Jasmine ;D

Although you get a clue with whats happening to Jasmine at the end :3


Gerard :

Eventually i pulled over at a diner. I was about 5 miles out of Battery City. (took me a while to realize trhat i ACTUALLY managed to drive out of Battery City and NOT get caught or KILLED). The sun was still beaming and i found it. I parked the car and locked it after me (alot of people would steal what they could int his place and try to get their families freed from BLI by stealing exspesive or any thing that they can find hoping that they will trade). I walked into the desserted diner and it was silent except for the radio playing feintly. There was a 60 year old man reading a newspaper and drinking coffee in one of the booths and 2 waitresses were playing cards. As soon as i opened the door they all turned their attention to me eyeing me, i was a stranger to them, not used to obviously seeing my face. I gave them a small smile and sat down on one of the stools on the left hand side of the cash register.
"What can i get you?" One of the waitresses asked, i took in her details, White curly hair covered in a hair net with a hat on top, a blue apron and a long calf length skirt, white blouse fully buttoned, rectangular glasses about mid forties.
"Coffee please" I said avoiding eye contact and scratching my right ear.
"Milk and sugar?" She asked
"Black coffee and 1 sugar" I said. She handed me the cup and i paid her the required amount of money. Luckily i had the exact change. She gave me a small smile and left me alone to enjoy the quietness. The old man coughed a few times but that was it. I then felt my phone vibrating and picked it up noting that the caller was Swan.
"Hello?" I said.
"Dude thank fuck" Swan said relieved
"What?" I said
"We thought you got kidnapped by BLI or something" Swan said
"If i did, i would be a dead man" I said
"Where are you?" Swan asked
"In a diner about 5 miles out of BC" I said
"Im at a diner, i will drive back to the zones ina minute okay?" I said
"Alright and hurry up" Swan said
"Why?" I asked
"Because dipshit Jasmine has been kidnapped by BLI" Electrica shouted into the phone, i felt my heart stop for a few seconds aas the information absorbed into my brain. Kasmine was in trouble. Withjout thinking i hung up the phone and ran out of the diner and got into the car and started to drive back to the zones praying i my head that Jasmine is still alive.

Jasmine :

My head was numb, i awoke in a small room and my wrists and ankles were tyed to a chair, a guy with a strange mask was readinf the paper and heard me moving and looked over at me scaring me a little due to the feint lighting. He got up, didn't say anything and walked out of the room and a guy with a bald head walked in.
"Ah you are awake" He grinned ear to ear.
"Who the fuck are you?" I said keeping fearful tears back.
"My name is not important, who you are is though" He said walking around the chair i was strapped to.
"What do you want from me?" I asked looking at my knees, avoiding eye contact with this man. My hands were shaking but i was calm on the inside, i knew in my head that if i showed him fear he could see me as weak and probably force me to do anything he pleased. I was stronger than that and im not going to see like a piece of fucking shit to throw around.
"Information on the whereabout of the killjoys" He whispered into my ear,
"That is classifyed" They were my friends and im not going to rat them out.
"Well maybe a certain 12 year old could change that" He then turned on the tv and i seen Hozzie looking around her clearly confused.
"Hello?" She cried sitting on her knees.
"Oh god" I said
"Noe either gimme the information, i kill the 12 year old or you could join BLI" He said. I didn't wnat Hozzie to die, i didn't want to give away the killjoy's location, the only solution

Give Up Myself.
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