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Leaving Battery City

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Chapter 36 xD

Nothing major will happen until the next chapter and its going to be one of the longest i have written the next chapter because im going to try and fit alot in it.

I want to get back to my old writing style,

Making long chapters.

So when this has posted i shall start it :)


Swan :

"Here" Dr. Death Defying threw me a purple ray gun saying 'Sarcastic Innocence'
"Come on lets go" Gerard said pushing MC, Unperfect Disguise and Grace out the door. Frank, Ray and Mikey were already in the van with Electrica. I have never seen so much last minute preparations in my life. This is defintly the fastest i have seen these guys move. Electrica seemed so paranoid and i was literally half confused and half angry.
"Thanks" i smiled to Dr. Death Defying
"Good luck Innocence" Showpony smiled. I smiled back and ran out to the van with the guys.
"Now just to check, when i call your name answer okay?" Electrica said.
"Kay" We all replied
"Here" MC replied
"Here" Disguise waved her ipod
"Im here" I said trying to put my ray gun into my pocket.
"Here" Grace smiled
"Imagination?" Electrica smiled
"Hello" Jenny waved.
"Yes?" Gerard smiled
"WHERE?" Frank laughed. Electrica gave him a deathglare
"Finally Star"
"Okay we are ready"
"Is it just US?" I said noting the small number and probably the amount of Draculoids thats going to be there.
"Dude, we are highly trained killjoys and we have trained you too and Dr. Death Defying specifically trained Imagination so we are good" MC smiled.
"Fair enough" I said.
"Poison start the engine!" Unperfect Disguise called.
"Okay" Posion then started up the van, we would have taken the car with the awesome killjoy spider on it only there was like 10 of us.
"How far away is BLI?" I asked
"We are driving out of Battery City first" Posion said
"Makes it easier" Frank said
"Wait, wont the guards stop you ebcause the killjoy spider is on the side of the fucking van?" I said
"We want them to know we are coming" Ray said.
"Frank" Jenny said
"Yeah?" Frank smiled
"Im nervous" Jenny said playing with her gun
"Dont be, your doing something good, mum and dad is going to be very very proud of you" Frank smiled warmly at her and in response she grinned ear to ear. I love the relationship Frank had with Jenny, it was strong and i doubt it will ever be broken.
"Okay" She said
"FINALLY I GET TO KILL DRACULOIDS!!" MC screamed fistpumping the air, she was so full of energy, there wasn't an hour that went past if she was upset or quiet, she was fun. Thats how to describe her.
"Woah calm down there" Mikey laughed
"Im allowed to be hyper" MC smiled.
"Yes yes you are" Jenny said
"Thankyou Imagaination" MC highed Jenny.
"Your welcome MC"
"So where are we?" Jenny asked
"Almost out" Gerard smiled
"Lets get the party started" Unperfect Disguise shouted.
"Take a left" Electrica said
"What?" Gerard said
"Take a left it will get us out faster" Electrica said
"Oh okay" Gerard then turned out.
"Now we are out of the zones and Battery City" Electrica smiled
"Lets go to BLI" MC said excitement written all over her face.
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