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Swan :

"Get ready" MC whispered to me. Gerard started to speed up as we were almost at the boreders. This intense, excitement, nervous, angry,s cared, fearful vibe was pumping through me. The only thing i think i was scared of was Dying. I wasn't ready to die. But i'm prepared to give myself up. This is a good cause and i know i have not made any mistakes so far.
"Remember. Keep together and watch eachothers backs" Unperfect Disguise said.
"Yeah" I said
"Missle Kid and Cold Imagination, i want you two to stick together, if anything happens to you both we are all screwed" Frank said
"We will stick together" Grace smiled linking her arm with Jenny's.
"Yeah" Jenny said.
"There's the tunnel" Mikey said.
"No shit sherlock" Ray said
"Well done watson" Mikey said
"Backfire" Frank laughed
"Guys, no time for the jokes" I said
"Yeah, time for jokes later" Frank said. I rolled my eyes and i looked out the van window as did MC and Unperfect Disguise.
"Thats the barriers that lead into BLI, the proper SCARECROW unit" Unperfect Disguise said.
"Woah, how the fuck are we going to get past?" I said
"Watch" Gerard said. Speeding up and 5 guys completly white with a mask with a messed up smiley face on it looked at us holding white guns. Gerard sped up faster and before the masked guys could react Gerard just slammed into the barricade knocking it onto the floor and driving on. I looked out the back and the 5 masked guys were panicking clearly alerting the people at SCARECROW.
"Heh heh heh" MC laughed under her breath.
"Just let her go in, she could kill them all herself" Unperfect Disguise laughed
"Oh yeah, look at those eyes, filled with hate and wanting to kill something" I laughed.
"Not the time for jokes Swan" Frank laughed
"Oh fuck off"
"Im not even going to reply"
"Look theres BLI" MC said pointing out the window.
"Its raining aswell" Gerard said
"Such the perfect atmosphere" I said
"I know" Mikey laughed. Gerard pulled the car over
"Keep your gun close" Mikey said. With that information fully planted into my brain, we all scammered out of the van. In a line. Holding our guns by our sides we walked fast up to BLI. More of the masked people came out.
"Now is your time" Ray said. Jenny stepped out first and fired her gun. Such a brave little girl knocking one down to the ground. Gerard then shot and MC shot. Follwed by everyone shooting at them including myself. They were all down. We continued to walk and we walked into the SCARECROW unit and shot the Draculoids there. There was an asian woman mid 40's due to the look and age in her face who ran off and pressed a button.
"Thatrs Hozzies!" Jenny walked over and picked up Hozzie's silver bracelt which did say Hollie on it. Jenny looked at Frank
"Is she here?" She asked shcok filling her.
"We have to find her"
"Come on, i know my way around" Grace said, we all then followed Grace into this big room. Then suddently we all looked behind us and more Draculoids ran towards us, Common sense we all lifted and pointed our guns. Unperfect Disguise going down on one knee for effect and Mikey just shooting infront of him. Jenny was just amazed. Grace stood still. MC going nuts.
"DIE YOU BASTARDS" She shouted killing one of the Draculoids.
"Electrica" We all turned to face Korse
"Sir" Electrica croaked
"SIR?" Me, Ray, Mikey, Frank, Gerard, MC and Unperfect Disguise said.
"I told you not to get exposed" His voice serious and dangerous.
"Im not, the killjoys know about us" Electrica spat you could feel the fear in her voice.
"Alright" Korse said.
"Hozzie, Jasmine come here" Korse said. Gerard and jenny snapped to attention. Then 2 girls stepped forward with their heads down low, dressed in white with a black belt saying BLI on it. Gerard started shaking his head, Frank's eyes grew wide, Mine filled with tears. Jenny standing looking at her previous best friend. The only difference they both had blonde hair. Theys till had the same shade to their eyes.
"Look up" Korse said to them. They both looked up. Gerard stepped forward but Frank and Mikey held him back
"HOZZIE" Jenny cried. MC ran over to her and held her arm keeping her back. They were changed. After looking at them and they looking at us
"I have a question for you now" Korse said
"What?" Gerard snapped
"Would you kill them?" Korse said
"No" Jenny said
"They will kill you, as they dont remember you at all, all the memories" Korse directed that at Gerard. "All the fun times" He directed that at Jenny. "Gone" He whispered.
"YOU BASTARD" I screamed running for him with my gun. Jasmine then pointed her gun at me clearly ready to shoot. The tears were running out of my eyes, he had changed my best friend into a complete zombie, thinking that the killjoys were bad and BLI was the best thing that has happened to the world. They were Indoctrinated.
"INNOCENCE" Unperfect Disguise pushed me out of the way and Jasmine shot her down.
"DISGUISE" MC shouted. More draculoids came running in. jenny crouched up hugging Grace crying. Gerard kept staring at Jasmine, trying to find a piece of her.
"Jasmine, i know your there" He said holding back tears.
"You are fucking bastards, the entire lot of you" Jasmine whispered. Frank then went over to Jasmine and pushed her against the wall and placed his gun to her neck.
"FRANK" Mikey, Gerard and I shouted.
"Shes not Jasmine" Frank said
"Frank" Jasmine whispered then frank pulled the trigger and Jasmine's eyes closed and fell to the ground lifeless.
"FRANK" Gerard screamed
"ITS NOT JASMINE" Frank shouted, his voice was low due to the Ray gun's shooting, The children screaming, The confusion, The smirks. The uncontrollable. The unthinkable.
I then shot another Draculoid. Hozzie then approached Jenny and Grace. A smirk playing on her lips. Jenny stood up and fought back the tears.
"SHOOT HER" Frank called. Hozzie began to walk circles around Jenny.
"I cant" Jenny said
"SHES GOING TO KILL YOU" Ray said. Then Hozzie stopped and placed her gun to the right hip of Jenny. Then the unexpected happened. Jenny turned around and slapped Hozzie across the face.
"Your not my best friend" She said palcing her left foot onto Hozzie's stomach and pointing the gun to her head.
"SHOOT" MC shouted.
"Im sorry Hozzie" Jenny cried then pulled the trigger and errupting into tears. Ray took Grace and Jenny outside. Gerard was just standing then Korse approached him pinning him against the wall. Gerard's face plain and Korse having a chesire cat grin. Korse pulled the trigger.
"GEE" Then a Draculoid came up to me and i punched him. Mikey ran to my side and so did Frank and MC. We watched Gerard fall. Then korse turned to us not thinking twice about what he had just done. Then Frank pulled the trigger but Korse shot him first. Me, Mikey, Electrica and MC ran to the door and got outside. Showpony pulled up in a different van and MC and Mikey got into the van.
"COME ON" Mikey said taking my hand. I shook my head and ran back into the building
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING" MC called. I ran in and Korse wasn't looking at me so without second thoughts i pulled the trigger and watched him fall to the ground. Then suddently blackness came over me and a Draculoid looked at my face, smoke coming out of his gun.

I had been shot.


The last words i sung was my

Famous Last Words.
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