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New Beginnings

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Before you think anything bad.

I have an idea again -_-


Thats not going to come in until maybe the next chapter.

If i said what was going to happen i would ruin the next few chapters.


Bria :

I coughed, my body was defintly at the weakest point it has been at. My eyes heavy, i have not slept in over 2 weeks. My stomach begging for food and more water. My legs pleading for a rest. My arms shaking due to the work they have been forced to carry out.
"I-i cant do this anymore" My mouth muttered.
"STOP" Skylar came running into the mine. All of us looking at him confused. The light burned all our eyes. I took this oppurtunity to look at myself. Skin and Bones. White skin with bones clearly visible defintly visible on my neck. My knees were sticking out and my feet were just bones covered in a thin layer of skin. My nails were overgrown and my hair was greasy and white. I looked like a demented white zombie.
"What do you mean stop?" Hugo asked walking over to Skylar. Skylar lowered his head then looked back into Hugo's eyes.
"Korse has been shot" He said plainly.
"What do we do?" Hugo said concerned
"The workers have to go now" Skylar said plainly. I felt my body jumping in relief and happiness. Everyone began to cheer and hug eachother. I jumped but almost broke my weak back.
"Ow" I muttered. Everyone then ran out the door in search for food and water. I took my time, this was the first time i have seen the light in about 3 weeks. I slowly made my way up the staircase it felt like it was a stair case to heaven. A staircase back to normality.

MC :

"NO" I cried in the van, my knees brought up to my chest, my eyes pounding out the tears. My body was shaken.
"Calm down MC" Mikey said
"HOW CAN I?" I shouted
"Th-they are dead" Electrica said once again, she had repeated that for the past few hours. They have been trying to get me out of the van but it isnt working, i refuse to bulge.
"Come on, everything is going to be okay" Mikey was defintly the calmest. It wasn;t usual for him to cry anyway. But i can get severly emotional especially at the death of close friends. Fun Ghoul, Party Posion, Unperfect Disguise, Sarcastic Innocence.


Jenny took it the worst, she shot Hozzie and she has just found out that Frank has been shot too.
"FRANK" She screamed, she has been screaming Frank's name for the past hour, she believes he is still alive and she is sitting just outside the van looking into the large dessert waiting for her brother. Showpony has been trying to get her to calm.
"Everything is gone" Electrica hasn't blinked, she kept staring at the ground, the occasional tear falling. Mikey then left the van, leaving me and Electrica alone.
"W-whats ging to happen now" I asked in a hushed tone.
"They are dead" Electrica was just shell shocked completly.
"I know, whats going to happen next" I repeated. Electrica just shook her head and kept staring at the floor, her face not moving, her hands in fists by her side just staring at a piece of the van floor. I hugged my knees closer wanting this to be a dream or a nightmare.
"Come on, there is no point mourning" Dr. Death Defying came into the van and took Electrica's left arm guiding her out of the van, she didn't hesitate her eyes not moving to see who was traking her out. She just walked. A few minutes later i stood up, my feet had pins and needles and i fell back down again but into a chair. I sat there until the feeling went off and walked outside, the sun glowing on my skin. I walked over to Mikey, Showpony and Jenny and sit next to Jenny hugging her. She then cried into my shirt grabbing a fist full of it first.
"Shush" I said stroking her hair.
"I want Frank back" She said.
"We cant make him come back he is up in the sky looking down on you, feeling proud of you, i dont think he would want you to cry Jenny, just remember that you were a very special part of him, i bet when he died he was thinking of you the entire time" I said.
"Y-you r-really t-th-think s-so?" Jenny looked into my eyes
"Im sure of it" I said. Jenny just cried for another while. Mikey had his head hung low, i think he will wait until he is alone and then let it all out, you can see it in his face that he is devestated, i would be too if i witnessed my brother being shot. But Mikey and Gerard was a different type of bond, they didn't act like brothers kore like conjoined twins at the hip. They did everything together. Mikey is going to have to walk this world alone until he finds someone special. I know he will eventually. As for me i will just live with Dr. Death Defying, Showpony and i think Jenny will stay here too and Grace. Grace was just mindblown and i think because she had only just met the guys it really didn't punch her as hard, she cried aswell but not as long as me and Jenny. Eelctrica was blank, Mikey is holding it in, the tears i think were screaming to get out. They will eventually get out, i know they will get out wheather Mikey likes it or not. We will eventually have to move on from this whole thing. I just couldnt belive Jasmine was turned into a Draculoid without the mask. Thats what shook me the most. But life will still carry on but the memories will never be forgotton, especially for Mikey. He knew them longer. Unperfect Disguise was like my twin. She took a bullet for Swanand i respect her for that. I wouldnt even have the guts to do that. I wouldnt even DREAM of doing that.

Tomorrow will be an entire new chapter for me, Mikey, Electrica and Jenny.

A Whole New Life.
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