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Torn Up Inside

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2 chapters in a day xD


Bria :

I felt alot better after getting food inside my empty (literally empty) stomach. Since im a Dark Angel i get back to normal really fast. My skin was healthy, my hair was revived. My strength was regained everything was back in order i felt so alive again.
"Bria" Skylar called me over. I stood up and walked into his office he closed the door and i looked at him my arms folded my head slightly tilted to the left.
"Yes?" I asked.
"Korse has been shot by the killjoys" He said.
"Okay, but he deserved it, he was a fucking bastard towards me and my other friends, he didnt give a fuck about us as long as he was okay we were treated like fucking shit, he always had to be centre of attention and we had to be fucking performing animals, doing the shit that he told us too" I shouted tears flowing remembering all the shit Korse done to me, Electrica and my other friends.
"I know that you and Korse didn't get on-"
"He fucking raped me" I muttered. Skylar's eyes grew wide, everything i think was starting to make sense to him. Everytime we were in the same room i would catch Skylar looking over at me and my muscles would tense up and my personality, mood and facial expression would completly change to something i wasn't. Skylar was actually the first one to find out that i was raped by Korse. Electrica or noone else knew that event. I was only 14 at the time and i kept it to myself. I was scared that he was going to do it to me again but luckily he didn't.
"Oh, im sorry to hear that Bria" Skylar's voice calm.
"It's in the fucking past" I said making sure my voice was emotionless.
"Come with me" Skylar said openeing the door. I was confused but followed him out and we then got into a car.
"Where are we going?" I asked as Skylar started up the car.
"SCARECROW" He said driving out.
"Thats in battery City" I said
"I know" He said, we didn't talk much. I just wanted to know why the fuck i was going to Battery City,t hats were the zones were, thats where the killjoys were. I have only met a few killjoys but not the Fabulous Killjoys.
"Who shot Korse?" I asked
"We don't know, but a bunch of killjoys attacked BLI and the Fabulous Killjoys found eachother, korse's worst fear but then one of the following killjoys shot him after he shot 2 of them, there is only two Fabulous killjoy's left in the zones. BLI can't take over until the killjoys is shot dead." Skylar said. Skylar always thought that i was neutral but i was on the killjoy side, so was Electrica. I wanted to meet the Fabulous Killjoys maybe i would be able to track the last two down. Korse never went out to the zones to kill the killjoys because they could all ambush and torture him, he was wise but was also a dickhead. Skylar pulled up outside the SCARECROW unit and we walked inside.
"Now before you go into this room, thre is dead bodies in here" Skylar said
"Why am i here?" I said
"You may be able to name the killjoys, i know you know a few of them" Skylar said
"Okay" I said. I only new Toxic Ash and Illuminous Beam and all the rest of the killjoys from zone 2. Skylar opened the door and 5 bodies were lying on the floor. Each having different outfits. 2 dressed completly in white others in killjoy outfits.
"I will leave you alone" Skylar walked out of the room and i approached the closest body, i bent down and turned the head around and jumped up screaming.
"SWAN??" I screamed knealing down and holding Swan's face in my hands
"SWAN, W-what? OH MY GOD SWAN" I screamed, the tears pouring out of my eyes. I placed Swan's head back down and ran over to another one of the bodies and turned the face around to find Frank. My tears were streaming rapidly and my hands were shaking.
"Frank" I chocked. I looked over at the last body scared to find out who it belonged to. But i gathered the courage and approached it. I turned the face closing my eyes, taking a deep breath, my tears slowing it and making it harder to do. I turned the head and screamed.
"GERARD?" I shouted. i stood up again crying hard i fell to the ground confused. Swan was a killjoy? Was Frank and Gerard Fabulous Killjoys? I would have been able to tell them my secret without getting busted. After all this time. I stood up after calming myself down and decided to look at the white clothed body, one of the bodies were small so i appraoched it first. I faced the face of the body and it belonged to Hozzie. I closed mye eys and stood away from the body keeping all the emotion inside. The last body was what i feared what if it belonged to Mikey or Ray? I ran over to it and looked at it
"J-jasmine" I said hugging her body. I bawled, every single tear running out of my body as if something was forcing them out. i stood up and screamed again. My cheets were wet and rosy. My eyes bloodshot and puffy.
"WHY?" I screamed falling again "WHY?" I screamed again. Skylar reenteered the room and walked over to my shaking body pulling me up form the ground
"I take it you know them?" He said. i nodded my voice broken and unable to speak.
"Yes-yes i do" I said
"Do you want to go to the zone where they came from?" He offered
"Yes" I said, i wanted to see Mikey and Ray hopefully they were still alive, i wanted to hug them badly. What's going to happen to Jenny? Frank is dead whats going to happen? So much questions inside my head. I took one last look at the bodies and me and Skylar drove off.
"Which zone are they from?" I muttered.
"6" Skylar repied
"Thats not far" I said
"Nope, just up this road and we will be in zone 6" He said. I nodded nto saying another word but remembering the memories that i have had with Frank, Gerard, Jasmine and Swan.
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