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One Less Thing To Worry About

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MC :

"Okay ill tell them your on your way..... oh....... sure no problem...... right ill see you when you arrive" Dr. Death Defying hung up the phone. It had been just a few hours since we had a breakdown. Mikey is only after recovering from his, i had brought Grace and Jenny out for a while and Ray had decided to also come leavind Dr. Death Defying, Mikey, Electrica and Showpony here. But Dr. Death Defying and Showpony and Electrica also had to go and left Mikey alone and thats when he broke down he does not like to cry infront of his friends.
"Who was on the phone?" Ray asked taking a bite oout of a sandwhich.
"A friend" Dr. Death Defying smiled.
"What do we do now?" I asked.
"Well, when we get the confirmation of each of their deaths, we will decide what to do next, but i think i know what will cheer you up, not so uch you MC but mainly Imagination, Kobra and Star and Electrica" Dr. Death Defying smiled.
"What do you mean?" Mikey asked a little confused
"Wait and see" Dr. Death Defying then left the room leaving us alone to our thoughts.
"Hmm" I said thinking to myself.
"What has he got instore for us?" Ray asked
"Not a fucking clue" Mikey replied.
"Wait and see like Dr. Death Defying told you" I smiled.
"Could Frank still be alive?" Jenny said her voice hopeful
"Maybe they are still alive" Mikey said
"Dont get your hopes raised too high" Electrica said curiously.
"Maybe its something stupid" Ray said
"It sounded serious" Jenny said
"Very serious" I said. Dr. Death Defying was very happy when he hung up the phone. Im just curious as to what he has instore.

Bria :

"Im allowed" I smiled widely
"Yes you are allowed because they are killjoys after all" Skylar said.
"Awesome" I smiled getting out of the car
"Im sorry Bria" Skylar said
"For what?" I asked folding my arms
"For what you have went through the past few weeks" Skylar hung his head low even though he was in the car.
"Its okay" I said. Skylar smiled then drove off, i waved after him. He told me that Dr. Death Defying will meet me first then bring me in to see them. And then of course he walked outside with another guy who had a helmet on and a thong over blue tights with dots all over it.
"Hello Brianna" Dr. Death Defying smiled
"Hello, are you Dr. Death Defying" I said
"Yes and this is Showpony" He gestured to the guy standing beside him.
"Hi" I smiled. He waved.
"Now come on" He put an arm around my shoulders and led me into a room.
"Guys i want you to close your eyes" Dr. Death Defying shouted into the next room
"Why?" I reconized Ray's voice
"I have a surprise" Dr. Death Defying smiled
"What is it?" A girl who's voice i didn't reconize called
"Close your eyes"
"Okay they are closed" They all called. I smiled then Dr. Death Defying opened the door. Each of them opened their eyes
"BREE???" Electrica screamed tears running down her cheeks
"Hi" I chocked, the happiness in my tears had taken me over. Mikey, Ray, Eelctrica and Jenny pulled me into an individual hug
"BRIA" Mieky smiled tears ccoming out of his eyes
"Mikey" I smiled.
"Wow, you look really different in your Dark Angel form" Ray smiled. Electrica was standing crying happy tears
"Bria" Jenny smiled hugging me close.
"Hi Jenny" I smiled
"Frank's dead" She whispered. I shivered. Electrica cried again.
"Who are you?" The girl i didn't reconize asked
"MC, this is Bria, Bria this is MC" Mikey introduced us
"Hi" I smiled
"Heey" She smiled
"Well at least we have Bria back" Mikey smiled
"Yeah, we will just have to try-"
"WAIT" I smiled.
"What?" They all asked. I smiled even wider
"BRIA?" Mikey and Ray said
"Heh im home" I laughed
"Dont do that" Electrica said
"Lol" I said
"I missed her" Ray and Mikey both pulled me into a hug. I liked their hugs. It felt safe.
"Wait" I said
"What now?" Electrica asked
"How do you guys know E?" I asked
"Long story" Mikey said
"I have time" I smiled
"Yeah we dont want to go into it"
"You also never told me the story" MC smiled
"See" I said
"Alright" Mikey started. Mikey told me how they ended up meeting Electrica. I didn't interrupt, i just let him speak and i kept as much eye contact as possible.
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