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Hide & Seek

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Trip down memory lane for Mikey in this :3

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Mikey :

Thank fuck Bria is alright, she has actually brighten up the down atmosphere seen here, her and MC are starting to become close and Jenny had the biggest smile on her face.
"Im glad your okay" Ray said
"Im glad to be back and your killjoys!" She was surprised
"I know!" Ray said
"I cant belive it" Bria smiled.
"Yeah" I smiled.
"Guys, there is really no point of you guys staying here, you can go home if you want to" Dr. Death Defying said coming into the room.
"Oh" Electrica said a little disappotined.
"Whats going to happen to Jen?" MC asked.
"Jen has to stay here with us" Showpony spoke
"WHAT?" We all outburst.
"Its for her sake" Dr. Death Defying said
"But now that Korse is dead, why does she need to stay?" Electrica asked tears forming in her eyes.
"We have to make sure that each of the Draculoids are killed and it will protect your identities" He said pointing at me and Ray.
"This is absurd" Bria spoke.
"Unfortunatly thats the way it has to go" Dr. Death Defying said thyen leaving the room.
"We have to leave her here" Bria cried.
"Imk not leaving her here, she can get killed!" Bria screamed.
"Bria why are you shouting?" Jenny asked coming into the room with Grace behind her. All of us pulled her into a giant group hug.
"Squish me much?" Jenny said. We freed her
"Jenny" Ray said bending down to her level
"Yeah Ray?" She asked clearly confused
"We have to leave you here, you will be safer here than with us, you will be raised to be a good little killjoy in Dr. Death Defying and Showpony's care" Ray explained.
"I-i" The girl stuttered crying
"Im sorry" Bria said covering her face with her hands and leaving the room.
"I want to go with you!" Jenny demanded
"You cant" I said to her.
"Why not?" She screamed the tears running out of her eyes.
"Dr. Death Defying is to take care of you" I said, my face blank and expressionless.
"Mikey" She chocked. I hugged her and kissed her head
"Be a good killjoy" I smiled at her and left the room. My heart was aching inside, that little girl had done alot. Even though she was only 12 she has achieved alot. Bria had her knees pulled up to her chest sobbing hysterically into them. I got into the van and pulled her into a hug.
"Bria, everything is going to be okay" I said
"Its not, we have lost Jasmine, Frank, Gerard, Hozzie and now Jenny" She chocked out.
"I know Bria" I said. I sat there holding her. We were both confused. I had lost important people in my life, Gerard my own brother and Frank who i never admitted my true feelings for, something i regret not doing. I just want to go back and made sure that he knew how i felt. Now i have to keep it all bottled up inside. Perhaps he wouldnt have even cared, he may have laughed in my face not taking me seriously. I sighed and then my mind wandered.

"Mom!" I shouted walking into the kitchen
"Yes Michael?" My mom smiled from the table in the kitchen and putting down her magazine giving me her full attention.
"I cant find Gerard" I pouted.
"What do you mean?" My mom asked
"We are playing hide and seek and i cant find him"
"Im right here!" Gerard called laughing
"Where!!" I moaned. I may be only seven but still! He was good at hiding.
"Your not going to find him by complaining to me" My mom took a drink of tea.
"But maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" I whined
"Now go play, you said you would find Gerard and right now he is winning" My mom said
"Eh" I said
"YOU CANT FIND ME!" I heard Gerard laughing again.
"I WILL FIND YOU!" I stood up and ran out of the kitchen.
"He he" I heard Gerard laugh. I followed the voice upstairs, making sure i tip toed. He was just amazing at hide and seek.
"Ha" I heard him giggle, he was probably thinking i was going to give up and then he would rub it in my face telling me im a loser and he is better than me, im not going to get him that honour. I walked into his room and opened the cupboard. No Gerard. I walked to the bed and looked under it. No Gerard. I sighed and walked out again. Soon that wouldnt be Gerard's room, he wnated to move into the basement - WAIT I DIDNT CHECK THE BASEMENT! But i heard his voice up here. My mind is playing jokes on me again. I then walked into me own room, he may be in there. I opened my cupboard. Still no Gerard.
"Give up Mikey!" He called. I ran out of the room and downstairs, i heard his feet running.
"STOP RUNNING IN THE HOUSE!" My mom shouted.
"ITS GERARDS FAULT" I shouted running past her, my hair bouncing up and down.
"NO ITS MIKEYS!" Gerard called. Where is he? It was like he magically turned invisible! He could be standing beside me for all i know! Then using his ghostly powers to make his voice seem more faraway.
"Mom!" I said
"What is it now Michael?" My mom said, her tone annoyed because she isnt getting any time to herself.
"Gerards invisible and using his ghostly powers to make his voice seem faraway!" I exclaimed.
"I worry about you Michael" My mom said picking up her magazine again.
"But its the truth!" I said waving my hands in the air.
"YEAH! I HAVE GHOST POWERS!" Gerard exclaimed
"MMMMIIIIIIKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY hurry up and find me!" Gerard said.
"You really want him to win?" My mom gave me a quizical face.
"NO!" I exclaimed.
"Then go on" My mom smiled.
"Okay" I sighed then ran downstairs to the basement.
"You cant see me!" Gerard laughed
"I know your down here!" I shouted
"Yeah i am!" Gerard laughed again. I tiptoed further then looked in the corner and seen a quilt moving. I smiled and ran over to it ripping it off Gerard's head
"HA HA I FOUND YOU!" I smiled.
"Naw" Gerard said
"I WIN!"
"NO YOU DONT!" Gerard said
"YEAH I DO BECAUSE I WON!" I happydanced. Gerard humphed and folded his arms putting on a defeat face.
"Humf" He said
"Boys" My mom opened the door
"Yeah" WE called
"Lunch is ready" My mom called
"Okay" We both said and wandered upstairs, my face still gleaming with victory.

I looked over at Bria and she had fallen asleep. A single tear came to my eye.
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