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Going Home

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Nothing major happens in it, i just dont want to skip on a little too far with this.


Ray :

"Well whats going to happen?" I asked Showpony.
"Well we dont know, i guess we have to make sure each of the Draculoids are destroyed andf then free any prisoners we can find at all the units in BLI" Showpony said.
"Alot of work ahead" I said
"When is there not" Showpony laughed
"True" I laughed aswell. Mikey, Bria and Electrica was already in the van, Bria had fallen asleep on Mikey and Electrica and Mikey was talking. They had said their goodbyes to Jenny and so did i.
"Well have a safe trip back to Jersey" Showpony smiled.
"Will do" I said. I put the last bad we needed into the van and looked over at the window and seen Jenny standing her eyes filled with tears. I smiled at her. She gave a small smile and a wave, a single tear rolling down her cheek. I lowered my head and jumped into the front seat.
"Well everyone ready?" I asked.
"Yeah, its going to be strange when we get home though" Mikey said.
"Electrica, where do you live?" I asked her.
"Oh, my car is still parked at Frank's, i can just drive myself home" She smiled.
"Okay" I said then started the engine.
"Goodbye zone 6" Mikey said
"For now" I smiled.
"I highly doubt i will be returning to this place" Mikey said.
"We have to visit Jen" I said
"Yeah, we cant just kick the kid out of our lives, i guess Frank would want us to help Dr. Death Defying raise her" Mikey smiled.
"Bree has a close relationship with her doesn't she?" Electrica said noting Bria's reaction to Jenny having to stay.
"Yep, they are like twin sisters" Mikey said.
"Its so quiet" Electrica said
"Yeah, usually there would be like 5 conversations going on" I laughed.
"Frank complaining" Eelctrica smiled.
"No Frank and Gerard arguing about which music to put on" Mikey laughed.
"Speaking of music what do you guys want to listen to?" I asked
"Put on Oasis" Electrica said.
"Nice choice" Mikey nodded, liking Electrica's decision.
"Rightio" I said giving Mikey the CD case. He flipped through it and found the Oasis album pretty soon the song Wonderwall was playing.
"I dont believe that anybody feels the way i do about you now" I heard Mikey sing under his breath. Me and Electrica looked at eachother but decided to drop it and just enjoy the song. Pretrty much we were all singing it.
"Because maybe your going to be the one that saves me!" Electrica belted it out. She had a really good singing voice.
"Your a really good singer Electrica" I smiled
"Im really not, but i do try" She gave a smile.
"Your trying very well" I said keeping my eyes on the road.
"So how far now?" Mikey asked
"Well we left at 9 AM this morning and its now 12" I said
"Eh, we have been driving for 3 hours" Electrica said.
"Bria has been past out for the past 4 hours, maybe she didn't get any sleep last night" Mikey said
"She hasnt slept in 3 weeks" Electrica said. Me and mikey both turned to her
"How do you know?" I asked
"Her body" Electrica said
"Her body looks healthy" Mikey noted.
"Thats what you think, but its hard for you guys to understand, remember me and Bree are dark angels so we know each other as if we were the other person" Electrica said
"Ah" Me and Mikey said.
"Im hungry" I said, my stomach was growling at me, wanting food.
"There is the little pitstop place" Electrica beemed.
"Alright" I pulled into the little pitstop place adn Electrica darted out of the van along with Mikey causing Bria to awaken.
"Have a nice sleep?" I smiled.
"Yeah actually, what time is it?" Bria asked yawning and stretching.
"Woah i slept" Bria laughed
"Yeah, n time to get your legs stretched" I said
"Were home?" Bria asked shocked
"No we stopped here to get some food and to have a little break and to make sure our legs havent died" I said
"Ah okay" Bria then sta up and got out of the van, i got out with her and Electrica was conversing with one of the employees in the chemist.
"Electrica must know her" I said
"Yeah, i dont know how though" Bria said.
"Well, maybe she knows alot of people" I said
"Possibly" We then walked into the store beside it, giving ELectrica a quick wave then meeting with Mikey.
"Now we only have about $9" Bria said taking money out of her wallet.
"I have $2" Mieky said handing her the 2 dollars.
"I have" I picked out my wallet and lifted out its contents.
"How much?" Mikey asked
"$5" I said
"So thats a total of $16" Bria calculated
"So 16 into 3 goes" I said
"$5.30 each" Bria said.
"Ill go get Electrica" Mikey said leaving for Electrica.
"Good idea, but maybe Electrica will have some money aswell" I said
"Yeah, the food that we buy is going to have to fo us until we reach Jersey" Bria smiled.
"Well its a long drive" I said
"You cant do all the driving, you take a break and i will drive and then Electrica or Mikey can take the night drive" Bria said.
"Fair enough" I smiled. Mikey and ELectrica then approached us again.
"I have $4" Electrica handed Bria the money.
"So $5 each" Bria then divided the money and we all bought different items.
"So this has to do us" Mikey said
"Yes" Bria smiled. We walked out of the store and Electrica waved to the girl she was talking to.
"Who is that?" Bria asked
"A friend" Electrica smiled.
"Kay" Bria then got into the drivers seat as we all located a seat and made our way to Jersey (which is going to take a while) While blasting out Breaking Benjamin.
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