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Only Child

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Sorreee for keeping you waiting!

I started writing it on Thursday, My internet got turned off on Friday, I stayed at my friends house last night and now im all yours again x)


Mikey :

We pulled up outside Frank's house. Tomorrow was going to be a new day, the only difference is that Gerard, Jasmine and Frank wont be with us.
"Eh school tomorrow" Bria said
"I know" Ray said
"Effort" I added.
"Life is effort" Electrica said.
"Everyone knows that" Bria smiled.
"After all we have been through, i think we have finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel Bree" Electrica nudged Bria's arm.
"I know almost knwon you for 10 years" Bria smiled then pulled her into a hug.
"Gonna miss you alot"
"When is your flight?" Bria asked
"Early tomorrow morning" Electrica said sadness played in her voice.
"Where are you heading yourself off too?" Ray asked
"Im heading to England" Electrica smiled.
"England?" My eyes grew wide with shock.
"She's going to help the killjoys over there to stop the small BLI" Bria smiled.
"There's a BLI in England?" Ray asked
"Very small, but my friend Emma wanted me to go out there and help" Electrica said.
"It wont last long now that Korse is dead" Bria siad folding her arms.
"Yeah but the leader of the BLI out there is Korse's uncle and im not going to let him get away with it, i mean look at Swan she shot Korse" Electrica said.
"Some guts" Ray said
"Then a Draculoid shot her" I added.
"I wish i had the fucking balls to do that" Ray said.
"Its hard when you only have a few seconds to make a decision" Electrica smiled getting into her car.
"Have fun E" Bria smiled.
"I will, but Bree?" Electrica said
"Die with your mask on if you've got to, the draculoids are still in California and they will literally hunt the eyeballs out of you" Electrica said.
"I doubt i will get killed with these two by my side" Bria then pulled me and Ray into a hug.,
"True, take care of eachother" Electrica said.
"Thanks for everything Electrica" I smiled
"Thanks for giving me some more epic friends" Electrica smiled.
"Honey your the most fun person i have met in a long time" Ray said.
"Dude, have fun bye" Electrica started the car and drove off. Me, Bria and Ray just watched her go waving after her car.
"Well guys, tomorrow will be the start of something new" Bria said.
"Me, you and Ray against the world" I said pulling the 2 people that mean the world to me, they were the only ones left that i actually cared for.
"Yeah, lets hope its a good beginning" Bria said.
"Now lets go home, get ready for tomorrow" Ray said
"Yeah, ill call you guys later?" Bria said
"Sure" I smiled
"Bye" Bria then walked away, her hair blowing in the wind.
"Whats your mum and dad going to do?" Ray asked
"What?" I said
"I mean Gerard is dead, do they know?" Ray said
"I think Dr. Death Defying has already notifyed them" I said beginning to walk.
"Dude your an only child now" Ray said. I felt a shiver going throuhg my spine. It did feel odd knowing that i was an only cchild. Now im just fucking alone again.
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