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Gerardwayiscute SHHHHH I HAVE THAT PLANNED!!!! >.<

Shit i ruined the surprise :/

Anyway forget what i just said. This is just a filler and for the other auditionees that i have not mentioned alot, from this point on you will be in the story that includes

bloodbunny15's character Amy Johnson
Lenorebear Rosie Baker
SweetDreamsHoney Hannah Cunningham.

Sadly you dont appear until the next chapter but another face appears on the scene aswell, out to cause mayhem xD


If i get writing the next chapter, i may post it on later hopefully because i can see Mikey's reaction to this character from Miami xD (little clue there xDDD)

Bria :

I needed to get my hair sorted. This has been the first morning i have woken up in my room and im back to normal, the problems were that my roots were showing, my layers had grown out and my blue fringe was gone. I just stood and looked at myself in the mirror. I had lost alot of weight in that place. My mum was shocked when i arrived home because Trace had told her what i had done. She was glad i was back. Sighing i walk over to my wardrobe and get my uniform out and take my time putting it on. I apply my eyeliner and put my ahir in a pony tail making sure my roots were mostly covered. After one more glance i walked down stairs and poured myself a mug of black coffee.
"Morning Brianna" My mum smiled.
"Morning" I return the smile, wrapping my hand around the warm mug.
"Sleep well?" She asked.
"Fine" I said.
"Im sorry Brianna" My mum looked at me straight in the eye. I took another drink of the coffee.
"For what?" I said.
"Y'know about Jasmine-"
"Dont worry about Jazz" I said
"Shes in a better place than what we will ever be in" I said. My mum didn't say anything else, she just nodded and then put on the washing machine. After drinking the rest of my coffee, i plugged in my earphones, said goodbye to my mum grabbed my bag and left the house. After finsing a good song to listen to (which turned out to be U", I Still haven't Found What I'm Looking For), i walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus as usual people whispered, pointed to me, obviously hearing that i mysteriously disappeared.
"She is such a freak" I heard one of the remarks. Dont let it get to you Bria, your not as shallow, low life, attention seeking, mother fucking bitch. When the bus pulled up i got in and took a seat. Ray must be driving Mikey to school. Why did i not just get the car with them? Oh well already on the bus no point getting off and anyway they probably have already arrived in school. The bus journey was short and i stepped off the bus. It was strange not being on the bus with anyone and to be honest that will be something im not going to EVER get used to, no matter how much i try. I looked at my watch and it was only a few minutes until the bell rang so i walked up to my first class which was English. People gave me sympathetic looks.
"Im sorry Bria" A girl said to me.
"Okay" I said a little confused.
"I know how close you were to Jasmine and Swan" Wow. News spreads fast.
"Yeah" I said. She smiled and walked on. The bell rang and i sat in my seat. After a few minutes a girl came into the room, she had ocean blue eyes and hazel brown hair that had a wave in it.
"Class this is our new student Rachel" Mr. Hendricks introduced her.
"You can sit beside Bria" He pointed to me and gave her a small smile. She sat down.
"Hello" I said
"Hi" She smiled.
"First day?" I asked
"Yeah, nerve wreaking" She laughed
"I could imagine, so where are you from?" I smiled.
"Im originally from Miami" She said. Gerard and Mikey were also from miami, perhaps Mikey will know her when i introduce the guys to her.
"Cool. Im Bria, its short for Brianna" I said.
"Rahcel, not short for anything" She laughed. I spent that class getting to know Rachel a little more. I think she's going to get on well with the others.
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