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Not proud with this chapter and as usual its dead short -.-

This basically helps you to understand the character MC a little more and what Dr. Death Defying, Showpony and MC is trying to do with BLI now that Korse is dead.


MC :

"So how do you think we should dispose of BLI?" Showpony asked Dr. Death Defying.
"I think personally we should blow the place up" I said.
"It could kill the remaining Draculoids" Showpony said.
"Good idea MC" Dr. Death Defying smiled.
"For once" I laughed.
"MC" Jenny appeared at the door. Me, Dr. Death Defying and Showpony turned all our attention to the young killjoy.
"Yeah?" I smiled at her.
"I want to go home" She said blankly.
"Unfortunatly you can't baby doll" I said pulling her into a hug.
"I miss Mikey, bria and Ray" She whispered.
"So do i" I said. She just hugged me tighter.
"I miss Frank too" She said.
"Yeah, i think you would" I said.
"He meant so much to me MC" She said
"I understand that" I said
"Did you have any siblings?" She asked. My heart jumped. I didn't like to talk about my 2 sisters. They were attacked and taken away by Korse too. It hurt everytime i rememebred them or even thought about them. I closed my eyes
"MC" Dr. Death Defying put his hand on my shoulder. My eyes shot open and tears ran out of my eyes.


So many different emotions came over me.
"Im sorry" I said.
"Hey, its okay to cry!" Jenny said hugging me again. I bit my lip and tried to end the tears but they kept crashing. I allowed them to be taken. Why didn't i stop Korse? Why didn't he take me instead? I was the fucking coward. My sisters had far more courage than what i will ever have and that was the truth. I always believed Crying never solved anything, it just showed weakness but Dr. Death Defying taught me that it was a way of showing people how much you miss a person or care for them. Changed me completly when he told me that. Dr. Death Defying was a wise man and if he wasnt here i knew i would have been fucking killed by now. When i recovered myself Showpony handed me a glass of water.
"Thankyou" I said standing up.
"I shouldnt have asked" jenny said.
"Its okay you didn't know" I said. Jenny gave a small smile and then left the room.
"So when do i get to burn that fucking place down?" I asked Dr. Death Defying.
"Well first we sort of need to get any prisoners or abductees out of that place, especially the rape victims. God knows what the Draculoids are doing to them.
"Lord have mercy on them, is all i can say" I said.
"Sooner we get there the better" Showpony said.
"I will give Zones 2 and 4 a call and they call help us" Dr. Death Defying left the room. When i was alone i opened the cabinet and lifted out the secret stash i had of voldka and sat down with it in my hand. I basically sat and examined the bottle. When thast happened to my sisters i turned to alcohol. Dr. Death Defying of course tried his best to keep alcohol out of the road but i always somehow found a way to find it. I unscrewed the lid and the rest is a blur.
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