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Ahhhhh i am not smart

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Mskxkskajabzyan is how my brain feels

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] [X] [?] - Published: 2012-02-27 - Updated: 2012-02-28 - 529 words


I fucking hate you Party! Fun Ghoul yelled at me. You ruin everything! 
He punched me in the face, before he and Jet Star left the main room. What the fuck! I yelled after him.
Oh my god! Frank isn't here, he's not in my bed, he's not with Mikey, he's not in the kitchen, and he's not in the living room. Where the fuck could he be? I grabbed Mikey's phone and texted Hana.
'Hey Hana, whats up?' I texted. 
'Hey Mikes! Nothing really, got a call from Frank.'
'Really? When?'
'Uh like a few minutes ago. Wait isnt he with you?'
'No, and he's not with gerard. What he say?'
'He just said he hoped im happy, he's gonna stop dating your brother...'
'Oh my god. Look i gotta go Gerd just woke up and he looks worried. Oh, and just in case...where does frank live?'
'ok well good luck. And he lives in that shady house a few streets down from mine.'
I threw the phone down, and ran out the my boxers. I found the house Hana mentioned, ran in, and cried. "Frank?" I yelled. "Frank are you here?"
Oh god, oh god please no. I collapsed on the floor sobbing. Im too late aren't I?
I found Frank's room, and I pretty much spent the whole day in there. Crying, thinking, I should be working on my painting of the angel on the ocean but I cant. Not without Frank, not with out him. I found his moms old painkillers, and I know I promised Mikey I wouldn't do this again, but I just need to. Walking into the kitchen, I found a picture frame. There was a man, woman, and a little Frank, the smile on his face made the tears in my eyes well up. I placed the picture down, went to the fridge and found some liquor. That goes great with pills, right?
Fuck life! I yelled. Fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck!
Kobra Kid stared at me worriedly, like he didnt want a repeat of what happened. Are you ok Poison? he asked, grabbing my arm. You seem loopy.
Im fucking fine! I said, flailing my arms about. Fucky fucking fine!
Kobra pushed me down onto the couch, gripping my shoulders. Did you...drink?
Why does he think I drunk, I stopped forever ago. I even went to fucking rehab for Fra- Kobra Kid, he didn't like seeing me like that. Kobra, I stopped, you know that!
He nodded, before he went over to talk to Electro Blade, Radioactive Lollipop, Dr. Death, and Jet Star. They were all worried about me, ever since...he left.
Where am I? This isnt my bed, this isnt my room, and those arent my pills. Wait...FUCK! I took drugs again, fuck fuck fuck fuck fucking fuck. Mikey is gonna be fucking pissed, and we worked so hard on getting me clean. 

I think the next chappy might be franks pov
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