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15- Nameless

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Would he kiss me?

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(Mikey's POV)

I pulled myself away from the sweet smell of Kat as my phone went off yet again. "Damn it." I muttered, rolling my eyes.

"Problem?" Kat asked, sitting up.

"I have to go." I stared down at the message from Gerard. He wanted to 'talk'. I didn't want to talk. I never wanted to discuss his habit but I knew... I had to.

"Already?" Kat asked, disappointment dripping from the word.

"I'm sorry; It's important."

She just nodded, "I guess I'll see you at the party then."

"Can I have your number?" I asked, pulling on my jeans.

"I think I rather enjoy the chase." The coy smirk upon her lips made me want to kiss her yet again.

Laughter slipped from my lips, "Well prepare yourself then. I never give up." I warned her.

She winked, pulling on her shirt. "I'm counting on that."

With regret I walked from the motel room, hell bent on finding her again. Next time though... Next time I wouldn't walk away without a number.


(Gerard's POV)

"So, you don't mind that I invited my friend Frank to join us?" I asked, stealing another glance at Rian. She was sitting in the passenger's seat, staring out the window.

"For the millionth time Gerard... I do not mind." Rian said, grinning. "It's just ice cream. I don't care who you invite along."

I smiled nervously, "Okay but I mean, I can tell him that we decided to do something else..." I trailed off, pulling in to the parking lot.

Rian rolled her eyes, "Whatever it is that's got you so nervous... Just let it go. You don't have to be nervous with me Gerard." Her smooth voice made me tremble and I nodded, biting my lip.

I sighed and laid my head on her shoulder, completely missing the way she stiffened. "You're so wonderful Rian." I mumbled, inhaling her smell. She smelled faintly of vanilla. "I'll get the door for you." I said, opening my own door as I pulled away from her.

Once I opened her door she stepped out, the light blue jeans hugging her hips. I watched the way her shirt slipped slightly, revealing a small amount of cleavage. The outfit looked perfect on her and instantly made my jeans tighten but I knew I couldn't do anything about it. I wasn't going to pressure Rian for anything. She was the best thing that had ever happened to me... Now I just had to find out how to show her that without scaring her.

"What's your favorite ice cream?" I asked Rian as we walked to the door of the shop together.

"Chocolate chip mint." She said, smiling. "Yours?"

"Cookie dough." I replied, grinning. "But Chocolate Chip Mint is quite amazing."

Rian nodded, biting her lip. I watched the way her teeth gripped on to her lip, pulling it backwards. The action was quite sensual, just as it was every time. The fact that she did it so often was really bad for my self control.

As soon as we walked in I felt a hard body against my own and I stumbled back in surprise. "Frank." I immediately said, laughing. The younger man wrapped his arms around me, tightly hugging me.

"You've been absent for far too long Gerard." Frank complained, hugging me tightly before letting go and stepping back.

"Been a bit busy." I replied, grinning. "This is Rian. Rian this is Frank Iero."

"Bonjour!" Frank cried out, smiling.

Rian laughed, "Bonjour." She replied, "Ice cream?" She suggested, her stomach grumbling.

Frank smiled and pointed to a table in the back of the small shop. "That's my girlfriend Mari. We already got ice cream but I'll be sitting over there with her. Come on over when you guys have your ice cream!" He said, making his way back to the beautiful girl in the back of the shop.

"She's pretty." Rian mumbled, blushing.

I shrugged, walking up to the counter. "I guess."

"Cone or bowl?" I asked Rian.

"Cone." She replied, shrugging.

Soon enough she was handed an ice cream cone filled with Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream. I had a small bowl with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough handed to me and with one glance at the table I spoke before walking, "Do you think she's prettier than you or something?"

Rian laughed, "Well of course she is."

I shook my head, "She's prettier in Frank's point of view but in mine... Well, you're the prettiest girl here Rian."

Rian's eyes met mine and before they flickered away I swear I saw something but what was it? Uncertainty, fear... desire? It seemed like a mix of all three.


(Rian's POV)

Gerard slipped his hand in to his pocket, pulling his cell phone free. I remembered just how angry he had gotten when he realized I'd called home. He left the room, leaving me. At that point I felt guilt. Maybe instead I should have been afraid. Why didn't he want my family to know where I was? At this point I was all too certain of my fate and it wasn't pretty.

So, why did he continue to play these games with me?

It was a quick conversation. I didn't even catch what was said until Gerard hung up and smiled at me. "Hey, Mikey wants to meet me for a few minutes. We just have to talk... Mind hanging out with Frank and Mari for a bit?" Was he pawning me off on his friends?

"Sure." How was I supposed to say no right in front of them? I clenched my fists, finding myself uncomfortable with the situation.

Mari shot me a warm smile as Frank grinned happily. After looking at them I looked at Gerard. He looked so fucking normal. Were Frank and Mari like him too? He had me doubting the whole fucking world.

I was going to lose my mind if I kept this up.


(Gerard's POV)

I tried to smile as I walked to my front door, knowing Mikey was inside somewhere. The smile faltered as soon as I closed the door behind me. Who was I trying to fool? I was a murderer. Now, my little brother had discovered this secret of mine but how?

"I'm in the kitchen." Mikey called out.

Slowly I made my way in to the kitchen, each step weighing me down. "So Mikes, it seems we need to talk." Was all that I could manage to say at first as I approached my brother.

Mikey nodded, "It seems that way."


(Rian's POV)

"So, you and Gerard?" Frank asked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

I laughed, rolling my eyes. Frank was hilarious but... Oh, so wrong. "Nah. We're just friends." I felt like I should wear a shirt announcing that to the entire world. Then again on the back I'd have to write, 'Oh yeah, and he kills people. Save me?'

But I didn't really want saving, now did I?

"Oh come on. I saw the way you two looked at each other. That screams more than friendship." Mari said, smiling.

I looked at her, biting my bottom lip hard enough to make it bleed. It still wasn't enough. I wanted to bite harder. "It's..." I paused, realizing that at seventeen I really shouldn't be having this problem but I was. "It's complicated between us."

Mari nodded, "I see." At least someone did.

Frank smiled, "He wants to learn French for you." He blurted out, making me pause in confusion. Gerard... wanted to learn French for me? "He asked me to teach him." Frank said, matter-of-factly.

"Well, I-"I stopped, not knowing what to say. If I was just some future victim then why would he go through that trouble?

"Just admit it." Mari said, grinning. "Gerard is quite taken with you Rian."

Was he really?


(Mikey's POV)

"What's up with Rian?" I asked, the question had been on my mind ever since I found out the truth about Gerard. I had always suspected something was wrong with him but I never thought... I never imagined he was a killer. It all fit so perfectly though. The scene at the club didn't surprise me at all and that was quite terrifying.

"She's out with Frank and Mari." Gerard responded, "Let's not bring her in to this discussion, okay?" Was that slightly possessive behavior I was noticing?

"No, she's a part of this Gerard. What are you planning to do with her?" I crossed my arms. "I protected you with Roger because I knew what kind of creep he was. I overheard what he was going to do to Rian and that's unforgivable but... are you planning to do something just as terrible to her?"

"I would never hurt Rian." Gerard said, in a dangerous tone.

"Just how do you expect this to end?" I asked, keeping my eyes trained on Gerard. As much as I loved my brother... He had now become the enemy to any person with a pulse. He was unpredictable and I had no idea just how dangerous he had become...

"I'm not sure what you mean." Gerard said, playing dumb.

"Do you expect to kill on the weekends then come home to Rian on the weekdays, playing boyfriend?" I asked, wondering just what twisted plan Gerard had.

"I don't kill on specific days." Gerard said, making a joke out of our entire conversation.

"Be serious."

"You don't want to know Mikey so stop asking." Gerard responded, stepping closer. "If you just forget this then everything will be a hell of a lot easier for the both of us."

"And if I don't 'forget'?"

Gerard rolled his eyes, "I'm not going to kill you Mikey. I do have a fucking conscience. I'm not going to kill my brother nor am I going to kill the girl that I-" He stopped without finishing his sentence, looking as if he had been struck.

"Go on." I urged, wanting to know just how serious he was about Rian. Every second she spent with him was a second she laid in the devil's grasp. Could Gerard really play a normal guy around her while in reality he had blood staining his hands?

"This conversation is over." Gerard's entire body stiffened. "I have to go pick Rian up." He paused, staring at me in disdain. "When I get back I expect that you'll be gone. No more surprise visits." With that he walked out.

I knew I had lost my chance. I'd lost my only chance to really get through to my brother...


(Rian's POV)

"He's so fucking cute." I muttered, staring at the little grey kitten that was laying amongst other more playful kittens.

"Then why don't you get him?" The whispered voice sent shivers through my body.

"Gerard?" I spun around quickly, coming face to face with my deadly ... friend? I wasn't really sure what to refer to him as.

"The one and only." Gerard said, grinning.

"How'd you know we were here?" I asked, surprised.

"Frank texted me." Gerard responded, making me feel stupid. I had forgotten about cell phones and their handy messaging capabilities.

"Oh." Was all that I could say.

"So, back to the question. Why don't you get him?" Gerard asked, staring past me at the small kitten.

"He's about forty dollars out of my budget... Plus food and supplies." I replied, "Which would be a lot more than I have, which is absolutely nothing. Oh, and I think to get a pet you're supposed to have a home. I kind of lack that too." I said, frowning.

Gerard rolled his eyes, slapping something against my hand.

I opened my hand without looking at the item. "What?" He was giving me a weird smile.

"I have to run next door with Frank. Be right back." He leaned down, nearly brushing his lips against mine. I waited, holding my breath. Would he kiss me?

Unfortunately he didn't. Instead he stared in to my eyes, seemingly conflicted. Once he found whatever it was he was looking for in my eyes he pulled away, turning to Frank.

Once they walked out of the door I looked down to see that Gerard had given me his wallet. What? Did he want me to get the kitten?

Mari noticed and giggled as she walked to my side, "Ooh, Mr. just-friends just gave you his wallet." She announced, just as playfully as Frank would've. They made a great couple. They were just... so playful, so friendly. It was hard to think ill of either of them. Could it be that they were really just normal people? What if Gerard was harmless? Could I really... have just been dreaming the entire thing?

I really did think that I was losing my mind.

Now I had myself doubting reality. Did I really see Roger dead, murdered by Gerard? It seemed so vivid but Gerard was just so... so fucking gentle. I couldn't seem to imagine being afraid of him, not really... but I felt as if I should be.

I slipped Gerard's wallet in to my pocket and stepped closer to the kittens. The salesman walked up to us, smiling in a friendly manner. "Are you interested in one of them?" He asked.

I gestured to the grey one. "He seems lonely." I said, watching the other kittens play around him. "What's his name?"

"He doesn't have one."

Despite all of the other complications in my life that just seemed too sad to turn away from. "I want him." I said, melting as the salesman placed the grey kitten in to my open arms.


(Mari's character belongs to it's_not_emo. Thank you!)
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