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Chapter 1 - Prolouge

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The killjoys are on the run, where will it lead them? (PG because of swearing)

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Panda'xo -

“Oi! Fun Ghoul!”
I opened my eyes groggily to see Mikey, or Kobra Kid as we now had to call him, leaning over me.
“Go away…” I muttered, slapping him away sleepily.
“No, Poison says up. Now! We’re moving on today.”
I sat up quickly and started to grab all of my stuff, which consisted of a couple of blankets, my ray gun, and sunglasses. It was hard to have belongings when on the run. We had to keep moving, keep running, if we didn’t want Dracs finding us.

Kobra went back outside, leaving me to get everything together. We had crashed in an abandoned warehouse for a few days. It wasn’t exactly luxury, but it gave us shelter from the sun, and a hiding place from anyone looking for us.

I went outside, squinting in the intense sunlight. I walked to our car and threw the blankets inside before putting my sunglasses on, and walking to the front of the car where the others were standing, talking about a map they’d laid out on the car’s bonnet.

“Where’re we headed, Poison?” I asked, interrupting.
Jet Star answered for him, “Well, this smartass wants to go into zone 5. Or maybe zone 4. It’s a suicide mission, why would we go closer to the Dracs?”
“But there’s more food there! When was the last time you ate a proper meal? And we need new batteries. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have enough that my gun won’t go dead if we happen to run into any Dracs…” Poison argued back.

Jet star opened his mouth to say more, but you couldn’t argue with that. It had been days since we’d had proper food, and my stomach rumbled loudly.
Poison ruffled my hair, “See? Fun Ghoul agrees. Let’s go!”
We all jumped in the car, Jet Star and I in the back, guns ready, just in case we ran into any trouble. We drove a short way before Kobra started fiddling with the radio.

“This is Dr D.” The radio crackled, “Reminding all you killjoys out there to stay safe. Keep your guns close, Korse has sent out a whole wave of exterminators.”
We always listened to Dr Death Defying’s updates, he’d saved us more than once over the years. We had two-way radios, and he sometimes contacted us through our frequency with his own radio. I’d always thought it would be better for us to go and join forces with him, find more of us to fight against BL/ind. But it wasn’t a good idea to give out locations on a radio signal. If Dr D could listen in to our signal, so could Dracs.

I laughed. Korse could send out all the exterminators he wanted. We had no plans on being killed anytime soon.


The sun was beginning to set as we crossed into zone 4, and I was feeling pretty uneasy.
“Poison… You sure this’ll be okay? Zone 6 is safest…”
He smiled at me in the rear view mirror. “Of course, silly. We’ll find somewhere to stay and take turns keeping watch, same as always. It’ll be fine. Plus, we’ll have food.”
I tried to smile, but I still felt worried. I trusted him, I had shown that much when I followed his advice to run, and keep running for all these years. I trusted this man with my life, but I couldn’t help thinking about what Dr D had said ‘A whole wave of exterminators’. I bit my lip and looked over at Jet Star. He looked every bit as worried as I did, but I knew that, like me, he would always trust Poison.

“LOOK!” Kobra shouted, pointing out of his window and making us all jump. Poison slowed down and we began to approach what looked like a house. It had become protocol, whenever we found a prospective hideout; make the quietest approach in case anyone was in there, then run in guns blazing, to check it was safe and empty.

Sure enough when we reached the house and stopped the car, Poison turned around to face us all. “You ready, guys?”
“Yeah” Jet Star nodded, holding up his gun.
“I’m there baby.” I chimed in.
“I’m fucking ready.”Kobra said, and we all got out of the car, trying to keep in the shadows as we made our way up to the house. None of the lights were on, but you could never be sure.

Poison was the first to make it up to the house, and kicked open the door, gun at the ready. We ran inside, looking around the whole of the kitchen we’d broken into before going to the living room and then making our way upstairs. We hadn’t seen any sign of life, and I couldn’t help thinking how nice this place would be to live in. Much better than abandoned warehouses and factories that we were used to.

There were three bedrooms on the second floor, and we quickly scoured two of them and the bathroom, making our way to the final room of the house. We ran in holding out our guns, but only an empty room other than a wardrobe and bed frame greeted us.
“Fuck yeah. I think this is the best place we’ve secured.” Poison said, and we all lowered our guns, grinning.

We turned to head back downstairs when a rustling sound came from inside the room. I spun around, gun searching for what to aim for, when the wardrobe opened and a coyote leapt out, running down the stairs and out of the open back door. I stared at the guys, their faces masked in horror suddenly bursting into laughter.
“Fucking coyote…” Kobra muttered.

We carried on laughing for a few more seconds before I said, “I guess this place is ours.”
“First things first, let’s go back to the kitchen. There’s gotta be some sort of food around here…” Jet Star said, already halfway down the stairs by the second sentence.
Sure enough there was a whole crate of tinned baked beans. It might not sound like a feast, but when you can actually heat them up, it’s a luxury for us, and we all ate to out heart’s content.
Jet Star yawned. “I’m shattered. Who’s taking first watch?”
“I will.”
“Me too.”
Jet Star and Kobra nodded at Poison and me, and went back to the car to grab some blankets to sleep on, and made their way upstairs.

“Guess it’s just us then.” I said, and Poison put his arm around my shoulder, smiling.
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