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Chapter 2 - First Watch

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The group have a new hideout. Now to stay safe and not get caught.

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Hey, I hope you enjoy this chapter. It's a bit fluffy in parts but yeah :P

Poison and I ended up sat on the sofa in the living room, walkie clutched in one hand, staring out the window. We couldn’t turn the lights on, that would be too easy to spot if any Dracs were out there. The whole house was covered in a layer of dust, and Korse always seemed to have some sort of sixth sense when it came to knowing what buildings were being used and what weren’t.
We’d been sat there for almost three hours, and he hadn’t said a word for the last two. I thought it was best to let him think, but I was going crazy wondering what he was thinking about.

“What’s up?” I asked, finally.
He took a minute before answering, his eyes closed in thought.
“I was thinking about them… Wondering if they’re still out there… And where they are… And if they still fucking remember us…”

By ‘them’ I knew he meant our families… We’d had to leave them when we’d gone on the run seven years ago. They weren’t old enough, or they weren’t strong enough, to come with us. Someone had to stand up to all of this mess, and it was a hell of a lot safer for them to act like they were part of that world and not ours. Of course, we’d never expected that they would have moved home…
I remembered back to when we’d first secured a safe location. We had enough food to last us a while, a ton of blankets, and enough guns to keep us safe. We’d driven back, just for one night, to pick them up and take them with us. We were naïve enough to think that loads of others were fighting too, and that in a few weeks or months, it would all be over and we could get back to our lives.

When we got there, though, they were gone. All of their stuff was gone. They had moved on, and since then we had looking. Every day it was getting more and more dangerous to look. BL/ind. kept growing stronger and stronger, and we had to keep hidden from S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/S…
“Of course they’re out there… We’ll find them. They just have to keep their identities secret… We’re known Killjoys, so staying where the Dracs know we lived wouldn’t have done them any good. They know what they’re doing, I believe that. When this is all over we can go back home and be with them. It’ll be just like it was before. Trust me…”

In the back of my mind, a little voice told me that none of these things were for certain, and that I shouldn’t get my hopes up. But I had spent too long hoping that it was all true that it seemed as good as certain to me.
Poison smiled softly at me, and leaned his head on my shoulder.

“I’ll always trust you.” He whispered. I stroked his hair absent-mindedly and went back to watching the out the window for the rest of our watch.

We stayed almost cuddled up on the sofa until sunrise, when Kobra came downstairs, shortly followed by Jet Star, and said they’d take over.
Stiffly, I stood up and stretched. My eyes ached and I needed sleep. I walked upstairs slowly and found the only bedroom with shutters, which turned out to be the same room in which the coyote had given us such a fright. Poison grabbed some blankets and followed me into the room. I looked at him quizzically.

“You want me to try and sleep in the blinding sunlight whilst you hog the only room with curtains?” He chuckled softly. I smiled and took some blankets from him, making a make-shift mattress on the floor. He did the same and we both attempted to get comfortable.
We laid in silence for a few minutes, and I was still thinking about our families.

“Gee…” I hadn’t called him that in years. It somehow made me feel a little happier, like by using his real name it reminded me of back when we didn’t have to hide. Back to when we were all together.
"Yeah, Frankie..." He whispered back.
"I miss them..." A single tear rolled down my cheek.

There was silence for a few moments, then he finally spoke, and I could hear the tears in his voice, and I had to stifle a sob.
"I do too, Frankie..."
I stood up and grabbed my blankets and crossed the room, setting up my ‘bed’ again directly beside his. I hugged him tight as we both sobbed.

Sometime in the few minutes after I had moved his sobs quietened and I realised he had fallen asleep. Listening to his rhythmic breathing and still holding in my arms, I fell asleep shortly after.
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