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Chapter 3 - The Message

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The killjoys get a mysterious message, will it help them track down more killjoys and stage an attack against Korse and the dracs?

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When I woke up, Gerard was gone. I groaned inwardly, a sharp pain shooting up my back. You’d think I’d be used to sleeping on the floor by now. I stood up and stretched, easing the pain a little.

“Afternoon, sleepy head.” Poison said, walking into the room in completely different clothes. He’d somehow found a pair of jeans, a red t-shirt and a very worn leather jacket.
“Fucking hell, where’d all that come from?” We hadn’t exactly had time to pack much when we’d ran, and over the years we’d ended up with less and less.
“You know there’s a working shower here?” He said, “And…” He slowly opened the wardrobe, smiling, to reveal piles of clothes, hung up or sprawled on the inside.
“Jet Star, Kobra and me already got ours whilst you were sleeping. You really are a heavy sleeper, you know…” He said as I looked through for something to wear. I found some stuff similar to his, and held them up to me hoping they wouldn’t be too long to swamp my short frame.
I smiled, having found clothes that looked as though they would fit.

“Well, I’d better go do the same.” I took the clothes with me and made my way to the bathroom. I hadn’t noticed in the dark last night when we searched the house, but there was a big pile of towels in one corner, and there were even shampoos and shower gels left in the shower cubicle. This was pretty much he best place we’d ever found, and I wondered how long we would be able to stay here without fear of being caught. We were in zone 4 after all.
I noticed the others had washed their old clothes, and they were hanging up to dry over some towel racks, so I did the same with mine before getting into the shower.

I had a long, relaxing shower, and by the time I’d put on all of my new clothes (which were, unfortunately, a little too long), I was feeling a lot happier. I was even whistling to myself as I walked into the living room where all the other guys were.
“Hey, we got any foo-“
“Sh!” Poison cut me off. They were all huddled around the walkie, which had just started making static noises as I walked in.
Dr D’s voice rung loud from the walkie.

“Last for all, and first for some,
Thirteen of us you’ll find.
Back to the place where we learned it all,
But it’s no place for the blind.”


We all stared at each other in a stunned silence.
“Fuck.” Poison, Jet Star and I said.
“A riddle.” Kobra said suddenly, “Remember Dr D always said he couldn’t tell his location because dracs could be listening. Maybe he thinks they won’t be able to work it out, so we can go and find him.”

“Well… Any takers on explaining what it means?” Poison asked.

‘Last for all, and first for some,
Thirteen of us you’ll find.
Back to the place where we learned it all,
But it’s no place for the blind.’

The words swam around in my mind. I didn’t know where to begin trying to figure it out. I ignored the first line, it made no sense. How can something be first when it’s last? Thirteen… thirteen what? Maybe that was something to do with the location…

“Uh… Did we come across thirteen of anything? Like a place… I think it may be something to do with the location…” I interrupted everyone’s mental analysis.
“I don’t think so… I don’t exactly drive by counting things.” Jet Star replied.

“Blind.” Poison said and we all gave him an odd look.
“Yeah… that’s what the last word was…” Kobra said a little sarcastically.
“No, no… I mean, yeah it was, but it doesn’t mean ‘blind’ exactly, does it?” I looked at him blankly.
“Blind… Better Living Industries? B/L/ind.? He’s just showing the message is definitely for us and not them.”
“Fuck… yeah. ‘Kay Poison, you’ve volunteered yourself. Got anymore for us?” Jet Star smiled.
I set about thinking about the rest of it. It couldn’t be that difficult, right? Okay. ‘Back to where we learned it all’… School? I didn’t know of any outside zone 1, and we sure as hell weren’t going there. And neither would Dr D. Not until we found more Killjoys to stage an attack with.

Wait. Thirteen… If a school was the location, then what was the thirteen about? Maybe… people? If the school was in zone 1… Dr D wouldn’t go alone.
“Killjoys…” I mumbled. “Thirteen killjoys...” Everyone looked at me, confused.
“If the school is in zone 1, Dr D wouldn’t go alone.”
“School?” “Zone 1?” Whoops. Forgot I worked that bit out in my head.
“’Back to where we learned it all’… School. I don’t know of any schools outside zone 1. B/L/ind. Are hardly gonna send their little kids off to an outside zone full of killjoys, are they? He must have found more killjoys to infiltrate the city, and wants us to join.”

They stood in awed silence for a few seconds, and I smiled. Maybe I wasn’t so bad at this riddle thing.

“Right, so what about the first bit? What was it again?” Jet Star asked.
“’Last for all, and first for some.’” Me and Poison said in unison.
We all stood there for a few minutes, trying to make sense of it.

“Fuck. I’m starving. Anyone want anything?” Kobra asked, breaking the silence. We all followed him into the kitchen, still trying to work it out in the back of our minds.
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